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"ISTV is all about the Money - Not BMX"
~ISTV miss leads people just for the money~

Let the Spin - Spin - A Commentary Blasting

( March of 2005 - February of 2006 )
This is my Thoughts and Questions about pay bmx web site
and some replys back to some of the blasting posts about my thoughts.
On this page - There is No Pun to Anyone - This is just my Thoughts,
Like it or like it not! - This is how I see this and the way I see that this is.

***** Gene`s BMX *****
All Things Northwest in BMX!

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WOW! A new web site called - It has BMX Videos and Photos
of up to date events. AWESOME! Hay everyone out there, Join up! What
are you waiting for? - and Its all FREE! ( Ya!-right, Keep Reading On Down )

Here is a Quote from a add ISTV Video Clip back on March 27, 2005
When I sign up to get my FREE Access to there web site.
( This Quoted video was saved via on my Coumpters web surfing cache. )

It Quotes as -
ISTV - Sign Up TODAY For FREE Access for exclusive coverage!
of bmx events , news, Exciting Interviews and more.
When you sign up today you will be enterd to Win A Free Trip
to anyone of the national races that we cover, Hurry ! this
offer ends April 21st - You could be a winner, and its ALL FREE!
So what do you have to lose? what are you waiting for? sign up today -

Become a preferred member to get a down load on to your desk top and
keep up to date that way ( A down load page was hosted with a logo on site )
Sign Up TODAY For FREE Access - So what do you have to lose? what are you
waiting for? and its all free.--end of Quote". A cached copy of vid is on hand, Its a some
what`s a good sized vid 5.22 MB (5,480,448 bytes) - ( Vid-D/L) ISTV-Welcome.wmv
( It Says its "All Free"! in this video by ISTV - No talks of moneys? )

I Joined up on ISTV web site for Free and I also,
Became a preferred member, I guess, least it said I was, I had to enter my
e-mail address one more time to get in to another web page, but I got this
down load on my dest top, wow, It does make it eazyer to get the up-dates from
them. Everything seemed to be all cool and was a big wow! by all in the bmx world.
There was great bmx coverage, videos, and photos, - all where way cool.

Well - This is what we all have seen and herd and talked about for over the last month now.

I say this is all cool, we all now get to wach what happens at bmx racing events on the net via net Raido,
Videos, Photos, how cool is that - its free, "BUT HOLD ON HERE", This sounds to good to be true?

I do have some QUESTIONS about

It says on its web site ---
Website Offical Launch Date April 21st 2005
( a Timer thingy )
Sign-up Free Access Through April 21st......

Are they after this date going to charge people to log in
to this website? Some Questions are a flot about this......

I do not see anywheres on the web site that
they are to charge any money after this date
but some people are asking saying thats so.
Im Questioning this - If anyone know whats
up here please say something........ Thanks

A few replys of yes it is to be a pay site and a few saying no.
It is a guessing game at this point of whats is going to happen.

ISTV did not reply back to anyone of the e-mails sent to them by lots,
A good hand full of people surfing the ISTV web site looking for
info of a price tag, the only thing that could be found was when
someone joined they got a welcome reply e-mail saying 12.95 price tag.
so at this point its sill a big guessing game, - so who knows?


On April 21st 2005, at 22:00 thats 10pm at night
Alot of people sitting around there coumpters this night
wondering what Exciting stuff we will all see on ISTV`s official
Launch Date time as alot of us where waching there timmer thingy
that ISTV had posted on there web site.........

I sent of a helpfull e-mail on BMXTalk group letting people
know that time was running out and to join up for free.
A good bunch of replys from people questioning free or pay

Still alot of people rolling around with the guessing game of pay site or not,
only time will tell at this point, Alot of people saying they hope to see a cool
two hrs long of a bmx movie video of some races, and the clock was ticking and -
WAW! Its 12AM 04/22/2005
The ISTV web site changes, The ISTV web site is NOW a PAY BMX Web Site!


*** ISTV Pay Site - "Ya" Right, Give BMX a Brake! ***

Gene`s BMX News ( OFFICIAL QUOTE ) -- 04/22/2005
Well Well Well, I guess I get to do a Rant and Rave now.
!!!!! NO PUN TO ANYONE !!!!!!!

ISTV - Go finger, tons of kids getting suckered
in to joining up and WHAM! now they want money,

I will not give ISTV any support because of the lack of
information on there web site that did not talk about
the money part but only in a email replies, catch 22`s
on the internet is not a nice thing to do, and go finger,
most of the viewers that has gotten is Youth.

$13 bucks is not much, I will agree with that, but how
is a kid under the age of 18 going to pay them with a
Credit Card? - I don`t think so...The US Laws say NO
Credit Cards for people under age 18. ++ all 50 states.
BMX is about youth, Even on the internet......

But something's are sorta messed up in the world any ways.....
A Pay BMX Web Site, that's sort of degrading the sport of bmx
on the internet all by its self....

I could see paying them if they where also doing a hard copy
magz too - that you got in the US mail, but there not, its
ust there web site...I sit this next to a porn site = pay site.

Please do not get me wrong, Im not calling ISTV a porn site,
Its just when someone says pay web site it is in terms of porn.
- no pun to anyone there. but go finger most will see it that way.
I do.....A W3C internet push for over 10 years also see`s pay sites
in this same light. - you make up your own thoughts there.

Yes Im going to Blast at this some as allot of people have been
miss lead here with all of the adds that they put out like on aba`s
and nbl`s web sites + lots more 'join now for free access" it was
the slogan that was used. --- Im going to say this is not fare to
the youth at all.....No info talked about the moneys......

I understand people trying to make a few bucks via the WWW but
when people miss lead in there adds it makes it heck for all...

They have now changed there web site asking for a Credit Card
on both of the accounts that I have, So joining up at the start
was for im prone to junk email from them that
I will not want - nice trick they pull there....hope they don't start
spamming me, as I will get a little sideways with them if they do.

SO and that is a BIG so, and I hate doing this to people that try
to put smiles on kids faces at bmx events, But they sort of brought
it on them self's here, So -

Im going to say in my words -Up there's! and remove there
URL links and banners from my web site, As I will not link
host pay web sites, - My web site is about bmx and helping
youth get involved in to the sport, Its not about sending
youth to pay web sites......bmx or not....

A thumbs up to ISTV for being involved with bmx
But A BIG! thumbs DOWN on them for the pay web site.....
and miss leading with not having "you will pay them" information
on there web site, as they tried to get everyone into there URL.

This is my Thoughts, Rants, or what evers about this,
No pun to anyone, But Im sad to see this........


