2020 BMX Olympics Information
Tokyo, Japan

The Fast And Furious Sport Of BMX - Will Be Making Its Forth Olympic Appearance
At Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games On July 24th, 2020 to August 09th 2020 In Tokyo, Japan
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In The Sport Of BMX: - We All Come From Unique Places. With Unique Ways Of
Looking At The World. We Don`t Always Agree. - But For A Few Shinning Weeks,
We Sit It All Aside. We Come Together To Stand And Cheer And Celebrate As One.
We Forget All The Things That Make Us Different And Remember All Of The Things
That Makes Us The Same. Its The Olympic Games - BMX, Come Together In Sport.


Information And Link Sources: 2020 Tokyo Olympics BMX:

The Games Of The 32nd Olympiad:
The Tokyo Olympic Games Starts On July 24th, 2020 And Runs Until August 09th, 2020.

* www.tokyo2020.jp + ( * www.tokyo2020.jp/en )

* https://tokyo2020.jp/en/games/venue/olympic = 14 Cycling (BMX) Olympic BMX Course.
The BMX events will take place at the temporary Olympic BMX Course in Ariake as originally specified.

* Tokyo 2020 Olympic Competition Schedule: = schedule is subject to change.
July 24th, 2020:- Opening Ceremonies Olympic Stadium.
* July 30th, 2020:- 10:00 - 12:00 - Cycling/BMX Racing (Men/Women) Quarter Finals - Ariake Urban Sports Park.
* July 31st, 2020:- 10:00 - 12:20 - Cycling/BMX Racing (Men/Women) Semi Finals/Final - Ariake Urban Sports Park.
* August 01st, 2020:- 10:10 - 12:20 - Cycling/BMX Freestyle (Men/Women) - Ariake Urban Sports Park.
* August 02nd, 2020:- 10:10 - 12:45 - Cycling/BMX Freestyle (Men/Women) Final - Ariake Urban Sports Park.
August 09th, 2020:- Closing Ceremonies Olympic Stadium.

* www.olympic.org + * www.olympic.org/Cycling-BMX
* www.olympicchannel.com + * www.olympicchannel.com/en/sports/cycling-bmx

* www.uci.ch + UCI BMX Racing + UCI BMX Freestyle.

* UCI BMX Racing: Tokyo 2020 Qualification System.PDF = .PDF File.
* UCI BMX Freestyle: Tokyo 2020 Qualification System.PDF = .PDF File.

******* UCI BMX Racing Olympic Ranking Points Events For The 2020 Tokyo Olympics:
* 09/29-30/2018 - UCI BMX Supercross World Cup Rounds 7 & 8 - Santiago Del Estero, Argentina.
* 10/06-18/2018 - Youth Olympic Games - Buenos Aires, Argentina.
* 04/27-28/2019 - UCI BMX Supercross World Cup Rounds 1 & 2 - Manchester, UK.
* 05/11–12/2019 - UCI BMX Supercross World Cup Rounds 3 & 4 - Papendal, Netherlands.
* 06/08-09/2019 - UCI BMX Supercross World Cup Rounds 5 & 6 - Saint-Quentin, France.
* 07/23-28/2019 - UCI BMX World Championships - Zolder, Belgium + YT Video.
* 07/26 to 08/11/2019 - Pan American Games - Lima, Peru.
* 09/14-15/2019 - UCI BMX Supercross World Cup Rounds 7 & 8 - Rock Hill, South Carolina USA.
* 09/28-29/2019 - UCI BMX Supercross World Cup Rounds 9 & 10 - Santiago Del Estero, Argentina.
* 10/12-13/2019 - Tokyo 2020 Test Event BMX - Ready Steady Tokyo. + Tokyo, Japan.
* 02/01-02/2020 - UCI BMX Supercross World Cup Rounds 1 & 2 - Shepparton, Australia + News.
* 02/08-09/2020 - UCI BMX Supercross World Cup Rounds 3 & 4 - Bathurst, Australia + News.
* 04/18-19/2020 - UCI BMX Supercross World Cup Rounds 5 & 6 - Manchester, UK.
* 05/02–03/2020 - UCI BMX Supercross World Cup Rounds 7 & 8 - Papendal, Netherlands.
* 05/16-17/2020 - UCI BMX Supercross World Cup Rounds 9 & 10 - Rock Hill, South Carolina USA.
* 05/26-31/2020 - UCI BMX World Championships - Houston, Texas USA + FB.

* www.teamusa.org

* www.usacycling.org | * www.usacycling.org/BMX | * www.usacycling.org/Olympics

* www.nbc olympics.com | * www.nbc olympics.com/Cycling

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* 2016 BMX Olympics Information Page - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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2020 Tokyo Olympics BMX News Down Below: By Date New To Old.
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05-12-2019- * UCI BMX Supercross World Cup Rounds #03-&-#04 - Papendal, Netherlands May 11th - 12th, 2019.
WC Round #03 Winners: Women Elite:- Judy Baauw -and- Men Elite:- Niek Kimmann.
WC Round #04 Winners: Women Elite:- Laura Smulders -and- Men Elite:- Niek Kimmann.

* YouTube Videos Playlist: - UCI BMX Supercross World Cup # 03-&-04 In Papendal, Netherlands.

05-13-2019: * Cycling New Zealand:- BMX Riders Miss Out After Strong Start At WC.
05-13-2019: * New Zealand Herald:- Walker Leads Kiwi Contingent At Supercross World Cup.
05-12-2019: * Inside The Games:- Kimmann Records Second Straight Win As Smulders Returns.
05-12-2019: * BMX Australia:- Reynolds And Sakakibara Take On Worlds Best In BMX Final.
05-12-2019: * BMX Racing Group:- Chase BMX Race Report UCI BMX Supercross World Cup.
05-12-2019: * USOC + Team USA:- Alise Willoughby Races To 2 BMX World Cup Podium Finishes.
05-12-2019: * British Cycling:- Kye Whyte Leads British Charge In Papendal Netherlands.
05-12-2019: * Cycling New Zealand:- Walker Banks More Important BMX Qualifying Points.
05-12-2019: * Craig Dutton Photos:- 2019 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup R-4 Papendal.
05-11-2019: * Inside The Games:- Dutch Riders Dominate Opening Day UCI BMX Supercross WC.
05-11-2019: * BMX Australia:- Kai Sakakibara Shines In Papendal Netherlands.
05-11-2019: * Craig Dutton Photos:- 2019 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup R-3 Papendal.
05-11-2019: * Pridex Pool Photos:- 2019 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup R-3-4 Papendal.
05-10-2019: * Inside The Games:- BMX Supercross World Cup Season Set To Resume In Papendal.
05-10-2019: * UCI News:- Live 2019 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup In Papendal.
05-10-2019: * Cycling New Zealand:- Kiwi Trio Looking To Build On Strong BMX Star In Papendal.
05-09-2019: * UCI News:- BMX Racing Delivering Great Returns On Investment In Papendal.
05-08-2019: * BMX Australia:- Matt Krasevskis And His UCI BMX World Cup Fever.
05-07-2019: * BMX Australia:- BMX National Champions Take On World Cup In Papendal, Netherlands.
05-00-2019: * UCI BMX Supercross World Cup Papendal, Netherlands Competition Guide.PDF = .PDF File.
05-00-2019: * Note: - This WC Is A BMX Olympic Ranking Points Event For The 2020 Tokyo Olympics.
05-00-2019: * Results For UCI BMX Supercross WC In Papendal, Netherlands: * www.bmx-results.com

05-09-2019 - * The Associated Press (AP):- Olympic Ticket Lottery Opens In Japan; Foreign Sales June 15.
Residents of Japan began entering a ticket lottery on Thursday, hoping to land seats for next years Tokyo Olympics.
People overseas will have to wait until June 15 when tickets are put on sale by special distributors in each country
known as Authorized Ticket Resellers. - Also Via:- The International Olympic Committee ( IOC ) -&- Tokyo 2020.
Also See:- Tokyo 2020 Authorised Ticket Reseller List And For United States of America: * www.cosport.com

04-28-2019- * UCI BMX Supercross World Cup Rounds #01-&-#02 - Manchester, UK April 27th - 28th, 2019.
WC Round #01 Winners: Women Elite:- Tetsche Simone Christensen -and- Men Elite:- Joris Daudet.
WC Round #02 Winners: Women Elite:- Manon Valention -and- Men Elite:- Kye Whyte.

