2020 BMX Olympics Information
Tokyo, Japan

The Fast And Furious Sport Of BMX - Will Be Making Its Forth Olympic Appearance
At Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games On July 24th, 2020 to August 09th 2020 In Tokyo, Japan
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In The Sport Of BMX: - We All Come From Unique Places. With Unique Ways Of
Looking At The World. We Don`t Always Agree. - But For A Few Shinning Weeks,
We Sit It All Aside. We Come Together To Stand And Cheer And Celebrate As One.
We Forget All The Things That Make Us Different And Remember All Of The Things
That Makes Us The Same. Its The Olympic Games - BMX, Come Together In Sport.


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The Games Of The 32nd Olympiad:
The Tokyo Olympic Games Starts On July 24th, 2020 And Runs Until August 09th, 2020.

* www.tokyo2020.jp + ( * www.tokyo2020.jp/en )

* https://tokyo2020.jp/en/games/venue/olympic = 10 Cycling (BMX) Olympic BMX Course.
The BMX events will take place at the temporary Olympic BMX Course in Ariake as originally specified.

* www.olympic.org + * www.olympic.org/Cycling-BMX
* www.olympicchannel.com + * www.olympicchannel.com/en/sports/cycling-bmx

* www.uci.ch + UCI BMX
* 09/11-23/2018 - Youth Olympic Games BMX - Buenos Aires, Argentina.
* 07/23-28/2019 - UCI BMX World Championships - Zolder, Belgium.
* 07/26 to 08/11/2019 - Pan American Games BMX - Lima, Peru.
* 05/26-31/2020 - UCI BMX World Championships - Houston, Texas USA.

* www.teamusa.org

* www.usacycling.org | * www.usacycling.org/BMX | * www.usacycling.org/Olympics

* www.nbc olympics.com | * www.nbc olympics.com/Cycling

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* 2016 BMX Olympics Information Page - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


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04-10-2017 - * UCI News:- BMX And Track Cycling: Yoshitaku Nagasakos Double Vision.
Put a BMX racing bike next to a track cycling bike and you are hard put to find any similarities. Small and compact,
with 20 wheels, the BMX bike is far removed from its larger, sleek and streamlined cousin designed for the track.
I will try to qualify for the Tokyo Olympic Games on the track and in BMX, and I would like to medal in both.

04-08-2017 - * Inside The Games:- Exclusive: International Federations Reveal New Events Proposed For Tokyo 2020.
High diving, mixed synchronised swimming, basketball 3x3 and BMX freestyle are among at least 25 extra events and
disciplines in 15 sports proposed for inclusion at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. This total does not count those which
have been added as a direct replacement for others in the same sport. Cycling have not officially confirmed their plans,
but inside the games understands that in addition to male and female BMX freestyle park events, mens and womens
madison competitions have been proposed to be added to the track programme.

04-04-2017 - * UCI News:- UCI And Pro Gate United On Their Way To Tokyo 2020.
The Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) and Pro Gate are pleased to announce the renewal of their
long-standing partnership in BMX racing through the 2017-2020 period. The UCI provides the venue
and Pro Gate provides the world class racing equipment for riders.

03-17-2017 - * Shropshire, UK:- Filtermist Supports Telford Teenager With Tokyo 2020 Dreams.
Telford based oil mist filters manufacturer Filtermist is supporting local BMX champion Callum Edwards
in his efforts to reach the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. Currently the national number one in his category,
16-year-old Callum trained with representatives from the Olympic Development Programme in 2015 and he
said his dream would be to represent Team GB one day.

03-14-2017 - * Cape Town, South Africa:- World Class Rider Pedals To Olympics.
For former Upper Highway rider, Tyler Klumper, BMX racing is more than just a hobby, it is his life.
He said he is inspired and motivated every day by his dream, which is to race in the 2020 Olympics.

03-06-2017 - * Inside The Games:- Tokyo 2020 To Take Mascot Names From Professionals And Not The Public.
Tokyo 2020 has revealed that the names of the official mascots for the Olympic and Paralympic Games
will come from creative professionals, rather than from the general public. Tokyo 2020 announced last
month that the mascots will be unveiled in summer 2018.

12-27-2016 - * Auckland, New Zealand:- BMX Champ Returns From Injury And Sets Sights On Tokyo.
19-year-old BMX rider Brandon Lee Te Hiko has had his fair share of injuries this season, but the
former Australian Junior Champion is determined to get back on the bike and back to his best in the
New Year. He sees himself an Olympic hopeful for the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.

12-23-2016 - * British Cycling:- Update On British Cycling’s Olympic Programmes.
As part of UK Sport’s funding strategy for Tokyo 2020, British Cycling has been informed that the decision
has been made to make a targeted and reduced investment in our cross-country mountain bike and BMX
programmes. Consequently from April 2017, UK Sport will no longer fund the womens BMX and mens cross
country mountain bike elements of the world class programme.