This is what is posted for an add on the
ABA web site + alot of other web sites -

The URL source is hosted at and is a banner add -

Now tell me that this is NOT miss leading.....
It says FREE! - What part says Pay?


On down below is the reply`s that was posted to my "Official Quote" post,
by me only that I replyed to that was on the post board of,

Im hopping that the replys listed here can and will fill in for replys
to everyone`s quotes back to me from everywheres, as this is about the
same of what I have replyed back to everyone else - every wheres across
the net with that is. - Of most, this is posting back to all of the same kinds
of replys to every one I have replyed posted to. - "Its a twister" of all,
But I think its draws it to the point of all things here.....................

As always said, This is my Thoughts,
There is NO pun to anyone here by me.


Posted: Sat Apr 23, 2005 4:28 am at a BMX Post Board

beng wrote:
-[I never thought it would be free after free trial.
-[Did anybody besides gene? I hope it works out well.

This is what is posted for an add on the
ABA web site + alot of other web sites -

The URL source is hosted at and is a banner add -

Now tell me that this is NOT miss leading.....
It says FREE! - What part says Pay?


Posted: Sat Apr 23, 2005 5:00 am at a BMX Post Board

-[hey gene u should of went to the site and read that they
-[were going to charge after April 21 like everyone else.

Quote post# of above ______________________
(I do have a QUESTION about

It says on its web site ---
Website Offical Launch Date April 21st 2005
( a Timer thingy )
Sign-up Free Access Through April 21st......

Are they after this date going to charge people to log in
to this website? Some Questions are a flot about this......

I do not see anywheres on the web site that
they are to charge any money after this date
but some people are asking saying thats so.
Im Questioning this - If anyone know whats
up here please say something........ Thanks

The web site was surfed deep and well, up and down.
There was no talks of charging money anywheres on
the web site its self before the date of April 21st
They did have a quota of a price on an Reply
"you joined are site-thanks" e-mail after someone
joined the site. But as I say, NO Wheres was this
on the web site its self. - making this miss leading.


Posted: Sat Apr 23, 2005 7:41 am at a BMX Post Board

randomhero wrote:
-[I am signed up now, but do I have to start
-[paying or sign up again? just wondering, thanks?

ISTV is not my web site, so I can`t say yes or no,
But I can say the two e-mail address that I joined
up with, when it said to join for free,They don`t do jack,
Everything asks me now to rejoin and at that it wants
a credit card to do so.......go figger..... good luck,


Posted: Sun Apr 24, 2005 4:40 pm at a BMX Post Board

chitownbmx wrote:
-[Hey Gene's Why don't you cancel some of your NASCAR fanclub
-[memberships and support bmx. Hop on your bmx bike with flat
-[pedals and go ride. It's called evolution of a sport, deal
-[with it. chitown

1- I have no idea who you are or of that, the same back,
2- I don`t have a NASCAR fanclub membership nor plan to,
3 - I do support bmx and bicycling alot,......................
4 - Is evolution of a sport to miss lead people? I think not,
5 - Something for people that is paying to use there web site,
is to Think about and question about - Why do they have paying
banner adds all over there web site and your paying to. In most
cases banner adds are what help pay for the web site to stay free
of use to the viewers. Why should people pay if its alreay payed for?
Or look at it this way, your paying for them adds to be there and
junk up your view of what you are paying for. - I say thats funny!

To me in everything about them, it looks like lack of webmastering
skills, and the thoughts of moneys is more to them than anything.
If you have the money to wast - Pay them, use it - its your choice.

But also think of this - alot of people out there don`t have
the money to wast on them, as they can hardley afford a bike,
the internet and living all by its self as it is...

You say evolution of a sport, So when is the last time you helped
the sport? What did you do? Will you help pay for people out there
that can not afford to join this web site, so they can get in to this
web site? Its would be nice, but I dought you or anyone does.

6 - What I have posted is my Thoughts going by facts of what
has been seen so fare. Tri-flamming gets you no where's,
There is NO Pun to anyone here by me......... Good luck to you.


Posted: Mon Apr 25, 2005 9:32 am at a BMX Post Board

Yes what about that contest were they were supposed to be
giving away a trip to an ABA or NBL national all expenses paid.?
I seen NOTHING about that aswell.........Thats is big there.
Did I win or did gost internet user win, - who knows...
Only the rich people with lots of money will know now......

I can say alot of people joined up "even me, when it said
it was free they put there email address in to that box,
and now it does nothing but opens a person up to junk emails
from them - heck they did not even have an email opps out on
there emails, from a pay web site, I would say thats
spamming and the TC and US laws does back that one up.

I have alot of mad people/ kids, parents asking me why
I put a link on my web site trying to target making money
off of there kids by sending them to a miss leading web site.
Go figger yes, it was free at one time, but they did not say
that they where going to charge people on down the road.
may it have been posted in post boards across the net or
not the fact lays that ISTV web site its self did not say it.

Is having more BMX media bad for the sport? It not bad, but its
bad to miss lead people with false adds to get them to join up.
BEFORE the 21st, on there web site it did NOWHERES talked of
moneys. Alot of people put adds on there web site from them
saying it was all free photos+vids, thats miss leading -

AS Posted in other posts in this thread --
This is what is posted for an add on the
ABA web site + alot of other web sites -

The URL source is hosted at and is a banner add -

Now tell me that this is NOT miss leading.....
It says FREE! - What part says Pay?

ABA/ NBL card members a discount of $3 a month?
I have not seen any OFFICIAL statements by the
ABA or NBL of this, Till then, I see this as BS.
guess all you want, but its not official till they say so.

If your so richs with money, Join it - wast your money,
but if you can afford to join it, Can you at least Help out.

If this is such a good and nice BMX internet media site,
say so of what you think, then do you have the moneys
to help get people that can not afford to get in to it?

Iv got 33 e-mails sitting here of people that can not afford
to get in to this pay bmx web site that would love to see it.
They don`t have the money like you do......

Look at it this way, if you where at a race event and a new
kid just happend to show up to give racing a shot, but the
kid did not have the money to buy a Helmet, would you lend
that kid your helmet so he could race and then afterwards
would you help that kid buy a helmet so the kid could have
fun like you? --- Now heres the big question would you also
help a kid get in to the pay web site that could not afford to?

Its all about bmx in the bottme line, in both cases.
but if your to rich and stuck up in your ways, its all
about the moneys to you and then you don`t care to much
about bmx and how it is to be fun to others too.

See this is the problems with intermixing pay bmx web sites,
in to main streem bmx, as the sport of bmx is targeted to youth.
Seems Its all about money to the one that run it and bmx its
self gets lost on down the road. looks like we are at the end
of the road and the money is what its about here.

