A Commentary -
"Some BMXers Are Internet Idiots"


I've been to many bmx riding-related Internet discussion groups over time,
I've come to the conclusion that, "Some BMXers" are just flat out "Internet Idiots".

It really doesn't take a trained sociologist to come to this conclusion.
You can look at just about any bmx discussion board and you'll see all
kinds of things like: --

rampant homophobic remarks, racist remarks, trash talking,
(rude/foul language) pornographic photos and or links to them,
Just flat-out BS. and general ignorance and attitude problems.

Some people just do not think before they post a reply to a topic
in a bmx discussion board and some webmasters just don`t police
there bmx forum boards much and with that, all kinds of ignorance
gos on in bmx discussion boards across the world wide web. So it's
no wonder there's alot of EDU-schools, public schools, public librarys,
that have a limited-access to the world wide web and filter or black list
bmx discussion boards and bmxing topic web sites aswell.

This kind of thing has caused the shutdown of several BMX-related
discussion boards over time and not to say it give the name BMX
a not so good name on the world wide web its self.

Do people care about BMX on the world wide web? - Obviously not.

A lot of it can be attributed to youth. I'm well above the average age of the typical
message posting bmx rider. Outside of a hand full of good bmx discussion boards
there are still plenty of ignorant people posting who are old enough to either -
(a) have semi-intelligent views of life, ---OR---
(b) have something better to do. Obviously not.

Sure, I'll wager that the majority of bmx riders are good people,
that's definitely true in real-life meetings with other bmx riders.

But if anyone outside the BMX world reads these bmx discussion boards,
message boards , forums, mailing list groups and was to assumed this
was representative of all of us, as bmxers, - It's no wonder there's
little respect for the BMX world on the internet or off of the internet.

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BMX Discussion Board(s) On The Word Wide Web That Lists,
rampant homophobic remarks, racist remarks, trash talking,
(rude/foul language) pornographic photos and or links to them,
Just flat-out BS. and general ignorance and attitude problems.

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and adult materials such as pornographic photos and or links to them....


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