* YouTube Videos Playlist: - UCI BMX Supercross World Cup # 01-&-02 In Manchester, UK.

04-28-2019: * Cycling New Zealand:- Sarah Walker Excited After BMX Final In Manchester.
04-28-2019: * Rotorua, New Zealand:- Rotoruas Sarah Walker Starts Strongly At World Cup.
04-28-2019: * Inside The Games:- Whyte Claims First UCI BMX Supercross World Cup Title.
04-28-2019: * BMX Australia:- Australias Eye Opener In Second Round Of BMX World Cup.
04-28-2019: * British Cycling:- Kye Whyte Secures Maiden World Cup 2 Win In Manchester.
04-28-2019: * Craig Dutton Photos:- 2019 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup R-2 Manchester.
04-27-2019: * BRG:- Joris Daudet Wins Day 1 Of The UCI BMX Supercross World Cup.
04-27-2019: * Inside The Games:- French Sweep Board In Season-Opening UCI BMX Supercross WC.
04-27-2019: * Cycling New Zealand:- Walker Starts Strongly And Smith Makes Quarters In BMX WC.
04-27-2019: * Radio New Zealand:- Sarah Walker Narrowly Misses Final In Manchester.
04-27-2019: * Western Australia:- Bunburys Reynolds Places Seventh In World Cup Return.
04-27-2019: * BMX Australia:- Lauren Reynolds Makes First World Cup Final For 2019.
04-27-2019: * British Cycling:- Sharrock Stars For Britain As Daudet And Christensen Take Honours.
04-27-2019: * Craig Dutton Photos:- 2019 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup R-1 Manchester.
04-26-2019: * Inside The Games:- Manchester Ready To Host UCI BMX Supercross Season Opener.
04-26-2019: * NZ City New Zealand:- Sarah Walker Is Hopeful Of A Strong Showing At BMX WC.
04-25-2019: * Cycling New Zealand:- BMX World Cup Season Kicks Off In The UK For Kiwi Riders.
04-24-2019: * BMX Australia:- Lauren Reynolds Ready For Solo World Cup Challenge.
04-24-2019: * BMX Australia:- Brandon Te Hiko Throws Down World Cup Gauntlet.
04-23-2019: * British Cycling:- The Best BMX Riders In The World Descend On Manchester UK.
04-22-2019: * UCI News:- 2019 UCI BMX SX World Cup Season Opener, Manchester, England.
04-22-2019: * BMX Australia:- The 2019 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup Season Preview.
04-18-2019: * Northern Life Mag UK:- BMX Kye Whyte Has High Medal Hopes For The Olympics.
04-09-2019: * BRG:- Chase Bicycles An Official Sponsor Of The UCI BMX Supercross World Cup.
04-09-2019: * British Cycling:- Team Programme Riders Confirmed For UCI BMX Supercross WC.
03-17-2019: * British Cycling:- BMX Riders Get A Taste Of Manchester Ahead Of Supercross WC.
10-18-2018: * British Cycling:- Tickets On Sale For Manchester Rounds UCI BMX Supercross WC.
10-02-2018: * British Cycling:- UCI BMX Supercross World Cup To Return To Manchester UK.
04-00-2019: * UCI BMX Supercross World Cup Manchester, UK Competition Guide.PDF = .PDF File.
04-00-2019: * Note: - This WC Is A BMX Olympic Ranking Points Event For The 2020 Tokyo Olympics.
04-00-2019: * Results For UCI BMX Supercross WC In Manchester, UK: * www.bmx-results.com

04-21-2019 - * IOC News:- Pajon Eyes Tokyo As She Continues To Rewrite The History Books.
Mariana Pajón made history when she won gold in the BMX at Rio 2016, as she became Colombias first double
Olympic champion. Now Pajón has her sights on a third Olympic Games at Tokyo 2020, despite only recently
returning to the saddle after nine months out with a serious knee ligament injury.

04-21-2019 - * USOC + Team USA:- Hannah Roberts Opens BMX Park World Cup Season With A Win In Hiroshima.
The 2019 UCI BMX Freestyle World Cup series got underway this weekend in Hiroshima, Japan, and Hannah Roberts
found herself back in a familiar spot. The 17-year-old from Buchanan, Michigan, whos long been one of the top
BMX freestyle park competitors in the world, repeated as champion with 91.25 points in Sundays final.

04-18-2019 - * IOC News:- Tokyo 2020 Launches Official Ticket Website, Lottery To Begin On 9 May.
The time has come to start planning your Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games experience. Building on the release
of the detailed competition schedule, its time to tackle the ticketing process so you can map your adventure.
Different strokes for different folks. --- Tokyo 2020 + Inside The Games.

04-16-2019 - * IOC News:- Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Detailed Events Schedule Announced.
Tokyo 2020 today announced the order of events for each sporting session at next summers Olympic
Games. Featuring a record 33 sports and 339 events, there will be more opportunities than ever to go
to the Games and watch world-class athletes in action. -- Tokyo 2020 + Inside The Games.

04-11-2019 - * UCI News:- UCI BMX Freestyle World Cup Action Kicks Off In Hiroshima.
The 2019 UCI BMX Freestyle World Cup gets under way in Hiroshima, Japan, on 19-21 April with Park
and Flatland on the programme. Olympic qualifying has started for the Park riders and Japan has a big
chunk of points waiting for the athletes. If there is one country that has a lot of Flatland riders, its Japan.

04-02-2019 - * IOC:- Tokyo 2020 Unveils Mascot Images Representing Olympic Sports And Disciplines.

The Tokyo Organising Committee for the Olympic Games (Tokyo 2020) has unveiled images of the Tokyo 2020
Olympic mascot, Miraitowa, in a wide variety of poses, each representing one of the 33 Olympic sports + BMX.

03-19-2019 - * Canberra, Australia:- Caroline Buchanans Injury Wait Almost Over As Tokyo Olympics Nears.
Two-time Olympian Caroline Buchanan will have scans on her reconstructed sternum this week in the hope
of being cleared to jump back on to her bike and restart her Tokyo mission. Buchanan hopes to race again
at the Tokyo test event in October and four World Cup qualifying rounds at the start of next year.

03-14-2019 - * London UK BBC:- Beth Shriever: BMX Rider Turns To Crowdfunding In 2020 Olympics Bid.
British BMX rider Beth Shriever says it is worrying she needs to crowdfund £50,000 in a bid to compete
at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. The 19-year-old from Essex does not receive funding from British Cycling.

03-12-2019 - * Inside The Games:- Tokyo 2020 Unveil Sport Pictograms For Olympic Games To Mark 500 Days.

Tokyo 2020 have unveiled the official sport pictograms for next years Olympic Games to mark the 500 days to go
countdown. Organisers state the pictograms are in line with their promise of innovation from harmony, with the
designs aimed at subtly highlighting the characteristics and athleticism of each sport. - * IOC:- 2020 Pictograms.

03-08-2019 - * USA Cycling:- Team USA To Tokyo 2020.
USA Cycling has an ambitious goal for the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo: win more medals than ever. How does
it plan to accomplish this goal? The governing body must identify the American cyclists with the best chances of
international success. How does USA Cycling pick its Olympians? Its a tougher challenge than you might think.

02-21-2019 - * Oldsmar, Florida USA:- BMX Pro Andre LaCroix Eyes 2020 Summer Olympic Games In Tokyo.
When 21-year-old BMX pro Andre LaCroix puts pedal to the metal and jumpstarts his 2019 season this weekend,
hell be doing so in his hometown at Oldsmar BMX. Oldsmar BMX is hosting the 2019 Gator Nationals. Up for grabs
will be the first of two opportunities to qualify for the world championships. Every single point counts.