As I have seen some pay websites in the bmx world have
been tryed agood hand full of time since 1995 and not one
of them has lasted, it was just a quick money makers for
someone to take money from the youth and put it in to there
pockets. today the people that payed them has nothing to show
of it. Where are the 50 some other pay bmx web sites to day?
they are 404ed or target to a porno site and are not in to
bmx anymore. -- People can not afford to use pay bmx
web sites, less they are the kin of rich man bill gates....

If istv was to sell a CD or vido tape, a book, bike parts or
something that someone would have to enjoy for a long time,
and have there web site open for all, Thats would be all good,
lots of bmx web sites do this and there web sites are open for
all to surf and enjoy other stuff aswell.

but go figger you are paying istv your money for
a internet web site use - to surf and look only.
Most porno web sites do there web sites this way,
its away to help keep under-age youth out.

Tri-flamming name calling gets you no where's,
Call this blasting or call it what ever you wish,
As always said, This is my Thoughts,
There is NO pun to anyone here by me.

Good Luck to everyone.............


*** Dirty tactics: free one minute and the next, not free ***
04/26/2005 - Singapore BMX

I have seen this before and read about it. It is a common tactic
used by drug pushers too. They give you free drugs, or at least
sell it to you for a dirt-cheap price and when you get hooked,
they start to charge you sky-high prices for your fix. Well, the
topic today is not on drug pushers or abusers but rather, the
rather dubious ways of doing what some people call “business”

Geneb runs a BMX site at and has pretty hefty following.
According to him, there was this company called ISTV that promised free BMX
content like videos and such. Gene was happy with that. He put it up on his site
and gave them publicity and then all of a sudden, they do an about turn and start
charging people for it. You can read what happened here ( you are here now )

Now this is not new. I know of at least one other site here in Singapore
that did that exactly. I have a BMX site and it is free, and will always be
free. If people want to charge for the content then be honest about it and
start charging from the outset. Don’t give reasons later like “This site is
expensive to upkeep” and “I am running at a loss” BS. If you do not want
to lose money, then do not start up a site in the first place and say it is for
the community because if it is anything I hate more than drug-dealers, it
is liars. Secondly, getting people all hooked and then start charging for it
makes you nothing less than a drug-dealer, except this is on the Internet
and getting people to pay you for their “fix”.

- Come on you people…snap out of it!

CC -


ISTV is just as free as I am to do as they do with there web site, - Pay site or Not.
But the fact is - ISTV miss lead people and lied to people to get people on to there web site.
ISTV was infact saying/asking people to join there web site for free, Fact is, Its not free.

I do NOT like the fact that I Gene`s BMX was used, miss lead and lied to by ISTV -
Go figger, If you are going scam on me, my web site, and my web site viewers, for your riches,
Well - Your going to get Blasted by me about it. - Scammers are Spammers, ISTV is a Scammer.

Also something brought up in a post board by someone, - A Thought to Think about!
In away, ISTV almost looks like its "Web cramming" - a type of a internet scam,
ISTV offers a "free" Web page; -- then they start billing; the internet user.
But in terms - Its sort of a flip flop to the term of Web cramming, but in ways,
It is darn close to about the same thing as Web cramming. ( What is Web cramming? )


April 28th 2005
Its one week on down the road from the Offical Launch Date of ISTV`s web site
Some news aflot around the web of some talk of, You can view some photos and
some videos at ISTV site for free. Quote-"It doesn't cost a dime to browse them".

I surfed in to ISTV today and looked at this, "What a wast of time this was".

The catch 22 to this is, ISTV list some low quaility photos and videos for free.
If you want to see a Big full sized photos or videos, you have to "pay ISTV" to do so.

- PAY Members have the ability to see and enlarge to big & nice photos and videos.
- Poor People get to see the junk small photos and videos with logos and adds on them.

WOW! what a deal, ISTV a PAY bmx web site with free small peeks for the poor,
Its site is layed out like a porno web site, "but no porn"-, And Its all about the money!!!
A commonly tactic style of web sites that is used in the porno industry, is to give a
web surfer a free view of small photos/videos and then charge them to see the big ones.

Who wants to wast there time just to see some small photos with logos all over
them, where the logos are a bit bigger than the photos its self and small videos
that are blurred up to where you can`t realy see much in the videos that has more
of a long add at the start trying to get you to join the ISTV web site. - "Not Me!"

In my thoughts, ISTV`s web site is a wast of internet space and is a wast of anyones time.
BUT STILL, The Fact is - ISTV is a PAY BMX web site and ISTV miss lead people
all from the start saying - ISTV is "All Free"! and No talks of moneys. So "Go Figger,


April 29th 2005 -- ISTV = Spamming E-mails!
If someone joined up on ISTV BEFORE the Offical Launch Date of ISTV`s
web site on April 21st 2005 they are now prone to junk e-mail`s from ISTV.
Go figger - ISTV did NOT have any e-mail out opps, when someone joined.

Today makes the 2nd Junk e-Mail I reseved from ISTV, On the first Junk
Spam e-mail I reseved from them, I replyed back to it, asking for ISTV to
remove my e-Mail address from there e-mailling list, It seems they have not.

As today - I reseved -- E-mail Headding
Subject: Discount to Pre-Launch members
Date: Fri, 29 Apr 2005 11:36:00 -0700
From: ""
A money making businesses on the internet should have to have an
e-mail OUT Opps upon request by an owner of an email address.
Says so the Federal Trade Comission about commercial email & spammers'.

I don`t know about you, But I do take pride in my e-mail address
Who likes un-wanted junk = spam in there e-mail inbox? - I don`t!
ISTV does seem to be sending un-wanted e-mails to people = Spamming.


May 10th 2005 - A E-Mail From ISTV with a new offer, and you can kiss my what?
The things people try, It makes you wonder if they are even on same planet of earth.

( ISTV E-mail to Gene`s BMX and a E-mail reply back to this from Gene`s BMX )

Subject:Hello Gene
Date: Tue, 10 May 2005 18:59:58 -0700 (MST)

Hello Gene
My name is Robert Jamason
I am the art and music Director for
We cover action sports such as BMX is our main sport

I was just at your website and I am very impressed
with your collection of photos on BMX.

The reason I am emailing you is to see if its possible if we could place
a banner on your front page to our site. In trade for a life time free
membership to all of our BMX videos and Photos and all the latest news
on every BMX race in the country

You can visit us at istv
and let me know what you think. we would sure love to have you as a
member. and soon we will have a BMX chat room in our site as well.
so you can chat with many BMX pros anytime you like.

