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Gene`s BMX Photos Notes

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** Gene`s BMX Photos News Memo Note To All **

Anyone is Welcome to View, Download and Save Photos by Gene`s
at will. Some photo host places say you can not But Gene`s BMX says you can
if you wish to. Gene`s has used photos host from years
2002-2008. In August 2008 free photos host changed to not so good.

Please Note that has changed so people can not view
and save photos. This makes for big issues for having Webshots as a
photos host. ( ) Also you can leave
some comments and complaints on the feedback page.

If you are surfing the web (photos) or any of pages and if
you want to View Full, Download or Save Photo files by Gene`s
You are WELCOME to do so at your will. - Here is a get around hint tip.

How To Get Around Blocked Right-Clicking
And How To See And Save Full Sized Photos On Webshots:

To be able to see view and right click and save big full sized photos,
at Webshots, click on the little full size logo (+) at the bottom of each
photo listed. It will open a new page with a big photo for you to view.
But it will say at the top - ( This photo may only be saved by friends ) has blocked the right-click feature to prevent an image
from being downloaded.

The only way now to right-click and save the image is to copy the raw
.jpg photo file from the source. To do this, go up to your tool bar on the
upper top part of your web browser and click on "VIEW". This should
be next to the file, edit, help on your browser. Now from the view menu,
click on "Source" or "Page Source". - A windows notepad box page will
appear with a considerable amont of html code text. Along with in all the
coded text you will find a line that starts with http... and ends with ".jpg"

An example of an image raw jpg photo file URL you want to look for:

Hightlight with mouse, Then [Ctrl] and [C] keys at same time to copy text.

Now just high-lite the image raw jpg photo file URL line and then copy it.
Then open another browser window and `paste' the copied image raw jpg
photo file URL on to your browser address box up top, hit enter and then
the big full sized picture/photo now can be viewed-saved by right-clicking.

Gene`s hopes that you can enjoy the all the photos this way. We
are sorry that we added are photos to a host that makes people jump hoops.

If you are looking for a free photos host Gene`s BMX recommends that
you find some other place on the web than as they are not
a to good of a place to share your photos with everyone on the web now....


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