02-14-2019 - * Australian Olympic Committee:- BMX Freestyle Ramp Up Olympic Prep With Visit To Cycling HQ.
With the Olympic debut of BMX Freestyle Park now less than 18 months away, Australias Logan Martin and Brandon
Loupos have ramped up their preparations with a visit to the Australian Cycling Team Headquarters in Adelaide.

02-12-2019 - * Sydney, Australia:- Sakakibara Siblings The Wheel Deal As BMX Stars Track Towards Tokyo.
Should either of the Sakakibara siblings, Saya and Kai, find themselves atop a podium at the Tokyo Olympic
Games, Australia should be doubly thankful. They could just as easily have been competing for the host nation.
BMX pedal powers Kai and Saya Sakakibara will represent Australia at the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.

02-07-2019 - * USA Cycling:- Announces Athlete Selection Criteria For 2020 Olympics- BMX Freestyle and Racing.
USA Cycling announced today the process that will select the 2020 Olympic Team for the exciting discipline of
BMX Racing, now in its fourth Olympic Games, and the new Olympic discipline of BMX Freestyle. The organization
has published the Athlete Selection Criteria for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo for BMX Freestyle and Racing.
The selection criteria for the 2020 Olympic Games can be found here: * BMX Freestyle.PDF -&- * BMX Racing.PDF

01-23-2019 - * Tokyo 2020:- Tokyo 2020s Test Events To Be Branded "READY STEADY TOKYO".
Notes:- READY STEADY TOKYO - Cycling (BMX Racing) 12-13 Oct. 2019 Ariake Urban Sports Park.
The Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic & Paralympic Games --ASWELL-- READY STEADY
TOKYO Cycling (BMX Freestyle) Apr. 2020 (TBC) Ariake Urban Sports Park.

01-22-2019 - * ISTG:- New Zealand Olympic Committee Announces ISPS Handa As Charity Partner For Tokyo 2020.
The partnership will help take the New Zealand team to Tokyo 2020, with the organisations also set to work together
on social-good projects in Japan. The event also marked a shift in focus towards Tokyo 2020, at which wore than 200
athletes from New Zealand are expected to compete. Sarah Walker, an Olympic silver medallist in BMX cycling and
International Olympic Committee Athletes Commission member, claimed it is fantastic to be looking forward to Tokyo.

01-06-2019 - * Canberra, Australia:- Why Caroline Buchanan Is Still Smiling 12 Months After Horrific Crash.
Winning selection for the Tokyo Olympic Games is 2020 is still firmly on her radar and is the No. 1 goal.
But until she is cleared to resume light training at the end of March, everything is about small steps. Im
not thinking anything beyond this healing, and then Ill reset some goals so I dont rush too far ahead of myself.

12-31-2018 - * New Zealand Herald:- BMX Olympic Dream Alive For Sarah Walker.
2019 will be a massive year for Sarah Walker if she is to qualify for another Olympics. At 30 years of age she
still believes she can return to the top of the sport and has her sights firmly set on the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

12-12-2018 - * Inside The Games:- Focus Shifts To Tokyo 2020 As New Zealand Olympic Committee Holds Dinner.
The best of New Zealands sporting community gathered in Auckland for the 2018 New Zealand Olympic Committee
(NZOC) Gala Dinner. Olympic medal winner in BMX cycling and International Olympic Committee Athletes Commission
member Sarah Walker claimed it is fantastic to be looking forward to Tokyo 2020.

12-05-2018 - * USOC + Team USA:- After Winning BMX Freestyle World Title Perris Benegas Ready To Ride.
After Winning BMX Freestyle World Title, Team USAs Perris Benegas Ready To Ride To Event’s Olympic Debut:
Benegas focus on the next goal, which is to compete at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 - which will be the first time
BMX freestyle park is held as an Olympic event. Beyond the Tokyo Games in 2020, perhaps Benegas could also go
on to compete in the 2024 Olympics in Paris, which has the same name as her, just a different spelling. She will be 29.

12-05-2018 - * Inside The Games:- UCI President Impressed By Tokyo 2020 Venues After Visit To Capital.
International Cycling Union (UCI) President David Lappartient has declared himself impressed with the venues for
Tokyo 2020 after visiting the Japanese capital and the city of Izu. Lappartient visited the velodrome after spending
time in Tokyo, where he spent time assessing preparations for the BMX races and freestyle events in Ariake. The
BMX venue, for both racing and freestyle, in Ariake is compact and very well situated, on the edge of Tokyo Bay.
The BMX events will be held at a purpose-built temporary facility at Ariake in the centre of Tokyo with 5,000 seats.
BMX freestyle will debut at the Games, having been approved as a new discipline by the IOC last year.

12-01-2018: * Japan Times:- IOC Leader Thomas Bach Speaks Out On Many Issues.
International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach said the organization is still reviewing multiple
proposals concerning the possibility of extreme heat during the 2020 Summer Games in Tokyo. There are
also proposals about altering the start times of the BMX and rugby competitions.

11-30-2018: * Around The Rings:- Tours Bring 2020 Venues Into Focus For NOCs.
Quote:- On a day so clear Mount Fuji was visible, NOC visitors got a good look at Tokyo 2020 venues.
The future site of cycling BMX and skateboarding, the Ariake Urban Sports Park, is a field of dirt.

11-11-2018: * UCI News:- USAs Benegas and Dowell Crowned UCI BMX Freestyle World Champions.
The USA riders picked up the last two gold medals on offer as the 2018 UCI Urban Cycling World Championships
reached their conclusion in Chengdu (CHN) on Sunday, with Perris Benegas winning the Womens Elite BMX
Freestyle crown and the 18-year-old Justin Dowell collecting the Mens. You Can Also See More News Via This
Event At:- USA Cycling, - USOC + Team USA, - Inside The Games.

11-05-2018: * UCI News:- UCI BMX Freestyle Park and Flatland World Cup: Overall Winners Crowned In Chengdu.
The fourth and final round of the UCI BMX Freestyle Park and Flatland World Cup saw the overall winners crowned
in the Chinese city of Chengdu. For the third consecutive year, Hannah Roberts is the overall winner of the womens
UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Cup. The American finished second in the Chengdu round which saw victory go to
Germanys Lara Lessman, 18, who recently won gold at the 2018 Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Lessman finishes the World Cup season in second place overall.

Youth Olympic Games (YOG) In Buenos Aires, Argentina On October 06th - 18th, 2018.
YOG BMX Race Winners: Women Junior:- Zoe Claessens -and- Men Junior:- Edvards Glazers.
YOG BMX Freestyle Winners: Women Junior:- Lara Marie Lessmann -and- Men Junior:- Inaki Iriartes.

10-18-2018 - * Inside The Games:- Buenos Aires 2018 Closed As Flag Passed To African Host.
A short and compact Closing Ceremony which broke from tradition brought the curtain down on the 2018
Summer Youth Olympic Games as the flag was passed to the first African host of an Olympic event here
tonight. The third edition of the Summer Youth Olympics was declared closed by IOC President Thomas
Bach at the conclusion of a ceremony which lasted for just over 45 minutes. - Also See:
IOC + YOG News:- * Curtain Comes Down On A Record-Breaking Buenos Aires 2018.

10-12-2018: * UCI News:- YOG Hosts Argentina Shares BMX Freestyle Gold With Germany.
BMX Freestyle burst onto the Olympic scene with its debut at the Youth Olympic Games (YOG) taking place
in Buenos Aires, Argentina, October 6-18. On the programme for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, the new young
discipline was showcased to large crowds in the Argentinean capitals Urban Park. Organised as a team event
(comprising one man and one woman) for the YOG, the BMX Freestyle competition saw the scores of both team
members added together to calculate the ranking.

10-12-2018 - * IOC + YOG:- Day 5: Whats Been Happening At The YOG.
Performance of the Day:- Competing in an individual sport like BMX freestyle means you usually dont get
to experience being part of a team. But the unique format of the YOG event gave athletes the chance to compete
together as part of mixed-gender teams. It was a format that Germanys Lara Lessmann found enjoyable.