Have a look and let me know what you think
I look forward to talking to you - Robert


Subject: Re: Hello Gene
Date: Tue, 10 May 2005 22:27:40 -0700
From: Geneb
Organization: Gene`s BMX @
References: 1

I took alook at your site just now, I have to say
thats a low blow by having a add pushing energy enhancers
on to youth, least I would guess most of your web viewers
are youth, your web site topic looks to be bmx? adding
energy enhancers for bmxers is a big blow to the sport its self.
but I know money talks and bmxers are nothing to money making
web sites. --- I do not want anything to do with

The fact is - ISTV miss lead people and lied to people,
to get people on to there web site at start. ISTV was infact
saying/asking people to join there web site for free, Fact is,
Its not free. in them terms, I don`t want any thing to do with them.

Less you can offer the tearm of "FREE" to all of everything on site
to my web site viewers and everyday web surfers like you have offerd
just to me, - Im going to say - stuff it.

Good Luck, -- Geneb - Gene`s BMX


Subject:Re: Hello Gene
Date: Wed, 11 May 2005 07:04:27 -0700 (MST)
To: "Geneb"
References: 1 , 2

Hello again Gene
I am sorry if I struck a nerve in anyway with anyone in your group.
There is 2 things I am in hopes to clear up to give you a better
understanding why ISTV needs to charge on the site.

You have to look at it like this. we have camera crews of 22 people going
to different tracks every weekend. Just to bring the races to people that
cant afford to get there.

For example if you live in Florida and want to see the race in Ohio it
would cost a lot more then $13.00 for you to make that trip to be able
to catch that race. So we decided to pay our camera crews to be able to
travel we would need to start charging on the site to help cover some of
the expense.

Then we have a crew of 5 people that need to edit all the videos of all
the races that weekend in a matter of a couple days to get them to you
as fast as possible.

so every weekend we are spending about 15k
to bring BMX fans races they cant afford get to.

Now the cost of I think it is $13.00 to join is a lot cheaper then hotels
plane tickets and food for that weekend if you wanted to catch that race.

We take on the majority of the cost for you by sending our
crews to these races. 15k a weekend verses $13.00 a month.

We are not trying to get rich off of BMX at all. but we cant
work for free to bring you the races from all over the USA.
I know I don't have 15k in my pocket right now to give to send
a crew like that out just so you don't have to miss a race.

This is why we had to go to being a pay site. Now if we was going to just
post same old photos everyone has seen a million times over or same old
videos of races that might be 2 years old. Sure we would stay a free site.

But we want to keep it fresh and to be able to do that it cost to run a crew.

So I hope this clears things up on the cost part and again
I am very sorry if this has struck a nerve with anyone.

The other thing is someone said we have on the
site an advertiser that is selling energy pills?
could you please point out where on the site where
this is And I personally will have it removed within 24 hours.

we do not support this kind of stuff at all. And when I find
what sales rep may have put it there. I will be glad to give
him an ear full

one more thing I would like to add is we are out to make you happy. so
feel free at any time to forward or send me any complaints you might have
about ISTV. you can even cuss me out I have thick skin. And I will be glad
to jump to try and fix any problem you may have with the site and anything
you see on it. that might bug you. the only part I can not change is the
charge of joining the site. Again it cost us 15k a weekend and the user of
the site pocket change for a whole month.

Thank you for your time - Robert Jamason


Subject: Re: Hello Gene
Date: Wed, 11 May 2005 09:17:40 -0700
From: Geneb
Organization: Gene`s BMX @
References: 1 , 2 , 3

Fist off about the pay site story, The same scoop that
you would here from a porno site webmaster about costs,
I here this one Daily as they try to get me to link up
to there porno sites.....not saiying ISTV is porn.....
but same styles are used here, you could make up a better
story than that - I would think....

but the bottom line is the money, you said it your
self there, "cost", heck if you can not afford
to run a site why not sucker it out of the users,
in this case its the bmx youth..... Nice.....

You ask me to link up a banner to a pay bmx web site
so I can view it, But you do not give a thought about my
web site viwers/ surfers, You give thoughts about the moneys
that may gen from them.... I don`t think so...... Sad......

energy enhancers on your site, surf your site sometime and look,

It Quotes",
"Lifewave" - energy enhancers - see what your missing"
a little box banner, on the right side of the page next to bottom.
( A Screen Shot of the add listed via ISTV`s Web site.)

I have to give you a thumbs up on that one, as this is
what alot of bicyclests are getting in troubles with.
LOL way to go there ISTV

From the April 21st your ISTV put my site in hot water
as I do inlist to alot of EDU`s around the world.

ISTV is a block to bmx due to the money billing area
that is used upon there web site, as most EDU`s-Schools,
public library, GOVcitys-towns around the world will not
list or link up to them as most pay web sites are adult
web sites. most will black list the web site due to it
is set up with adult billing listings. you asked - so there,
know you know. It does make you really wonder why
ISTV does this to the bmxing world.

Accessibility is what a web site is about says so CERN and W3C
the back bones of the WWW and web sites is what
helps keep the youth from access to adult web sites,
ISTV seems to have stabed this one in the back, by targeting
youth to a pay bmx web site, think about it............

I give you a thumbs up for the shot of support of bmx but
a big thumbs down on web site accessibility to the youth.....

-- Geneb - Gene`s BMX


May 12th 2005
Gene`s BMX Applauds To the Removel of Energy Enhancers Add on ISTV web site

After blasting posts about ISTV having adds on there web site targeting bmx
youth to energy enhancers, ISTV has agreed to remove it. The add was pointed
out in commentary blastings with in the word wide web by Gene`s BMX over the
last few days.

Gene`s BMX made a few phone calls today and got ahold of
and poined out that they had adds to drugs of energy enhancers
up on there web site. Talks of removing the add was agreed upon
as so, BMX bicycling is a sport that targets to the youth of the world,
and pushing energy enhancers patchs or pills just was not the right light
to have on a bmx web site that pulls in alot of youth from around the world.

ISTV has at this time, removed the energy enhancers banner add,
inlight of the all the blasting by Gene`s BMX about
Gene`s BMX stands and applauds there effert on removing it. - thank you!

Gene`s BMX also took the time today and talked with ISTV about
why they did, what they did, at the start with the free to pay site.

Gene`s BMX and ISTV - both web sites do support bmx bicycling.
Both web sites have couse to be doing what we are doing.
Gene`s BMX with the blastings, and ISTV the pay BMX web site.

Gene`s BMX will be the first to agree on why they are charging
people money, To help pay for the web site. There is no dought.
In the phone call, Gene`s BMX asked ISTV why the saying that
it was all free, ISTV said it was becouse the web site took off
like a wild fire over night, Gene`s BMX can see that and agree
with how a web sites can get alot of users in a fast time.
ISTV quoted that they wanted to be running an free and open
bmx web site, but the cost of cams and bmx events in all there,
it don`t make that possable. Yes everyone heres this all the time,
but Gene`s BMX has to some whats agree with it................