12-21-2016 - * Inside The Games:- Tokyo 2020 Unveil Revised Budget For Olympic and Paralympic Games.
Organisers of the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo have unveiled a revised budget of between ¥1.6 trillion
(£11 billion/$13.6 billion/€13.1 billion) and ¥1.8 trillion (£12.4 billion/$15.3 billion/€14.7 billion). The official
cost estimate, revealed during a Four-Party Political Working Group meeting, is down from the maximum
budget cap of ¥2 trillion (£13.8 billion/$17 billion/€16.4 billion) cited by Tokyo 2020 Yoshiro Mori last month.

12-19-2016 - * Inside The Games:- Tokyo 2020 To Form Transparent Selection Panel To Decide Olympic Mascot.
Tokyo 2020 will form a transparent external selection panel to decide on the process for choosing mascots for
the Olympic and Paralympic Games in a bid to avoid the controversy surrounding their logo, it has been announced.

12-15-2016 - * USOC + Team USA:- IOC, USOC and NBC Universal Announce Olympic Channel Partnership.
In a ground-breaking collaboration to connect fans to the Olympic Movement all year round, the International
Olympic Committee, the United States Olympic Committee and NBCUniversal have created a comprehensive
Olympic Channel content and distribution partnership in the United States, all parties announced today. During
the second half of 2017, the partnership will launch a new U.S. television network under the " Olympic Channel:
Home of Team USA" brand that will offer fans year-round Olympic-sport programming from around the world,
with an emphasis on American athletes and teams. -- This News Also Via: * IOC News. -&- Inside The Games.

12-15-2016 - * Cycling New Zealand Confident About Tokyo Olympic Ambitions.
Cycling New Zealand is confident they can achieve their Tokyo Olympic medal ambitions in spite
of the cut in their high performance funding from High Performance Sport New Zealand. They have
retained their status as a Targeted Tier One sport for the coming Olympiad but will operate on
a budget of $500,000 less per year until 2018.

12-07-2016 - * IOC News:- Venues Approved For Tokyo 2020 Additional Events As Host Cities Report To IOC.
The International Olympic Committee (IOC)s Executive Board (EB) today approved the venues for the five sports
baseball/softball, karate, skateboarding, sport climbing and surfing – that had events approved during the IOC
Session in Rio de Janeiro this year for the Tokyo 2020 programme only. These additional events were proposed
by the Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee using the new flexibility given by Olympic Agenda 2020 for host cities
to propose events only for their edition of the Games.

11-14-2016 - * Sydney Morning Herald:- Caroline Buchanan Says She Can Peak At 2020 Olympic Games.
For an extreme athlete who makes her living going fast and taking on the world, visiting a primary school
may not seem like such a big deal. But it was a humbling experience for Caroline Buchanan. She looked
ahead to the 2020 Olympic Games.

08-22-2016 - * IOC News:- Tokyo 2020 Delivers A Surprise At Rio 2016 Closing Ceremony.
okyo 2020 offered a visually stunning high-tech preview of the next Olympic Games during Rio 2016
s Closing Ceremony, capped by a surprise cameo appearance from Japan’s prime minister. As is traditional,
after the Olympic flag was passed from Rio de Janeiro to Tokyo, the host of the next edition of the Games
was given an opportunity to provide a glimpse of what athletes and spectators can expect when the Games
of the XXXII Olympiad get underway in the Japanese capital.

08-19-2016 - * Burnham-on-Sea, UK:- Burnham BMX Star Liam Phillips Aims To Compete At 2020 Olympics.
Burnham-On-Sea BMX star Liam Phillips says he would be a fool to turn his back on the sport after
his disappointment at the Rio Olympics and he is now turning his attention to the 2020 Tokyo games.

12-09-2015 - * UCI News:- Tokyo 2020 Cycling Venue Masterplan Unveiled.
The Venue Masterplan for the cycling events at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games has today been agreed by
the IOC Executive Board following close consultation and planning between the Union Cycliste Internationale
(UCI), the Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee and the International Olympic Committee (IOC). - The BMX
events will take place at a purpose built temporary facility at Ariake in the centre of Tokyo with 5,000 seats.

12-09-2015 - * Inside The Games:- Cycling Events At Tokyo 2020 To Take Place Outside Of City, IOC Confirm.
It has also been confirmed by the IOC that a 5,000-seater temporary venue will be built to house BMX events
in Ariake, Tokyo, The news comes as a result of extensive discussions between the IOC, Tokyo 2020 and UCI.

12-09-2015 - * Tokyo 2020 News:- The IOC Executive Board Approves Tokyo 2020 Cycling Venues.
The BMX events will take place at the temporary Olympic BMX Course in Ariake as originally specified.

09-07-2013 - * Tokyo Japan Awarded Olympic Games -&- Dramatic Photo For The BMX Track And Venue.

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo Wins 2020 Olympic Games Bid:
September 07th, 2013 In Buenos Aires
Tokyo, Japan Has Been Chosen By The
International Olympic Committee (IOC)
To Host 2020 Summer Olympic Games.
See:- Tokyo Japan Being Awarded The
Host City In This Cool Facebook Video.
Tokyo, Japan

( Click On Photo For Full Size )
A Dramatic Photo Setting For The BMX
Track And Venue Of The - Tokyo 2020
Olympic Games. - Tokyo, Japan Is A Bid
Candidate City For 2020 Olympic Games.
They Show The Olympism Spirit & Sport.
For More Info: - * www.tokyo2020.jp/en

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