10-11-2018 - * Inside The Games:- Hosts Share BMX Freestyle Park Gold With Germany.
Hosts Argentina shared BMX Freestyle Park gold with Germany as the discipline debuted at the Buenos
Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games here today. BMX Freestyle Park will make its Olympic debut at Tokyo
2020 with individual events, but a team format was devised for the Youth Olympics. Scores from the
individual mens and womens finals were added to give teams a total score in the competition.

10-11-2018 - * IOC + YOG:- Argentina and Germany Share Mixed BMX Freestyle Park Gold.
Mixed BMX Freestyle Park made an Olympic debut to remember as the Argentinian pair of Agustina Roth
and Inaki Iriartes shared the gold with Germanys Lara Lessmann and Evan Brandes on day five of the Youth
Olympic Games Buenos Aires 2018. BMX Freestyle Park will be making its full Olympic debut at Tokyo 2020,
and judging by the large crowds that flocked to the Urban Park, the quality of the riding, and the events popularity
with younger generations, it should prove a huge success on the big stage.

10-11-2018: * YouTube Live Video:- Day 05: BMX Freestyle Youth Olympic Games 2018 Buenos Aires.

10-11-2018: * Flickr Photos:- Youth Olympic Games BMX Freestyle In Buenos Aires, Argentina.
10-10-2018: * Flickr Photos:- Youth Olympic Games BMX Freestyle In Buenos Aires, Argentina 02.
10-10-2018: * Flickr Photos:- Youth Olympic Games BMX Freestyle In Buenos Aires, Argentina 01.

10-10-2018 - * IOC + YOG:- BMX Freestyle Made Its Youth Olympic Debut.
The spectacular track at Urban Park was finally inaugurated on Wednesday, when audacious bikers showed a
new Olympic discipline to the world: BMX Freestyle had its junior debut at Buenos Aires 2018. The sport will
also be included in the senior Olympic programme at Tokyo 2020.

10-09-2018 - * IOC + YOG:- Athletes Declaration Officially Endorsed By The IOC Session.
The International Olympic Committee (IOC) adopted the Athletes Rights and Responsibilities Declaration
Athletes Declaration during the second day of the Session in Buenos Aires on 9 October. This ground-breaking
document was formed following an extensive process that gathered the views and opinions of more than 4,200
elite athletes from 190 countries. The initiative has been led by a Steering Committee, chaired by Olympian
and BMX racer Sarah Walker.

10-08-2018 - * IOC + YOG:- Its Time For Africa - See You In Senegal.
The fourth edition of the Summer Youth Olympic Games 2022 (YOG) will be held in Dakar, Senegal. The decision
was unanimously taken today by a show of hands from the full International Olympic Committee (IOC) membership
during the IOC Session in Buenos Aires. This is the first time the Youth Olympic Games will be organised in Africa.

10-08-2018 - * IOC + YOG:- Olympic Gold Is No Longer An Impossible Dream BMX Freestyle.
BMX freestyle champion Logan Martin (AUS) shows why his sport should be a soaraway success on its Olympic
debut at Tokyo 2020. During his performance at the Urban Park on Sunday, the Australian wowed the crowd with
a set of tricks, as he flipped his way round the BMX freestyle track.

10-07-2018 - * IOC + YOG:- Russian Duo Take Mixed BMX Racing Team Honours In Buenos Aires, Argentina YOG.
Russias Varvara Ovchinnikova and Ilia Beskrovnyy won gold in an enthralling mixed BMX team competition at the
Youth Olympic Games Buenos Aires 2018 on Sunday. Completing the podium behind them were Switzerlands Kevin
Schunck and Zoe Claessens in second, and Juan Camilo Ramirez Valencia and Gabriela Bolle Carrillo of Colombia third.

* YouTube Videos Playlist: - 2018 Youth Olympic Games BMX In Buenos Aires, Argentina.

10-07-2018: * UCI News:- Buenos Aires 2018: BMX Opens Cycling Events At The YOG.
10-07-2018: * Craig Dutton Photos:- Youth Olympic Games BMX Race In Buenos Aires, Argentina.
10-07-2018: * Flickr Photos:- Youth Olympic Games BMX Race + Freestyle In Buenos Aires, Argentina.
10-07-2018: * Flickr Photos:- Youth Olympic Games BMX Race In Buenos Aires, Argentina.
10-07-2018: * Cycling New Zealand:- Mixed Emotions For BMX Team At Youth Olympics.
10-07-2018: * Preston, UK:- BMX Race Ace Ross Cullen Finished 10th At Youth Olympics.
10-07-2018: * ISTG:- Russia Makes Successful Start To Buenos Aires 2018 With Five Golds.
10-06-2018: * ISTG:- Britain BMX Champion To Carry Flag At Buenos Aires Opening Ceremony.
10-06-2018: * IOC + YOG:- Skateboarding And BMX Superstars To Heat Up Buenos Aires.
10-00-2018: * 2018 Youth Olympic Games Website: * Info: Cycling:- BMX Schedule & Results.
10-00-2018: * 2018 Youth Olympic Games Website: * Info: Cycling:- BMX Racing Track.
10-00-2018: * 2018 Youth Olympic Games Website: * Info: Cycling:- BMX Racing & BMX Freestyle.
10-00-2018: * 2018 Youth Olympic Games Website: * https://www.buenosaires2018.com

10-01-2018 - * UCI BMX Supercross World Cup #07-&-#08 Santiago Del Estero, Argentina Sept. 29th-30th, 2018.
WC Round #07 Winners: Women Elite:- Laura Smulders -and- Men Elite:- Corben Sharrah.
WC Round #08 Winners:Women Elite:- Saya Sakakibara -and- Men Elite:- Joris Daudet

* YouTube Videos Playlist: - UCI BMX Supercross World Cup # 07-&-08 Santiago Del Estero, Argentina.

10-01-2018: * USA Cycling:- U.S. Riders Earn Six World Cup Medals Over The Weekend.
10-01-2018: * BMX Racing Group:- Joris Daudet Wins UCI BMX Supercross World Cup Finals.
10-01-2018: * Cycling Canada:- Mechielsen Finishes BMX World Cup 8th Overall.
09-30-2018: * UCI News:- UCI BMX Supercross World Cup Chronicle Santiago Del Estero Argentina.
09-30-2018: * ISTG:- Daudet Triumphs At UCI BMX Supercross World Cup In Argentina.
09-30-2018: * USOC + Team USA:- Two-Time Olympian Alise Willoughby Closes BMX Season.
09-30-2018: * Cycling New Zealand:- Walker Buoyed By Return To Form At Final UCI BMX WC.
09-30-2018: * New Zealand Herald:- BMX: Sarah Walker Watches Brutal Crash Before Finishing 8th.
09-30-2018: * BMX Australia:- Sakakibara Beats Home World Champions To Win Gold.
09-30-2018: * British Cycling:- Deja Vu For Whyte As He Makes 2nd World Cup Final In Many Days.
09-30-2018: * Craig Dutton Photos:- 2018 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup R-8 Santiago.
09-30-2018: * YouTube Live Video Feed:- 2018 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup R-8 Santiago.
09-29-2018: * ISTG:- Smulders Secures Further UCI BMX Supercross World Cup Success.
09-29-2018: * USOC + Team USA:- Team USA With Three Medals Finishes At BMX World Cup.
09-29-2018: * New Zealand Stuff:- BMXer Sarah Walker Score BMX Supercross World Cup Podium.
09-29-2018: * Cycling New Zealand:- Walker Fights Back From Adversity To Score WC BMX Podium.
09-29-2018: * BMX Australia:- Sakakibaras Medal Hopes Dashed By American Rider At BMX World Cup.
09-29-2018: * British Cycling:- Whyte Makes BMX Supercross World Cup Final In Argentina.
09-29-2018: * Craig Dutton Photos:- 2018 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup R-7 Santiago.
09-29-2018: * YouTube Live Video Feed:- 2018 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup R-7 Santiago.
09-28-2018: * ISTG:- Santiago del Estero Hosts Final Two Rounds Of BMX Supercross World Cup Season.
09-28-2018: * UCI News:- Watch The 2018 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup In Santiago del Estero.
09-26-2018: * BMX Australia:- Sakakibara Leads Aussies Into BMX Supercross Showdown.
09-25-2018: * Langley, B.C. Canada:- BMX Racing Takes Langley Barista To World Cup In Argentina.
09-24-2018: * British Cycling:- Great Britain Cycling Team For Round 7 And 8 UCI BMX Supercross WC.
09-21-2018: * Maple Ridge, B.C. Canada:- Pitt Meadows BMX Racer Competes In Argentina.
09-20-2018: * Cycling Canada:- Cycling Canada Sends Five Riders To Final BMX World Cup Argentina.
09-00-2018: * UCI BMX Supercross World Cup Santiago Del Estero, Argentina Competition Guide.PDF = .PDF File.
09-00-2018: * UCI BMX Supercross In Santiago Del Estero Official Website:- ( http://www.bmxargentina.com ).
09-00-2018: * Note: - This WC Is A BMX Olympic Ranking Points Event For The 2020 Tokyo Olympics.
09-00-2018: * Results For UCI BMX Supercross In Santiago Del Estero, Argentina: * www.bmx-results.com