"I do not endorse the way ISTV started out", Im gritting my teeth
at how it all has played out, says; Gene`s BMX

Gene`s BMX still dissagress with how ISTV started out saying it was
all free and then a pay web site with out the talks of moneys from
the start. Gene`s BMX hopes that other web site webmasters do not
take this kind of stance upon opening a new web site. Its not in
the best of ways on getting a web site out there for people to see.
It does make for hartakes among people.

Gene`s BMX and ISTV has agreed upon some sort of a formal press release
by ISTV on why they did what the did, so everyone will know the full scoop.
( It will be posted and linked on Gene`s BMX as soon as it happens. )

As soon as ISTV releases a somewhat of a formal press release,
Gene`s BMX has plans to hook up with ISTV inlight of all the blasting
both of are web sites target to topic bmx bicycling. Maybe Gene`s BMX can
help point out some ways on down the road to ISTV of web site improvements
and ways to help build a bridge over the bubbling water of blasting them.

Gene`s BMX and ISTV both share a passion for the Internet
and a commitment to the BMX world for success..............

Geneb - Gene`s BMX


May 19th, 2005
Its been 7-seven days, Gene`s BMX has NOT herd anything from ISTV.
A good hand full of e-mails has been sent to them with questions and
point outs as to help fix up a good hand full of things on there site.
It also seems that no one has seen a formal press release from them
saying why they did what they did from a free to a pay web site. I would
think that if a money making bmx web site can not inlight people as to the
"why`s" of what they did with in 7-seven days, that I was right from the start
- "ISTV is all about the Money - Not BMX" ~ISTV miss leads people
just for the money~, How sad is that.......ISTV had a big chance here to
make things right but seems they are only there for the moneys of it.

Over the last 7-seven days Iv surfed the web looking at a big hand full
of post boards, mailing lists, and news groups. It seems ISTV is a hot
topic in alot of them for exposure adds and miss happs, Not to say, making
some members on some of the bmx post boards, mailing lists, and news groups
across the net un-list them selfs due to flammings when people bring up
some points about ISTV, asking why they charge money or why ISTV is asking
to post a banner add up on othere bmx web sites that does not make money.

ISTV is in business to make money and they charge money for people to view
there web site, Is it right for a company to advertise out on other free
bmx web sites for free and when they (ISTV) is make money from it and others
that work hard to show off the sport of bmx for free, are not making money?

Go figger, Gene`s BMX lists over 1000 BMX links on site, Will ISTV
give each and everyone of the other bmx web sites listed out there a
share % of the moneys that ISTV is making by them making money from not-
for-profit bmx bicycling web sites across the web? - Don`t hold your breath.

Some BMX web sites use moneys from some sponsor adds to help offset the cost
of running a BMX web site, Instead of charging people to surf it. ISTV seems
to be running this backwards here, they have payed adds all over there
web site and also charge money for people to surf/look at there web site.

I does make people wonder what the heck is going on here, not
to say a lot of hardakes among BMXers across the world wide web,
ISTV supports BMX? - It looks more like ISTV is making BMX trash.

Genes is a independent webmasterd not-for-profit bmx bicycling web site
and is a lead focal point for free access to documentation on bmx bicycling on
the world wide web. The bmx and bicycling banners that are listed on my site are
listed there for in help support of bmx bicycling and are not for pay or to pay web
sites. Gene`s BMX share a passion for the Internet and a commitment to the BMX
in a free world for success.............. Geneb - Gene`s BMX


May 20th, 2005
In all of this story I had a chance to talk with ISTV on the phone,
for a good time, blowing off a little steam trying to work a few
things out, and one of them few things got worked out, but the
big thing from the start was on the edge of being all worked out
Least it was from my end, BUT ISTV did not fulfill there end.
by giving reason, So since they did not fulfill there end of
the working it out, Im going to give you all abit of more here,

Seems we all have a commitment to the BMX world for success
why don't we for get about ISTV and less take this up to the next
step, Here a chunk of my brain if anyone out there want to grab
this and play with it, Its free game.....The idea was pass to ISTV
on a phone call, but seems they don't like it and they did not grab
at it......So WAKE UP!!!!!

Some Quotes with hints and you fill in the rest...............

Youth" the word alone has allot of powers with in the world.
People care on what happens with the youth, they are the next
to run the world.... what happens today effects them all.

Olympics" the word means the best of the best in sports.
we have put the sport of BMX in to the world Olympics
well in 2008, that alone points out some big powers,

Money" if you have it, your rich or well off and you always
want more, some say it makes life eazer, and some say it
makes life hell, I say it makes the world wide web a evil
place and make it in to a big ball of hell.

Mix all of that up in to one big thing ,
Youth, Olympics, Money, It makes for a ball of power
around the world, Youth need support in just about any
thing they do, Most youth have "Education Opportunities"
which takes money to do, allot of youth get help via "Grants",
to put them in to the education opportunities,

Now think hard here, but not to hard,
education opportunities also = Olympics everyone can learn
new thing from it, but which takes money to get there, why not
via GRANTS to help get it there, and not to say support of all
of the BMXing world by the grants to help push it for better.

You ask, who is going to give the BMXing world a grant?
Well ask your self this, If your reading this, chances are
most of you are using a Microsoft windows programs.
well the most of you are atleast......

you say, so what, well who has the most moneys in the full world?
think about it, Microsoft`s Bill Gates, But does he support the youth?

go figure, Yes he does, Big time! But would he support BMX?
thats the question that you are going to have to figure out and ask,
Hint - Microsoft Corporation Headquarters is in Redmond, Washington USA

Go figure if Microsoft was to support Grants to the sport of BMX
don`t you think they would support the youth on making the
internet for bmx abit more helpful open source to all,
for the youth that is....

Why not a grant from Microsoft the worlds leader of
programs to build a BMX web site 100x better than what pay
ISTV is doing now so it would be open free for every kid all
around the world to view, Now as ISTV sits since they are a
pay web site allot of places like schools have black listed them
so kids can't see there bmx web site. go figure pay sites help
keep the youth out.

If things keep going the way it is today, I see BMX going nowhere
It will take more than one of you to get a ball rolling if anyone took
the time to read all of this, But heck what to you all have to lose?
I would say its worth the time to look in to it all, that is if you like

Microsoft is not the only one`s out there with grants,
Microsoft was said in this thought becouse go figger Microsoft = Internet.
In all terms - Microsoft is a nice big place to start looking for a grant.

