About ( Geneb_altbmx )

Geneb - the Webmaster of Gene`s BMX.com
Residence: Wenatchee,Washington - U.S.A.
Years of riding: Over 15 years of pedaling, ABA BMX Racing WA-03
Types of Riding: Bmx Racing, Flatland Freestyle,Street thrashing,Ramp/Vert,Trails/Dirt,
What some of my bikes are and more about me - http://www.genesbmx.com/Geneb.html

I am a BIG contributor on the alt.bmx usenet newsgroup. I do post lots
of bmx and bicycling news clips and help with the newsgroup at times.

It seems I have been adapted to make the alt.bmx FAQ Weekly post up thread.
I have been posting the Weekly alt.bmx FAQ thread from 04/02/2002 - todays date.
I try to get the posted thread up at the first of each week. ( Sundays or Mondays )
If you feel something needs to be changed in the Weekly alt.bmx FAQ thread
Please send me a email at Geneb - Genesbmx.com and I will try to fix it up asap.

A listings of my contributed postings archived on alt.bmx usenet newsgroup
Searched Groups for author: Geneb_altbmx(at)genesbmx.com by google/groups.

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About the alt.bmx Usenet Newsgroup Weekly posted thread
About BMX Bicycling News Clip Posted and Sources


*** About the alt.bmx Usenet Newsgroup Weekly posted thread ***

alt.bmx - Usenet Newsgroup - A newsgroup for general discussion of all aspects of riding bmx.

alt.bmx FAQ Weekly post up thread Archived on google.com
Posted by Geneb or Bomba at the top of each week.

~~~Coppy Of Weekly Posted Thread~~~
Subject: alt.bmx FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions Weekly posted
thread for locations of the usenet newsgroup ( alt.bmx )
This FAQ Weekly post was last updated on: See live listings
You can access the FAQ`s and archives via the listed:

Gene`s BMX FAQ Maintained by Geneb

The alt.bmx FAQ Maintained by Jonathan ‘bomba’ Harris

Archives for ( alt.bmx )

For alt.bmx Posting "binaries" -Photos|Files|Links to photos,
a branch of alt.bmx Usenet

alt.mountain-bike FAQ: Maintained by Jonathan ‘bomba’ Harris

FAQ Location and posting for Rec.Bicycles.*
The rec.bicycles Usenet Newsgroups Topics
The Rec.Bicycles' Frequently Asked Questions and Interesting Information
View Thread "FAQ Location and Weekly posting for Rec.Bicycles.*"
FAQ Location and Weekly posting for Rec.Bicycles.* ( Listed for info )

About alt.bmx
The alt.bmx usenet newsgroup list is for general discussion
on bmx related topics past and present. People posts about
bmx and bicycling news, bmx product, lifestyle stories,
bmx scenes,experiences,- alt.bmx is listed in the "Big 8"
hierarchies of the Usenet in the "international" hierarchy of "alt."

Questions? - There is tuns out there. It's the one that gets asked
right after someone answered it for the 100th time in alt.bmx group.
alt.bmx discussion group has a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
sections where commonly asked questions are posted and answered.

If you are asking a basic question, please check the FAQ`s first.
The contributors on the alt.bmx newsgroup asks that you please
take the time and read the alt.bmx FAQ`s to ensure your question
isn't treated like spam (junk mail). Spammers frequently receive
flame mail / replys "heated retorts of a personally demeaning nature"
directing them to please read the alt.bmx FAQ`s. This posted thread
is one way to access the FAQs locations for the usenet ( alt.bmx )

*** About BMX Bicycling News Clip Posted and Sources ***

Lots and lots of my news releases from an array of sources.
Most of all the BMX and Bicycling News I post and repost is from sources at:
( http://www.genesbmx.com/breaking-bmx-news.html )
~~The Associated Press (AP) - Digital Wires - Email Wires~~
I have linked up with some of the best BMX and Bicycling
news wires and feeds to bmx news clips and is powered by
Moreover Technologie, Google.com & Altavista.com of there
News Wires feeds. and also some links to a good hand full of
BMX & Bicycling News Websites and Just News Websites in Washington State.....

I do ask other contributors on the alt.bmx at times about my
BMX and Bicycling News postings, ( BMX-Bicycling News and postings? )
Most seem to like my posts for the group to read and enjoy. Most of the
users like to know whats going on in the world of BMX and Bicycling.

If your not interested in what I post, Learn to look past them.
But they can be good to read on a slow day. Who knows,
You may just learn something that you don`t know by reading them.

***** Gene`s BMX *****
All Things Northwest in BMX! ( AP )