09-14-2018 - * Bathurst, Australia:- Adam Carey Has A Spot On Australias Team For The Tokyo 2020 Olympics.
Over three years ago, there was a moment when Adam Carey looked like he would never rider a bike again after
a horror crash. But now Carey is about to compete in the highest-level BMX event in Asia and has a spot on
Australias team for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics in mind.

09-12-2018 - * Calgary, Alberta Canada:- 38-Year-Old Mother Of 3 Has Olympic Ambitions In BMX Freestyle.
A 38-year-old Calgary mother of three has her eye on the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo competing in BMX
freestyle and shes been doing the sport for only a year. A longtime mountain biker and volleyball enthusiast,
Nychka says she got the freestyle BMX bug relatively recently.

09-07-2018 - * Cycling New Zealand:- Cycling New Zealand Rolls Out BMX Programming Discussion Paper.
The discussion paper is the product of consultation with coaches, athletes and officials in the New Zealand
BMX community, as well analysis work done internally to assess Tokyo 2020 medal chances based on the
Olympic qualification process. The paper can be accessed here.PDF

09-07-2018 - * BMX Australia:- Aussies Take On World In China.
A score of Aussie riders have set their sights on the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and their path to
qualifying begins next weekend at 2018 Qiansen Trophy in Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia, China.
Qualification points at the first major event since 2020 qualification period began on September 1.

09-05-2018 - * Inside The Games:- Tokyo 2020 Hosts Venue Tour As Part Of World Press Briefing.
Tokyo 2020 has today hosted a venue tour as part of the ongoing World Press Briefing (WPB) here in Japans capital.
Completing the list of 15 was the Olympic BMX Course and the Tatsumi International Swimming Centre for water polo.

09-04-2018 - * Jakarta, Indonesia:- Filipina BMX Rider Sienna Fines Eyes Olympic Dream.
The 19-year-old BMX rookie calls out for support as she bids to qualify to the 2020 Olympics.
With the Olympic dream right in front of her, Sienna Fines will risk everything for it – even
if its something as important to her as education. I have on my time to making the 2020 Games

09-01-2018 - * Louisville, KY USA:- USA BMX Derby City Cup Returns to E.P. Tom Sawyer State Park.
This weekends event is for amateurs, professionals and former Olympians who are taking their shot at
qualifying for Tokyo 2020. Saturday also marked the beginning of trials around the world for countries
wanting to make the Olympic team.-- Also See:- Joris wins both days at USA BMX Derby City Nationals.

08-30-2018 - * Cycling South Africa:- Manqobas Sights Set On Tokyo.
Manqoba says that the biggest influence in getting him to where he is today is the people around him.
Theyve been supporting me by all means and making sure that I’m in the right position to become a
professional athlete. If it wasn’t for the bicycle I wouldn’t be where I am today and Im doing everything
can right now to make it to Tokyo.

08-29-2018 - * Sydney, Australia:- Caroline Buchanan Opens Up As Olympic Journey Begins.
But the eight-time world champion is back on her bike and back to her winning ways, convincing
her shes ready to set her sights on the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020 and the world championships.

07-24-2018 - * USOC + Team USA:- A Complete Look At New Sports And Events For Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.
Quote:- Cycling: BMX racing was introduced at the Beijing Games in 2008, but BMX park, which is contested
at X Games and on the UCI world cup circuit, makes its debut in 2020. A park course is used for both skate
boarding and BMX, and resembles an empty, irregularly-shaped swimming pool. Riders have three timed runs
to put together their best routine for the judges.

07-24-2018 - * IOC News:- Tokyo Illuminated By Two-Years-To-Go Celebration.
As a part of the lively celebrations to mark two years to go until the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, thousands of
people gathered in the Japanese capital city to try Olympic sports and light up the night sky in the colours
of the Olympic rings. Throughout the day, attendees had the opportunity to participate in several different events.

07-06-2018 - * South Bend, Indiana USA:- South Bend Teen Rises To Top In BMX, Olympics In Sight.
The next potential star for USA Cycling in the Summer Games is getting ready for her senior year of high
school. The 16-year-old Roberts, already one of the best BMX freestyle riders in the world, is helping
blaze a trail for women in the Olympics.

07-05-2018 - * Perth, Australia:- Reynolds Returns Home With An Eye On Tokyo.
Despite being on the international stage for almost a decade, Bunbury BMX star Lauren Reynolds believes
her best is yet to come. Reynolds admits she has one eye on her third Olympic Games, with the Tokyo games
just over two years away.

06-25-2018 - * Tucson, Arizona USA:- Local Olympian Takes Part In Sports Park BMX Event.
Corben Sharrah, who competed in the 2016 Olympic games, is training for the 2020 games in Tokyo.
He was at Sports Park BMX for their Olympic games event where kids could get autographs from Sharrah.

06-21-2018 - * Union Cycliste Internationale UCI News:- The Management Committee Approves Agenda 2022.
Quote:- Changes with UCI World Championships and Authorise disc brakes for road and BMX Racing, as of 1st
July this year. Finally, the competition formats for BMX Racing and BMX Freestyle Park at the Tokyo 2020
Olympic Games were approved.

06-19-2018 - * Tokyo 2020:- Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo Overlay Work (No.17) Olympic BMX Course.
Overlay construction works at Olympic BMX Course (Tokyo) Tender Briefing Also See ( .PDF File. )

04-23-2018 - * British Cycling:- British Cycling Introduces Its BMX Freestyle Park Programme.
British Cycling is delighted to introduce its inaugural BMX Freestyle Park world class programme, as attention
turns to targeting podium success when the discipline makes its debut at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. Six
British BMX Freestyle Park riders have been accepted onto the Great Britain Cycling Teams world class programme.

04-20-2018 - * PR Newswire:- Solos Teams Up With USA Cycling And Sets Sights On Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.
SOLOS® now official sponsor, product supplier of performance smart glasses to USA Cycling; new exclusive
benefit offered to USA Cycling members. SOLOS®, a unit of Kopin Corporation, is proud to announce it has
renewed its partnership with USA Cycling through the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games as the official smart
glasses partner. SOLOS smart glasses, the first augmented reality sports performance glasses developed
with the USA Cycling team.

04-08-2018 - * USOC + Team USA:- Teen Sensation Hannah Roberts Wins Hiroshima World Cup.
Hannah Roberts has her sights set on the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, and while that may still be
more than two years away, the 16-year-old BMX freestyle park sensation continues to position herself
as a serious contender to make history there. On Sunday, Roberts claimed the top spot at the UCI BMX
Freestyle World Cup in Hiroshima, Japan, scoring 84.70 points.

04-08-2018 - * Inside The Games:- Roberts Stays On Gold Standard In UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Cup.
Prodigious young United States rider Hannah Roberts won the womens International Cycling Union (UCI)
BMX Freestyle Park World Cup today as the first Festival of Extreme Sports (FISE) World Series event
to be held in Japan came to a close in Hiroshima.

03-29-2018 - * UCI BMX Racing:- Tokyo 2020 Qualification System .PDF = .PDF File.

03-29-2018 - * UCI BMX Freestyle:- Tokyo 2020 Qualification System .PDF = .PDF File.

