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This is a mix of photos, from BMX Biking-Bicycling & stuff in and around
Wenatchee Washington & State and the BMX and Bicycling world its self.
Gene`s BMX Photos listings from New to Old as they are posted to the web.
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2004 Photos-Archived
2007 Photos
by Gene`s BMX

Schwinn Classic Sting-Ray
Bike Black Friday 11-23-2007

Wenatchee Wal-Mart
Black Friday 11-23-2007

Crave BMX Extreme Show
Spokane Washington 11-15-2007

Moses Lake BMX

Moses Lake BMX

Tony Hawk Signature BMX
Bikes At the 2007 Interbike

Rabbit In Wenatchee

Moses Lake BMX
SCR - 07-29-2007

Pan American Games BMX
Rio de Janeiro 07-15-2007

SeaTac BMX Event
SeaTac, Wa 06-16-2007

Wenatchee Omnium Stage
Race 05-12-2007

Moses Lake BMX

Apple Blossom Festival
Carnival 04-26-2007

Eastmont RC Raceway

Moses Lake BMX

Wenatchee House Fire

Wenatchee Wind Storm

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2007 Photos-Archived
2009 - 2008 Photos
by Gene`s BMX

Wenatchee State Omnium
Championships 05-16-2009

Apple Blossom Festival
Youth Parade 04-25-2009

Powerlite BMX Bikes
2001 Full Catalog

East Wenatchee Brush Fire

Moses Lake BMX

Moses Lake BMX

Wenatchee Omnium Stage
Race Event 05-17-2008

Apple Blossom Festival
Grand Parade 05-03-2008

Balance BMX Bicycles
1995 Catalog Pages

Powerlite BMX Bicycles
1985 Catalog Pages

Robinson BMX Bicycles
1987 Catalog Pages

Auburn BMX Bicycles
1995-1996 Catalogs

Olympic BMX Training Track
Chula Vista, Ca. 01-21-2008

Olympic BMX Training Track
Chula Vista, Ca. 01-17-2008

2010 Photos
by Gene`s BMX

Wenatchee Car Fire Lincoln
Park Circle 06-25-2010

Wenatchee State Omnium
Championships 05-15-2010

Also Hosted On Webshots

Wenatchee Immigration
Reform March 05-01-2010

Cannon Gold Mine
Some Random Photos

~ And ~
Cannon Gold Mine Info

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Photos - ABA Nor Cal Nationals Roseville, CA May 12th-13th, 2007.
Photos - UCI Supercross #1 Madrid, Spain April 13th-14th, 2007.
Photos - NBL Easter Classic Orlando, Florida April 7th & 8th, 2007.
Photos - NBL Gator National Sarasota, FL March 31st & April 1st, 2007.
Photos - ABA Winter Nationals Phoenix, AZ March 24th & 25th, 2007.
Photos - ABA Silver Dollar Nationals Reno, NV January 6th & 7th, 2007.
Photos - NBL X-Mas Classic Columbus, Ohio Dec 28th & 29th, 2006.

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BMX Freestyle Competition
BCFB 2006 Oklahoma City

BMX Race 04/14/02 Part 1

BMX Race 17th March 2002

Giant Bike Stunt Show

BMX Riding

Coffin Compound-BMX

Little Mark's Chopper

Bakerview BMX

BMX Race 7/20/2003

BMX Race 04/14/02 Part 2


Craig's BMX

Biking at GH Skate Park

Bike Jumping









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Gene`s BMX - Geneb Photos upgrades in year 2006 and where
shot Using a Kodak Easyshare DX6490 Zoom Digital Camera.

It features a 4.0 megapixels resolution and a 10x optical zoom.
The lens is a Schneider-Kreuznach Variogon and has focal lengths
equivalent to a 38 - 380mm 35mm camera lens. Macro is at 12 cm (4.7 in.),
shutter speed ranges from 16-1,1700 sec., and maximum aperture is F2.8.
DX6490 Digital Camera Manual | DX6490 Zoom Digital Camera Support
Some More Information is listed at: Kodak Easyshare DX6490 Review.

Gene`s BMX - Geneb Photos where also shot using HP
digital photography with a HP photosmart 215 digital camera.

It features with a 1.3-megapixel resolution for high-quality photos 2x digital
zoom to capture close-up photos and a 1.8-inch color LCD for preview and
review of photos. Additional ease-of-use features offered with the new camera
include auto flash, auto focus and exposure, and a self timer.
HP Photosmart 215 Digital Camera Specifications | 215 Camera Manuals

Gene`s BMX - Geneb Photos are sometimes also shot using disposable
35mm Film Cameras. A One-Time-Use indoor and outdoor 35mm Camera.

The disposable cameras are cheep and are a eazy way to go with no worries.
The Kodak brand one-time-use cameras offers some good disposables and
can be found at any Wal-Mart 1-hour Photo Center store or any chain store.
When developing IE processing the disposable camera, I get negative images
and a set of hard prints and a digital photo CD. The CD makes it nice to up
load images to the PC or Online and or I scan the hard prints with a scanner.

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