My thoughts here, Like it or not. But Good Luck,

~~~~~~~~~~~ My REplys back in post boards to this ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

My points are - Its about Internet Accessibility,
open free for every kid all around the world to
view with out having to jump in hoops............

BTW - my english is just fine.. what about you?
And the Only thing Iv ever complained about ISTV
is about there Internet Accessibility for the youth.
Its about the INTERNET here nothing else.............

You Say: Do you think it should be completely free so you
and others can watch it and be happy without paying a dime?
I say: Hell YES! when it comes to the youth on the Internet
the youth should not have to pay a dime..............

Charge a buck or charge a 100 bucks,
who cares about your greed and what
you payed to show off a photo or video.
Taking a web site and locking it out with Pay,
takes away the youths Internet Accessibility.

I have to say, you disagree with someone giving a hint note
on how to get the money to have and keep a free and open
web site for bmx on the internet is like stabbing your self in
the back. Heck it looks like your one sitting there complaining
about the moneys and giving reasons to take away from the
youths Internet Accessibility, so how is my Idea so bad
about getting Grants to help run a bmx web site to make
things happy for all...............


Good luck to you, - Geneb -


GO READ!!! what My last 2 posts where in this thread,
Your blasting back to my post just shows general ignorance
in your part, take some time, read, go and learn what the
world wide web is about, In most part, I would say that a
good hand full of you here, don`t even know what it is about.
or even the why`s of it, - go read and learn.........

If I assumed this was representative of all of us,
it's no wonder there's little respect for the BMX world.

Good Luck to you all and your all going to need it,
least it looks that way with all the ignorance .................


Opinions are made by the FACTs that have been seen so fare, So tell
me how kids in my town can view ISTV`s web site at there school?

They can not view it becouse its black listed.
does anyone care - seems not,
I can talk for most of Washington state USA.
just how many other states out there are doing the same?

That shows good support for bmx if you was to ask me,
make it to where a youth in the sport can not access it.

accessibilty of ISTV is Not on my parts its of there owen,

I gave ISTV and everyone an IDEA, I say go a head and
stab your selfs in the back - Don`t ask about if it could happen,
just blast the hell out of the idea and when grants are givin to
other youth sports & things but not bmx, - Don`t cry about it.
Why would I even say anything about it if I did not think it could happen?

BTW - do you think that bmxers are the only ones that are
looking at this Post board? - think hard..... Have a nice day,


And yet more general ignorance wow.....
do you think that bmxers are the only ones that
are looking at bmx Post board? - think hard.....

blasting yes, but not bashing --
I have in No ways been bashing ISTV -,
and or anyone, if that................

And the Only thing Iv ever complained about ISTV
is about there Internet Accessibility for the youth.
Its about the INTERNET here nothing else.............
woops and a drug- dopping add ISTV had on there
site that has been removed by me pointing it
out to them.......And I stand and applaud there
effert on removing it...........

I am NOT a member or poster on BMXtalk group anymore
sorry wrong dept you have here, try the next floor.

And if you take the time and READ before you blast
out at me, You may see Iv tryed to HELP ISTV
by giving them a big tip about grants for there web
site so they would not have to charge people money,
and it would make everyone happy in the long run.

seems people like you need to learn to read things
before they jump in to the middle of topics here.

And thank you for blasting out that I do not use
spell check, But what do you know what I use
and don`t use? You did not ask - you are barking.
But I will say your right, and if you have
nothing better to do, but go around and look for
miss spellings in post boards, thats your problems.
not mine..........

you said --
"I know this every month when i pay my AOL bill."
So Here is this funny little wav file for you,
now LOL at that my friend and go ride your bike.
please get back to the topic here,
( Destined for failure? ) -- Good luck,


May 21st, 2005
Hot-linking ISTV Files? you have to be kidding me.
It`s the effects of intermixing a pay bmx web site into the youth.
all and all - ISTV is a Pay BMX Website wich does classes it in
to the porno industry department of youth lock out web sites.
So Go figger, it was only a matter of time on what would be
happen here, I have to say, ISTV brought it on to them selfs.

Now ISTV is barking FOUL about hot-linking in some bmx post boards,
!!! Give BMX A Brake, - ISTV !!!
What are they going to do? something like the music industry did
and put a set of hand cuffs on some 12 year old kid? - what a blow,
and a back stab to the bmxing world that would be, IF ISTV did so,

If ISTV don`t want people to see and use there stuff then
they should not up it out on to the world wide web like it was porn.
ISTV was told by lots of people, that there dealing with the BMX YOUTH,
ISTV - its the YOUTH your playing with, what part of that don`t they get?
What, ISTV did not think that non paying youth would not treat them like any
other pay porn or music web site out there and youth not think of ways around it?

But ISTV is a Pay BMX Website wich does classes it in to
the porno industry department of youth lock out web sites.
It does look like they are startting to get black listed in
alot of the EDU-schools and public library around the world.
SO IM - "LOL" BIG TIME AT ISTV with this move.............
I have to say this - "I told you so".....

Illegal or Not, ISTV`s video & photo files seems to be in the undergroungs.
But why wast time on hot-linking and junking up your bmx web sites
post boards with ISTV crap, But its a good move to the people that do.
Why not just go get the ISTV video and photos files by net sources
like the Usenet, P2P, Kazaa, and more, Heck if ISTV wants to act as
a bmx web site that is in the porno industry and lock out youth and
charge money for it, They are going to more than likley see the same
results as the porn and music industry does, It does look as if its happing.

Why Pay for it, when its in the Undergroungs of the net for free.
It is there,

I just surfed a hand full of groups on the Usenet
( the back bone of the WWW )and looks like there are
1000`s of bmx videos and photos files from the ISTV web site.
Heck the usenet is free game and no law, well the Geneva
Convention if anything there, but its open sourse to the world.

Heck there are even a few good big bmx videos and photos files
from the ISTV web site on Kazaa and Morpheus P2P, More
than likley there are more and more places out there that
it will start showing up at too...Good Move--Way to go everyone!

Now that ISTV`s stuff is in the undergrounds of the net,
In the undergrounds, illegal or not, when there are sites that say pay on them,
it makes for alot of pick pockets to crack that pay site open and feed it out.
Its knocking on the devils door for something like this to happen.
Don`t for get, ISTV`s web site is a pay lock site just like the porn sites are.
ISTV is just asking for it......

As always said, This is my Thoughts, and Finding,
There is NO pun to anyone here by me.