02-28-2018 - * Inside The Games:- Tokyo 2020 Unveil Mascots For Olympics and Paralympics.
Tokyo 2020 have unveiled their official mascots for the Olympic and Paralympic Games.
Both mascots are also said to be very hospitable and always try their best to encourage everyone.
Also Via IOC News:- * Tokyo 2020 Unveils Mascots.

02-01-2018 - * British Cycling:- Thrilled With UK Sports Funding Decision For The 2020 Olympic Cycle.
British Cycling is thrilled to announce it will be able to send riders to compete for medals in BMX Freestyle Park
on the events debut at the Tokyo Olympics after receiving backing from UK Sport. The Great Britain Cycling Teams
primary objective is clear to win Olympic and Paralympic medals and our aim for BMX Freestyle Park is no different.

01-12-2018 - * Cycling New Zealand:- Olympic BMX Silver Medallist Sarah Walker Begins 2020 Tokyo Bid.
The best BMX riders in the country have grouped in Christchurch to decide the elite titles in the First Windows
and Doors New Zealand Championships at the weekend. Leading the way in the women is London Olympic
medallist Sarah Walker as she looks to return to the international scene in her aim for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.
Added News: 01-13-2018: * Kiwi BMX Rider Sarah Walker To Miss National Championships In Christchurch:
Quote:- Walker pulled out of the event due to a family wedding.

01-10-2018 - * British Cycling:- BMX Freestyle Park Is Going To Tokyo 2020... Are You?.
Since the announcement was made by the International Olympic Committee that BMX Freestyle Park
was going to be included in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, British Cycling has been working tirelessly
to secure funding to create a programme for talented BMX Freestyle riders who share our aspirations
of growing the scene in the UK by achieving Olympic success. We are now welcoming applications from
BMXers who wish to be considered for the Great Britain Cycling Team squad. Deadline for applications
is midnight on Sunday 28th January 2018.

12-10-2017 - * Inside The Games:- IOC Coordination Commission Set To Make Return Visit To Tokyo.
Tokyo 2020 are braced to welcome the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Coordination Commission for
the second time this year, with their progress set to be assessed. The visit will begin tomorrow, with opening
session poised to be chaired by Coates. It was confirmed by the IOC Executive Board last week that BMX racing
and freestyle events and skateboarding will all be held on the Olympic BMX Course also located in the Tokyo
Bay Zone in the northern part of Tokyos Ariake district.

12-06-2017 - * Tokyo 2020:- IOC Executive Board Approves Tokyo 2020 Urban Sport Venues.
Quote:- The Olympic BMX Course will now host BMX freestyle and skateboarding in addition to BMX racing.
Also located in the Tokyo Bay Zone, the venue will be constructed in the northern part of Tokyos Ariake district,
an iconic waterfront area of the Japanese capital. - Also See Other Reports Via: * Inside The Games, And: * IOC.

11-12-2017 - * UCI News:- UCI Urban Cycling: Logan Martin And Hannah Roberts Win In Chengdu.
Australias Logan Martin maintained his impeccably high standards in the mens final. Sixteen-year-old Hannah Roberts
lived up to her status as pre-event favourite in the womens competition. The 2017 UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Cup
winners secured the first rainbow jerseys in the latest discipline to be recognised by cyclings governing body, Having made
its world championship debut, BMX Freestyle Park looks forward to more excitement at Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.
Also See Other Reports Via: * Inside The Games | * USA Cycling | * BMX Australia | * Australian Olympic Committee.

10-28-2017 - * IOC News:- With A Thousand Days To Go, Tokyos 2020 Vision Is Taking Shape.
The countdown to Tokyo 2020 reached a significant milestone on 28 October, which marks the 1,000-days-to-go
point before the start of the Games of the XXXII Olympiad. The Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and
Paralympic Games (Tokyo 2020) is celebrating the milestone with a series of events. Also See: Inside The Games.

10-13-2017 - * IOC News:- Teenage BMX Freestyler Roberts Ready To Take Olympic Stage By Storm.
These are hugely exciting times for BMX. Though the sport has been on the Olympic programme since 2008,
a brand new event, freestyle park, is set to make its Olympic debut in Tokyo in 2020. Before that, however,
BMX fans will get a sneak preview of what to expect when freestyle park takes a bow at the 2018 Youth
Olympic Games (YOG), which will take place in the Argentinian capital, Buenos Aires next October. Buenos
Aires 2018 and Tokyo 2020 will provide freestyle park with its biggest ever platform, and offer the worlds
top BMX freestylers a chance to put themselves centre stage in the Olympic spotlight.

10-10-2017 - * Auckland, New Zealand:- Sarah Walker Back On BMX After Funding Boost For Tokyo 2020.
Sarah Walker has ended her track cycling experiment and is getting back on the BMX, with Cycling New Zealand
set for a change of heart over its funding allocation. Walker now hopes to be at the 2020 Olympic Games but
admits even with a funding boost, there are a number of factors which could prevent her from competing in Tokyo.

10-06-2017 - * UCI News:- Tokyo 2020 Olympics: BMX Hopefuls Training At UCI World Cycling Centre.
The BMX Supercross track at the UCI World Cycling Centre has been swarming with talent this week as potential
Olympians from the world over vie for a place on the centres high-level training programme. The aim: the Tokyo
2020 Olympic Games. At ease on a BMX bike, and happiest when flying through the air, the 27 young athletes from
17 countries are part of current talent identification camp thanks to aptitude in the Olympic discipline of BMX.

10-05-2017 - * Tokyo 2020:- Bid Opening Results Of Land Measurement Of The Olympic BMX Course.
Date of Opening of Bids: Tuesday, 19th September, 2017, 15:00 - Contractor: CSS Engineering Co., Ltd.
Amount of Contract: JPY5,254,200 - Term: 75 days from the starting day of the contract.

09-13-2017 - * IOC:- Simultaneously Awarding Olympic Games 2024 To Paris And 2028 To Los Angeles.

( Paris 2024: * http://www.paris2024.org | Los Angeles 2028: * https://la28.org )
The Session of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) meeting in Lima, Peru, today elected Paris as host city
of the Games of the XXXIII Olympiad 2024 and Los Angeles as the host city of the Games of the XXXIV Olympiad
2028. Congratulations to Paris 2024 and Los Angeles 2028! This historic double allocation is a win-win-win situation
for the city of Paris, the city of Los Angeles and the IOC, said the IOC President, Thomas Bach. - ( MORE )
* USOC + Team USA:- Los Angeles Awarded 2028 Olympic And Paralympic Games.
* Inside The Games:- Bach Hails Extraordinary Decision To Officially Award Paris 2024 And Los Angeles 2028.

08-29-2017 - * Melbourne, Australia:- Aussie BMX Champs Hope Tokyo Olympics Will Bring Them Full Circle.
Kai and Saya Sakakibara are committed to winning gold for Australia at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Sacrifices
and dedication - both Saya and Kai have proved theyre more than happy to make them in pursuit of their goals.
And should they reach the starting gates at the BMX track in Tokyo at the 2020 Olympics.

08-02-2017 - * U.S. Olympic Committee:- Tokyo American Club As Location Of USA House At Tokyo 2020.
The United States Olympic Committee and Tokyo American Club today announced that the private facility,
located in central Tokyo neighborhood of Azabudai, will serve as USA House for Team USA during the
Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. Also Via: * Inside The Games.

07/31/2017:- News From Los Angeles, California USA - The International Olympic Committee ( IOC )
* Los Angeles Declares Candidature For Olympic Games 2028 - IOC To Contribute USD 1.8 Billion.

