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Gene`s BMX Yahoo! Group is a Northwest BMX and Bicycling
News Group "Pipelined" from an array of Internet news sources.
Here you can browse or join in the lastest news from around the
BMX and Bicycling World. News Coverage from the Northwest,
With some News Clips from some BMX and Bicycling Industrys,
and from The Associated Press ( AP ) wires and Page Updates.

Gene`s BMX Welcomes you to look-browse Or join this group.
All News Message Posts are Public Archived, and are open to
the Public to view at anytime. ( RSS Feed Information below )

"The more that people knows about whats going
on in the world of BMXing today, The bigger
the sport of BMX will be for us all tomorrow".

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*Please Note*: That this is a BMX - Bicycling News Group,
This keeps on topics of BMX News and or Bicycling News,
Gene`s BMX asks for all contributors to " Only post News!"
This group is NOT a chit chat questions asking Yahoo! Group,
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Gene`s BMX Welcomes you to look-browse Or join this Group.
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Also, If you would like to post topic BMX messages, Check Out:
Pacific Northwest BMX Forums - Post or Browse BMX Happings.
Please join in and help make this forum grow. - BMX general everything.
~~ The posting is open to public on the Pacific Northwest BMX Forums. ~~

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What kind of content does Gene`s BMX Yahoo! Group provide via RSS?
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There are some other postings that are Pipelined from some other
BMX/Bicycling groups/mailing lists in to Gene`s BMX Yahoo! Group.
"If you reply to them, Your reply" will stay with in Gene`s BMX Group"
They will not see your Reply Post to them. As Pipline posts are just news
feeds from other groups and archived here at Gene`s BMX Yahoo! Group
for the BMX information they post. - So Please do not reply to News posts.

The Other BMX/Bicycling groups/mailing lists that are
Pipelined in to Gene`s BMX Yahoo! Group are from,

News Group posts + * Usenet-Newsgroup - alt.bmx | F/W Posted at times.
News Letter posts + * BMX | Bicycling AP digital Wire | Posted by Geneb - genesbmx
News Letter posts + * Contributing members Welcome, Please Help Post Some News!
News Letter posts + * ~~NOTE:
As of March 2004 alot of the Pipelined news feeds lines
have been filterd out dues to some servers filtering spam.
So most of the Pipeline news has been cut off from posting
in to Gene`s BMX Yahoo! Group, Gene`s BMX is asking
for its members to please help in Contributing and Posting
up some bmx/bicycling news. Any news is better than no news!.

Gene`s BMX can and does cross/forwards message bmx-bicycling news casts and
posts in to some of the other BMX Yahoo! Groups by topic, at times up-on-request.
Cross/Forward News By The Topic In To Other BMX Yahoo! Groups Are Feed To:

To request a BMX/Bicycling groups/mailing list to be added,
Please send a e-mail to Geneb2 (AT)
Please NOTE: Yahoo! Groups Will Not Link in to a Pipeline
feed in to each other. If anyone knows a trick on how to link
a feed - Yahoo! Group to a Yahoo! Group, Please Let me know.....

Despite Gene`s BMX best efforts of stopping spam,
Some Spam/Junk/Unwanted e-mail posts may occur,
Due to Gene`s BMX Yahoo! Group is Pipelined/Linked
to the Usenet and some other Newsgroups. Gene`s BMX
will do the best to remove spam posts off of this Yahoo!
Groups Archives. About the best thing to do, is just over
look and/or delete all unwanted e-mails that may occur.
Gene`s BMX Fight Back Against Spam Help Page

Gene`s BMX is Not responsible for posts/forwards,
and/or the editing that goes into some posts/forwards.

Other BMX/Bicycle News Groups & Mailing list can be found at:
BMX-Bicycling News - Post or Browse BMX Happings At:
Pacific Northwest BMX Forums

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