Good luck to everyone,


Jim and Contributors,
Its nice to see comments to this topic here,
My last entry was Nov.12th, 1996 in here, so
Its also been along time since iv been in,
So "HI" - to everone, profile for stats and address.

Re: the topic of ISTV bmx web site.
A reference document for accessibility principles and design ideas
where sent to them via e-mails SN: a phone call was made aswell...
by my self, I do not think it was consulted by them with much thoughts.

Concerns for there accessibility are of a generally high rapid due
to discovered content from the ISTV web site has been found in the
undergrounds of the world wide web. Human reviews identify of the
binaries content that has been found with navigation bot tracks at alt
I assume some of you have already seen this for your selfs.

I will agree with everyone on this,
Problems are with there methods as a key lock out web site,
by target pointing to the youth of target topic bmx bicycling.

They are aware that these practices causes accessibility
problems and have not considered whether the formatting effect
is so critical as to warrant making the documents inaccessible
to most youth users. At the other extreme, they should also
be aware of the abuse that may take play by the youth just to
see the binaries content by miss, as it is target topic to them.
as in above, the abuse has been found in the undergrounds.

My recommendations and encouraged past notes to them
by me of this topic can befound up on my web site....
Statements may be use for the Consortium, It is welcome.

Also congrads to everyone on the 10th anniversary celebrations.
Its just amazing that it takes something like this to drag us all out.

Talk to you all on RTC on Tuesday.
Geneb...Wenatchee, Washington USA


On July 14th, 2005 ISTV Launches Its OWEN Forums Board On Its Owen PAY Web Site.
Thank Gosh!!!!, Now we do not have to look at all of the BS Adds by ISTV about
there so called free web site, that is not so free for people to view in the first place in
on other free bmx web sites forums post boards that are free, that makes for alot greef
amoung the other free forums users. - Its about time ISTV, less just hope some of ISTV`s
PAY users do not abuse this so called free forums boards. - ISTV is a scamming joke anyways.

I just have to say, I just love the ISTV`s Forums Rules:
No spamming, racism, profanity, trolling, thread hi-jacking, illegal stuff, drug
references, personal attacks, posting all caps, posting about locked/deleted topics,
etc... You know the drill.

No Spamming or Trolling? Heck If ISTV can Spam there adds and quots inon other
free bmx post boards and Troll around in them free post boards inorder to sucker
the other webmasters of free bmx web sites across the web in to sticking an add
banner up on there sites - I call that of ISTV rules - two faced... Why can`t other
people from free bmx web sites post Adds inon ISTV`s Forums? - Its only fair.

No drug references? Heck ISTV was pushing its owen drug adds on its web site at one time,
The references to that are posted above on this web page. I call that of ISTV rules - two faced...

Heck - ISTV acts as a bmx web site that is set up like the porno industry`s web sites,
that locks out the youth in places and charges money for youth and people to view it.
Now is ISTV`s web site, a web site that you would want to let your kids surf in to?

I find it is sad that ISTV is scamming bmxing youth and people out of there moneys,
For what? - a bmx web site with bmx documentation that is nothing more than what
the every day web surfer can find on the world wide web for FREE just by surfing
around and looking to find it. Don`t get scammed, Save your money and surf the web.


August 11th, 2005
Complaints and disapointments are on the rize across the world wide web about ISTV,
from both views of ABA and NBL BMX sanction racers on lack of service that people
where told that ISTV would have and what to have expected on there web site.

As in Free audio streams from bmxing events to free photos to free everything
that ISTV has said that was to be free in there advertise adds to get people
to join there pay bmx web site. The excusses from ISTV is that it cost money
to run a web site of such magnutude that they have to charge people to view it.
("the bmx documentation and live feeds don`t work "pay or free" Its not up to date").

Excusses are for porno web sites that give a small free look at what a person
is going to wast there money on. I find it sad that ISTV is scamming the bmxing
youth and people out of there moneys, For what? - They say it is helping the big
world of BMX to have a pay bmx web site? Ya right, disapointments arize from it.

Excusses Excusses Excusses, for the people that pay money for ISTV`s so
called pay bmx web site, There is no! excusses to be said. ISTV is nothing
more than a pay bmx web site scam to sucker people out of there moneys.....

In July ISTV launched its "OWEN Forums Board" On Its Owen PAY Web Site.
Go figger no one uses it to rest complaints or comments and concerns about ISTV?
But then it would be braking the ISTV Forums Board Rules if people did voice up
on there Forums Board. - It is sad to have to see all of the comments & concerns
on all of the real FREE bmxing web sites and free bmxing forums post boards out
there from peoples disapointments and getting scammed out of there money by ISTV.

Don`t get scammed by ISTV,
Save your money and surf the web, BMX on the world wide web should be Free!


October 03, 2005
And yet here we are one more time with more complaints and disapointments
that are on the rize across the world wide web about the ISTV web site.
ISTV charging people to listened to the live broadcast of bmxing events.
What do you expect, ISTV is about the money, not the bmx, ISTV is set up
like a pay porno web site. You get a sneek peek and pay to see the rest.
Everyone was blasting me for blasting about ISTV from the start, and now you
all are crying with lots of complaints and disapointments about ISTV your selfs.
From the start of my Commentary Blasting Quote about ISTV, I have to say,
I told you all so. "hehe-haha" --"SAD TO SEE" - Don`t get scammed by ISTV,
Save your money and surf the web, BMX on the world wide web should be Free!


October 4th 2005
Here is a Coppy of an Email from where ISTV, It Quotes that the Live
Radio Of The ABA & NBL Nationals Each Weekend will be open for
and to everyone. I guess It talks for its self as today ISTV now charges
people money for the Live Radio Of The ABA & NBL........Make up
your owen thought as to what ISTV is all about now............................

-------- Start of Original E-mail Message --------
Subject: Discount to Pre-Launch members
Date: Fri, 29 Apr 2005 11:36:00 -0700
From: ""
To: **************
A special thanks to all of you who signed up for our free pre-launch “Preview Site”.
As you know, our site went LIVE on April 21, 2005 at midnight. Our pre-launch site
which you originally signed onto is no longer available for viewing.

Now, when you login at istv, you will be able to view parts of the following content:
• Pictures (Small Only) From Our Photo Gallery & Interviews
• Register Onto Contests
• News Updates And Race Schedules
• Introduction To News Stories, Shows And Features
Live Radio Of The ABA & NBL Nationals Each Weekend
• Newscenter
• Race Results
• Lifestyle, Entertainment & Action Sports Shows
• Ask The Pro

Your sign-up user name and password for the pre-launch site are no longer
valid for the new site launched 4/21/2005, so if you try and log in, it will
not allow you access. You can view most of the website content as a non-