( Paris 2024: * http://www.paris2024.org | Los Angeles 2028: * https://la28.org )
In line with Olympic Agenda 2020, the IOC is pleased to release today the Host City Contract 2028 following
the declaration of candidature by the Los Angeles Olympic and Paralympic Candidature Committee for the
Olympic Games 2028. In it, the IOC stipulates that it will make contributions to the Organising Committee
representing an overall estimated value of USD 1.8 billion. In comparison to the Host City Contract 2024,
the IOC is making two major changes: the IOC will advance funds to a Los Angeles Organising Committee
in view of the longer planning period and to increase participation and access to youth sports programmes
in the City of Los Angeles in the years leading up to the Games. The IOC welcomes this decision of the
Los Angeles Olympic and Paralympic Candidature Committee. -- And we are pleased to release the Host
City contract 2028 in a transparent and timely manner, said IOC President Thomas Bach. ( More )

07-31-2017:- USOC + Team USA:-
* Los Angeles Bid Committee Declares Candidature To Host Olympic And Paralympic Games 2028.
07-31-2017:- Inside The Games:-
* Los Angeles Agree To Host 2028 Olympics As Paris Gets 2024.
07-31-2017:- Inside The Games:-
* Los Angeles Hosting 2028 Olympics Preferable To 2024, Claims Mayor.
09-11-2017:- IOC:-
* Commission Confirms Los Angeles Meets All Requirements To Host Olympic Games 2028.

07-31-2017 - * New Zealand Herald:- BMXer Sarah Walker Thinking About Tokyo After World Champs Final.
Sarah Walkers eighth-placed finish at the world BMX championships has got her thinking seriously about a
bid for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. This weekend was very promising and I think if I can nail the first few metres
out of the start, then I really think I can be right there in terms of the Olympics. Also See: * Inside The Games.

07-27-2017 - * IOC News:- BMX Freestyle Will Bring A Fresh Look To The Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.
The addition of BMX freestyle park to the programme for the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 completes the
events rise from the streets to the top table of international sport. BMX superstar Daniel Dhers says Olympic
audiences can expect something totally different. BMX freestyle park has come a long way in a short time.
The first fully-fledged UCI World Cup, run by the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) in collaboration with
the International Extreme Sports Festival (FISE), only took place in 2016.

07-24-2017 - * Inside The Games:- Japan Marks Three Years To Go Until Tokyo 2020 Olympics.
Numerous promotional events have been held across Japan today to mark three years to go until the Opening
Ceremony of Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. We hope people around the world can have a glimpse of Japanese culture.

07-19-2017 - * IOC News:- Trailblazing At The Youth Olympics – Five Facts About BMX Freestyle Park.
With BMX freestyle park set to make its Olympic debut at the Youth Olympic Games ( YOG ) Buenos Aires 2018,
A quick-fire look at an event that was also recently added to the programme for the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.

07-17-2017 - * IOC News:- Olympic Channel The Home Of Team USA Debuts In Millions Of US TV Homes.
Inspired by sport with athletes at the heart of its programming, the Olympic Channel: Home of Team USA launched
on Saturday 15 July in more than 35 million homes in the United States. The new TV network allows Olympic fans and
new generations to further engage with their favourite sports, athletes and stories all year round.

07-11-2017 - * IOC News:- A Historic Decision In Agreeing To Award 2024 and 2028 Olympic Games At Same Time.
The International Olympic Committee (IOC) today unanimously agreed in principle to award both the Olympic Games 2024
and 2028 at the same time, paving the way for a win-win-win situation for the Olympic Movement, Los Angeles and Paris.

06-21-2017 - * IOC News:- IOC And Intel Announce Worldwide TOP Partnership Through To 2024.
The International Olympic Committee (IOC) and Intel today announced a long-term technology partnership at an
official signing ceremony in New York with IOC President Thomas Bach and Brian Krzanich, Intels Chief Executive
Officer. Intel will join The Olympic Partner (TOP) worldwide sponsorship programme, becoming a Worldwide TOP
Partner through 2024. This partnership will transform the Olympic Games and the Olympic experience. Thisa IOC
and Intel News PR Is Also Via:- * Intel, and * Inside The Games, and * USOC + Team USA.

06-16-2017 - * IOC News:- IOC And McDonalds Mutually Agree To End Worldwide Top Partnership.
The IOC and McDonalds have announced that they have mutually agreed to bring their Worldwide TOP Partnership
to an end. I would like to thank our friends at McDonalds on behalf of the IOC for the commitment the company
has shown to the Olympic Movement over many decades. * Inside The Games: IOC and McDonalds Ends Partnership.

06-16-2017 - * IOC News:- Olympic Channel: Home Of Team USA To Launch July 15 In More Than 35 Million Homes.
The International Olympic Committee, the United States Olympic Committee, and NBCUniversal announced today that
the Olympic Channel: Home of Team USA will launch in one month on Saturday, July 15 in more than 35 million homes,
allowing Olympic fans to connect to Olympic Sports, athletes, and stories all year round. * NBC Sports Pressbox News PR.

06-12-2017 - * Inside The Games:- Nick Butler: IOC Deserve Credit For Process To Add New Events At Tokyo 2020.
Quote:- The highlight of last weeks International Olympic Committee (IOC) Executive Board press conference in
Lausanne. A BMX freestyle event in which riders perform judged tricks in what appears to the untrained eye to
be a skatepark. BMX freestyle has been added by cutting quotas in road, mountain bike and existing BMX events.

06-10-2017 - * Tokyo 2020 News:- Event Programme For The Tokyo 2020 Games Finalised!.
We are delighted to hear that, following approval today by the IOC Executive Board, the full programme of events
for the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 has now been finalised. This represents a major step forward in the journey
towards Tokyo 2020 and will allow the Organising Committee to accelerate concrete preparations for the Games.
CYCLING:- BMX Freestyle, Park (Men/Women) -- BMX Racing, Race (Men/Women).

06-09-2017 - * UCI News:- Madison And BMX Freestyle Park Added To Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Programme.

The Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) is delighted to announce that the International Olympic Committee (IOC)
has agreed to add the Madison and BMX Freestyle Park to the Programme of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.
The decision was made at todays meeting of the IOC Executive Board in Lausanne, Switzerland. (~~ MORE ~~)
* IOC News:- Tokyo 2020 Event Programme To See Major Boost For Female Participation, Youth Appeal.
* YouTube Video:- IOC Media:- IOC Executive Board IOC Press Briefing With Kit McConnell.
* YouTube Video:- IOC Media:- New Events For Tokyo 2020.
* YouTube Video:- IOC Media:- IOC Executive Board Press Conference With IOC President Thomas Bach.
* Inside The Games:- Mixed Athletics And Swimming Relays Among New Events Added To Tokyo 2020.
* USOC + Team USA:- 3-On-3 Basketball, BMX Freestyle Headline New Events Added To Tokyo 2020.
* Bicycle Retailer and Industry News:- Madison And BMX Freestyle Park Added To 2020 Tokyo Olympics.
* The Associated Press (AP):- Madison And BMX Freestyle Park Added To 2020 Tokyo Olympics.
* BMX Australia:- BMX Freestyle Park Added To Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Program.
* British Cycling:- Addition Of Four New Medal Apportunities At 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

06-08-2017 - * Inside The Games:- Exclusive: BMX Freestyle Among New Disciplines Set To Be Added
To Olympic Programme For Tokyo 2020.
- BMX freestyle park is set to join 3x3 basketball in being approved
here tomorrow as a new discipline on the Olympic programme at Tokyo 2020, insidethegames understands. Both
events are expected to take place in a new urban cluster in the Japanese capital along with street and park skate
boarding and sport climbing. 3x3 basketball, a fast paced version of the sport in which two teams each target one basket,
has long been considered a favourite for addition. BMX freestyle park is a judged event in which riders perform tricks
in a skate park also used for skateboarding. It was considered a less certain contender, especially as the International
Cycling Union (UCI) was also prioritising adding two new track disciplines.

05-31-2017 - * Colorado Springs, Colorado USA:- Twin Sisters In Colorado Springs Eyeing 2020 BMX Olympics.
In 2008, BMX officially became recognized as an Olympic sport. Since then, two local sisters have made it their
goal to reach the international stage in 2020. Both Ashley and Emily train like Olympians. Every morning theyre
on the track and at night, theyre putting in work at the gym all for the dream of making it to the 2020 Olympics.

04-10-2017 - * UCI News:- BMX And Track Cycling: Yoshitaku Nagasakos Double Vision.
Put a BMX racing bike next to a track cycling bike and you are hard put to find any similarities. Small and compact,
with 20 wheels, the BMX bike is far removed from its larger, sleek and streamlined cousin designed for the track.
I will try to qualify for the Tokyo Olympic Games on the track and in BMX, and I would like to medal in both.

