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"Adding A Price Tag In To The Internet's BMXing Community".


Vintage BMX Web Site Adds A Price Tag To Its BMX Forum Post Boards.

Cut From Vintagebmx Login: -----
All new member sign ups will require a $25.00 refundable
security deposit to access the message board. This is not
a membership fee. This is refundable if you no longer want
to participate on the site after a 1 year period. If you
are removed by a moderator or administrator or receives
three warnings of any kind, you will be removed from the
membership and forfeit the $25.00 deposit. -----

The bottom line of what that says, sums it well,

Vintagebmx is asking for money to use a web tool on its web site,
Of this, that is called being a pay web site post board, may it be
BMX or what ever. It locks people out - less they pay money.

Don't get me wrong, vintagebmx was a nice web site
lots of bmx history and a nice place for people to ask
questions about bmx history and some of today's happings.

The mass of vintagebmx was one of the best bmx web sites on the
web, But with the pay of money to ask bmx questions for the new
joe blow bmxer is not a tactic that I would say would help the
bmx sport in any ways. It kills it out as it locks bmxers out.

If you have problems with spam bots, trolls-abuse there are
tools for that and the most are FREE on the www if you look.

But asking new BMXers/The Youth/People to pay to post, talk,
speak, on a post board just makes for more harm for everyone
in the internet's BMXing community. I don`t want to be apart of it.

It is not me that is grandstanding here, It looks as if it is and
would be vintagebmx web site that is doing the grandstanding
as they ask for money for the new BMXers and people to post
and ask questions on there bmx forum.

Vintagebmx is not my web site, so they are free to do as they do.

Yes in my views, BMX on the world wide web should be FREE to all and
to all in to asking and posting questions about the sport of bmx on the web.
That is what a post board is all about is in to keeping communications on
going and vintagebmx is blocking it with a price tag for the new people.

Making a top dog BMX Post Board, In to a "Pay" bmx post board,
It shuts off and it shuts out the new "BMXers" that wants to ask/post
questions about the sport.

In a email quote from some one that emailed me about the vintagebmx web site
having people pay to ask/post bmx questions, kind of hit the nail on the head,
It quoted: "vintagebmx putting a price tag on a bmx forum to talk, is somewhat
like putting a price tag on to the First Amendment because you have to pay to
talk to each other".

I have to agree with this guy as he is right. With having to pay to speak/post takes
away the Free Speech and braking down the communications among the BMXers.

But like I said, vintagebmx is not my web site, it not my
loss, but in the end, its everyone's loss that is into BMX.

In the last few years iv sent allot of people over to the vintagebmx web site
as in to questions that some people ask me that I don't know about bmx like
in to historys of the bmx or talks of vintage bmx bicycles and the list is long.

Im not the only one that sends people over there to help
with there bmx questions, and in hope that they can get
there bmx questions answered by the post board that is.

With the move of vintagebmx asking new people to pay a
fee to ask questions, and with me sending people over to
the vintagebmx web site to ask there questions of bmx,

In all, its like Im the one asking for the money here,
because Im sending people over to a pay post board....

I do NOT support pay web sites on the world wide web. May they be BMX or not.
Why would I want to be sending people to a pay web site post board and to have
them pay money to ask a question about bmx? With chances, if people surfed the
web some, with in time they can get there bmx questions answered for free and
not have to pay anything for asking/posting a BMX question.

The Web is up to us. You, me, and everyone else.
Let's use the web to create neat and new exciting things.
Let's use the Web to help people understand each other.

Also, about ISTV - Im somewhat glad to see them go, the pay bmx
web site did do some harm in to the internet's BMXing community.
It drew a line to witch BMXers had money and to witch BMXer did not
have money and making the internet's BMXing community divide apart.
My Commentary post sums my thoughts all from the start of them -
( ISTV Pay BMX Site Web site - "Ya" Right, Give BMX a Brake! )

Will we all see the Vintage BMX web site Forum divide apart the internet's
BMXing community like ISTV did? - Only time will tell, but less hope not!

Quote:-- So you question my talents and my tactics;
Well, I don`t have much talent, But my tactics are simple:

Free and Open Source for The BMX Sport on the World Wide Web.
So eveyone around the world can enjoy the Internet's BMXing Community.

The mass of the BMXing Community are of youth. Locking out the youth
from its own target youth web sites with pay web sites just is not wright.

Pay Web Sites are known and used as "youth lock-outs" for the adult
entertainment industry on the world wide web. - Less keep the Pay web
sites where they belong, with the adult porno web sites, and keep the bmx
web sites free in the BMX Community. Intermixing the both in anyways or
form is just flat wrong. A pay BMX site is Intermixing the two = Troubles.

"BMX Bicycling Knowlegment And Internet Knowlegment Belongs
To Everyone In The World" .............. Less Keep It Free For BMX!

Be smart BMXers, SAVE YOUR MONEY! surf the world wide web.
Posting your BMX documentation on the world wide web should be
FREE to all people around the globe. - If it is not, It is a Scam! trying
to get your money so they can get rich from you - the BMXer.

This Is My Thoughts And Quotes About It All.
So if your sensitive over my thoughts and quotes
Im going to say:- to bad, - bite me! - So Enjoy,

-- August 12th, 2006

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