subscriber, but I recommend you JOIN today to view all of the content and
receive all the great benefits of being a premium member.

• Full Screen High Resolution Of All Achieved Races & Interviews
• All Shows, Articles, Newsletters, And Features
• Full Screen View Of Photo Gallery
• Chat Live With Cathy Rankin – Live Web Talk Show
• Purchase Poster Size Picture Of Almost Any Photo In The Gallery
• Premium Channel For Exclusive Programming Content
• And Much More!!!

Because you were a pre-launch member, we are offering you a chance to subscribe
for a discounted price. Our regular monthly fee is $12.99 but you can click on the
(URL Link ReMoved) and receive a discounted monthly membership of $9.99.
That’s $3.00 savings off the regular monthly membership! Simply click the
link above, fill in the form, add your credit card information and access to
the hottest BMX site in the world is yours…BUT this offer is only good
until May 7, 2005. So, time is of the essence to sign-up NOW!

Welcome to iSportsTV!
Customer Service: (602) 296-1000
Contact Us:
-------- End of Original E-mail Message --------

I wonder what -BS- Excusses ISTV will give for this one now as they scam more money?
ISTV is full of Excusses - Don`t get scammed by ISTV, Save your money and surf the web,
BMX on the world wide web should be Free!


October 5th 2005
Re The quotes about ISTV over on vintagebmx forum ISTV is now charging to listen to the audio cast.

Lots of interesting quotes over there, I like the one that hints about
charging people to host banners/link pages on the ISTV site LOL at that
one and the one that points out alot to Excusses for having a pay site.
- ISTV is a big joke. Back in May 2005 ISTV was told about GRANTS from
Microsoft Inc that could help pay for the ISTV web site to be free and
open to everyone to enjoy, ISTV was to stupid to look in to getting big
grants and help the sport of bmx on the internet grow, ISTV is nothing
more than one of the biggest jokes in the bmx internet world, ISTV is
about scamming money from people anyways they can do so, Hay its free,
Ya right it free, ISTV Give BMX a brake and let bmx be FREE!

Here is a quote from vintagebmx forum
""People are going to complain. Sorry but you can't run a business
by giving things away for free. Why not complain to the sanctions
a bout the entry fees, or complain to the Frame companies for
charging $400 for a frame."" - Richard

Here is My reply to this quote and it is not a complaint, - Its a FACT!
OK - sanctions entry fees are just that, 45 bucks a year just incase
I crash on that bmx track and also pays for that ribbin or plack that I
can hang on my wall and gives me a hard print magz. - both sanctions, the
ABA and NBL DO NOT charge people money to surf and look at there
web sites. Both are open bmx web sites that are FREE! for everyone.....

OK - Frame companies for charging $400 for a frame. Number one,
Frame companies do NOT lock out and make people pay to look at
there web sites like a porno site. Number Two, ISTV uses the costs
of bike frame companies as an Excusse on why there web site is set up
like a pay porno web site, Well ISTV, Most Bike Frame Companies
do not give Excusse to the people that support them. - $120 bucks a
year, - just to look at a internet web site? heck, that would buy a kid
that don`t have a bike a new bike from the mass market and make the
world a way much better place to live in. - But ISTV would rather take
and scam the money away from the kids for there web site. - Scammers!

Well if You want a complaint,
ISTV charges people every 30 days to view there pay web site. And of that
they are full of Excusses just like most porno web sites are. - So Go figger,
ISTV suckerd everyone in to there web site - saying its free from the start.
Then they make it in to a "pay" web site after people surf in and join in there
so called free web site, But Now ISTV is charging to listen to the audio cast.
Where is the FREE of ISTV Where is the support from ISTV that was said
that they would give bmx? Who won that contest back in April 21st 2005?
Who knows? - That was one of the ISTV scams to get people in to there site.
~ISTV miss leads, scams people for the money~ "ISTV is Not about BMX"

I have to say, I told you all so. "hehe-haha" - Don`t get scammed by ISTV,
Save your money and surf the web, BMX on the world wide web should be Free!

Who needs ISTV`s scamming for money pay bmx site anyways?
Here, surf the web on the all NEW! Google BMX Video Beta!
~ It is a start to find real FREE BMX Videos! on the internet.

BMX Videos Web List
A Mix Of BMX Videos & BMX Commercial Video Sources.
Listing places to find Free! BMX Videos on the world wide web.


February 25th 2006
Re: ISTV? How Do I Cancel My Subscribtion

Some same quotes about that site/place has been seen in
and across the web since the first of the year 2006,big time.

"L-Hu-hu hu Ha, Weeee! Ha Ha - What A Predicament"...
Not even a year yet, I told you all so....I hope everything
works out for everyone........"Good Luck".......................

Please Note: Gene`s BMX does not have anything to do with the ISTV site.
I do NOT will NOT endorse pay bmx web sites, as said up above, - to bad.
Go figger, a big hand full of you blasted me over my thoughts about them.
Now your in to there money sucking web site of a trap, And some of you are
asking me to help you get out of it. "rite"- "Sorry"! you get your selfs out of it.
Email them over your issues.... Leave me out of it Please. I have better things to
with my time. A to bad so sad to you all, and I hope it all works out at the end.

Ok - A little help quote becouse I somewhat feel sorry for some of you.
Alot of quote notes showing up about over billing credit cards, bank cards exta.
Well my friends, that is called financial fraud, and it is illegal by federal law.
I can not say that this so called place of topic is doing this, but it is in topic around
the web by some people, BMXers out there quoting this so. - one place of quote
that is just one place, I surfed about 50 other sites and seen this same kind of quote.

If some place was taking unarthorized money out of my credit cards, bank cards,
I think I would be getting ahold of the credit card company and bank asap an
putting a stop the unarthorized withdrawals as fast as I could. And also find
out who is doing the unarthorized withdrawals from my bank accounts and then
I would be looking in to filing fraud charges, If it happend to be a company
or a business on the web I would also be showing my case to the Federal Trade
Commission and the Better Business Bureau to see if they could help me out some.
But that is just me, "I like my Money and I like to keep it".

Maybe people will take alook at this now and not blast at me
over my thoughts on what I think. Oh well, Pity on them all..

Oh, By the way: over the years of bmx on the web I have yet
to see anyone in the internet's BMXing community to say: Sorry!

Nothing like throwing alittle salt on to the sore over the remarks.
And if your sensitive over the ISTV thoughts, to bad, - bite me!



See on this page I get the last Word in - Thats the Spin of sin.
Its to bad that Some BMXers are Internet idiots that like to do
trash talking remarks and foul language on a good topic post on
internet post boards. Look at just about any bmx discussion boards,
"you'll see it". - It`s Just Sad in all! - It really doesn't take a trained
sociologist to come to a conclusion that it recks it for all................

As always said, This is my Thoughts,
There is NO pun to anyone here by me.

***** Gene`s BMX *****
All Things Northwest in BMX!