04-08-2017 - * Inside The Games:- Exclusive: International Federations Reveal New Events Proposed For Tokyo 2020.
High diving, mixed synchronised swimming, basketball 3x3 and BMX freestyle are among at least 25 extra events and
disciplines in 15 sports proposed for inclusion at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. This total does not count those which
have been added as a direct replacement for others in the same sport. Cycling have not officially confirmed their plans,
but inside the games understands that in addition to male and female BMX freestyle park events, mens and womens
madison competitions have been proposed to be added to the track programme.

04-04-2017 - * UCI News:- UCI And Pro Gate United On Their Way To Tokyo 2020.
The Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) and Pro Gate are pleased to announce the renewal of their
long-standing partnership in BMX racing through the 2017-2020 period. The UCI provides the venue
and Pro Gate provides the world class racing equipment for riders.

03-17-2017 - * Shropshire, UK:- Filtermist Supports Telford Teenager With Tokyo 2020 Dreams.
Telford based oil mist filters manufacturer Filtermist is supporting local BMX champion Callum Edwards
in his efforts to reach the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. Currently the national number one in his category,
16-year-old Callum trained with representatives from the Olympic Development Programme in 2015 and he
said his dream would be to represent Team GB one day.

03-14-2017 - * Cape Town, South Africa:- World Class Rider Pedals To Olympics.
For former Upper Highway rider, Tyler Klumper, BMX racing is more than just a hobby, it is his life.
He said he is inspired and motivated every day by his dream, which is to race in the 2020 Olympics.

03-06-2017 - * Inside The Games:- Tokyo 2020 To Take Mascot Names From Professionals And Not The Public.
Tokyo 2020 has revealed that the names of the official mascots for the Olympic and Paralympic Games
will come from creative professionals, rather than from the general public. Tokyo 2020 announced last
month that the mascots will be unveiled in summer 2018.

12-27-2016 - * Auckland, New Zealand:- BMX Champ Returns From Injury And Sets Sights On Tokyo.
19-year-old BMX rider Brandon Lee Te Hiko has had his fair share of injuries this season, but the
former Australian Junior Champion is determined to get back on the bike and back to his best in the
New Year. He sees himself an Olympic hopeful for the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.

12-23-2016 - * British Cycling:- Update On British Cycling’s Olympic Programmes.
As part of UK Sport’s funding strategy for Tokyo 2020, British Cycling has been informed that the decision
has been made to make a targeted and reduced investment in our cross-country mountain bike and BMX
programmes. Consequently from April 2017, UK Sport will no longer fund the womens BMX and mens cross
country mountain bike elements of the world class programme.

12-21-2016 - * Inside The Games:- Tokyo 2020 Unveil Revised Budget For Olympic and Paralympic Games.
Organisers of the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo have unveiled a revised budget of between ¥1.6 trillion
(£11 billion/$13.6 billion/€13.1 billion) and ¥1.8 trillion (£12.4 billion/$15.3 billion/€14.7 billion). The official
cost estimate, revealed during a Four-Party Political Working Group meeting, is down from the maximum
budget cap of ¥2 trillion (£13.8 billion/$17 billion/€16.4 billion) cited by Tokyo 2020 Yoshiro Mori last month.

12-19-2016 - * Inside The Games:- Tokyo 2020 To Form Transparent Selection Panel To Decide Olympic Mascot.
Tokyo 2020 will form a transparent external selection panel to decide on the process for choosing mascots for
the Olympic and Paralympic Games in a bid to avoid the controversy surrounding their logo, it has been announced.

12-15-2016 - * USOC + Team USA:- IOC, USOC and NBC Universal Announce Olympic Channel Partnership.
In a ground-breaking collaboration to connect fans to the Olympic Movement all year round, the International
Olympic Committee, the United States Olympic Committee and NBCUniversal have created a comprehensive
Olympic Channel content and distribution partnership in the United States, all parties announced today. During
the second half of 2017, the partnership will launch a new U.S. television network under the " Olympic Channel:
Home of Team USA" brand that will offer fans year-round Olympic-sport programming from around the world,
with an emphasis on American athletes and teams. -- This News Also Via: * IOC News. -&- Inside The Games.

12-15-2016 - * Cycling New Zealand Confident About Tokyo Olympic Ambitions.
Cycling New Zealand is confident they can achieve their Tokyo Olympic medal ambitions in spite
of the cut in their high performance funding from High Performance Sport New Zealand. They have
retained their status as a Targeted Tier One sport for the coming Olympiad but will operate on
a budget of $500,000 less per year until 2018.

12-07-2016 - * IOC News:- Venues Approved For Tokyo 2020 Additional Events As Host Cities Report To IOC.
The International Olympic Committee (IOC)s Executive Board (EB) today approved the venues for the five sports
baseball/softball, karate, skateboarding, sport climbing and surfing – that had events approved during the IOC
Session in Rio de Janeiro this year for the Tokyo 2020 programme only. These additional events were proposed
by the Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee using the new flexibility given by Olympic Agenda 2020 for host cities
to propose events only for their edition of the Games.

11-14-2016 - * Sydney Morning Herald:- Caroline Buchanan Says She Can Peak At 2020 Olympic Games.
For an extreme athlete who makes her living going fast and taking on the world, visiting a primary school
may not seem like such a big deal. But it was a humbling experience for Caroline Buchanan. She looked
ahead to the 2020 Olympic Games.

08-22-2016 - * IOC News:- Tokyo 2020 Delivers A Surprise At Rio 2016 Closing Ceremony.
okyo 2020 offered a visually stunning high-tech preview of the next Olympic Games during Rio 2016
s Closing Ceremony, capped by a surprise cameo appearance from Japan’s prime minister. As is traditional,
after the Olympic flag was passed from Rio de Janeiro to Tokyo, the host of the next edition of the Games
was given an opportunity to provide a glimpse of what athletes and spectators can expect when the Games
of the XXXII Olympiad get underway in the Japanese capital.

08-19-2016 - * Burnham-on-Sea, UK:- Burnham BMX Star Liam Phillips Aims To Compete At 2020 Olympics.
Burnham-On-Sea BMX star Liam Phillips says he would be a fool to turn his back on the sport after
his disappointment at the Rio Olympics and he is now turning his attention to the 2020 Tokyo games.

12-09-2015 - * UCI News:- Tokyo 2020 Cycling Venue Masterplan Unveiled.
The Venue Masterplan for the cycling events at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games has today been agreed by
the IOC Executive Board following close consultation and planning between the Union Cycliste Internationale
(UCI), the Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee and the International Olympic Committee (IOC). - The BMX
events will take place at a purpose built temporary facility at Ariake in the centre of Tokyo with 5,000 seats.

12-09-2015 - * Inside The Games:- Cycling Events At Tokyo 2020 To Take Place Outside Of City, IOC Confirm.
It has also been confirmed by the IOC that a 5,000-seater temporary venue will be built to house BMX events
in Ariake, Tokyo, The news comes as a result of extensive discussions between the IOC, Tokyo 2020 and UCI.

12-09-2015 - * Tokyo 2020 News:- The IOC Executive Board Approves Tokyo 2020 Cycling Venues.
The BMX events will take place at the temporary Olympic BMX Course in Ariake as originally specified.

09-07-2013 - * Tokyo Japan Awarded Olympic Games -&- Dramatic Photo For The BMX Track And Venue.

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo Wins 2020 Olympic Games Bid:
September 07th, 2013 In Buenos Aires
Tokyo, Japan Has Been Chosen By The
International Olympic Committee (IOC)
To Host 2020 Summer Olympic Games.
See:- Tokyo Japan Being Awarded The
Host City In This Cool Facebook Video.
Tokyo, Japan

( Click On Photo For Full Size )
A Dramatic Photo Setting For The BMX
Track And Venue Of The - Tokyo 2020
Olympic Games. - Tokyo, Japan Is A Bid
Candidate City For 2020 Olympic Games.
They Show The Olympism Spirit & Sport.
For More Info: - * www.tokyo2020.jp/en

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