Extreme BMX Stunt Bike Game

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Extreme BMX Stunt Bike Game

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Extreme BMX Stunt Bike Game

1.Plan your 5 jumps
2.Click on your rider to begin your approach
3.Press and hold the mouse button while pedaling
down the start ramp
4.As your rider nears the beginning of the launch ramp,
click on your left mouse button and fling the mouse upward.
Then release your mouse button to launch him into the air
5.Move your cursor into any one of the 7 zones of the
screen to initiate a trick

Upper left - Back flip
Center left - Table top 360
Bottom left - T-bar spin
Down Center - Super-man
Upper right - Turn down
Center right - Suicide
Bottom right - No can-can

Please note that the back flip and two spins automatically
execute one full revolution. The others can be
held in the air for maximum effect.
For the rest of the tricks, leave your cursor
in the control zone until
your rider nears that ground. Hold the trick
as long as possible to earn extra style points.

IMPORTANT: when you fling the mouse upward to launch
your rider into the air, move it straight upward.
Any sideways motion will send him flying off at an angle.
Land exactly in the center of the landing ramp
for a perfect landing score.

Each game consists of 3 runs through a course of 5 jumps.
Each jump is scored in 3 parts: AIR, STYLE,
and LANDING. Your AIR score is for height and distance.
Your STYLE score is based on the timing,
difficulty and originality o the trick.
Your LANDING score is judged on how close
you land to the center of the landing ramp.

The AIR, STYLE and LANDING scores for all 5 jumps
are averaged to give total scores for the run.
The 9 averages are added to yield the final TOTAL SCORE.
Should you average a TOTAL SCORE of 750 points or more,
you will automatically enter into the Championship round,
where you will be faced to hurdle over 3 death defying jumps,
while avoiding such natural obstacles as a shooting geyser
and an erupting volcano. If you are struck and
do not survive any one of these 3 jumps,
your game will end and you will need to start
from the beginning of the race.

TO SUBMIT: your score to the posted High Score list,
make sure you use the Quit button within the game.
After hitting Quit you'll receive a submission form
if you qualify for a High Score.

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