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Gene`s BMX News ( Commentary Quote ) -- 06/21/2007
Now they are sucking the NBL BMX - Ya right I bet it is it is free,
Give me a brake. Why your at it Give the BMXing Online Community
a Brake. If it is so free as it says, - Then why do people have to be
paid members to view some of the bmx web site contents. Hmmm
IT IS NOT! free, They are only there for the money, Not the BMX.

They are somewhat like the pay porno web sites out there.
You get a sneek peek of it and if you want more, you Pay`m.

Ill tell you - it is a sales snag is why it is free them weekends.
Your getting a sneek peek of there web cast and then they
want you to pay up and join to get more from here on out.

Im telling you, any bmx web site that has a price tag for its
web contents( charges money to view parts of a web site )
they are a scam even if they offer this weekend free or the
next weekend free and even if they offer 2 or 3 free photos
or videos on there pay web site layout. They are like the porno
web sites out there. It locks out people, It is Not a good way to
promote the sport of BMX on the world wide web.

It is all about money to them, Not the bmx or the youth on
the web that they target to. So, Are they going to give me
and the over 1000 other BMX web sites I have list on my
genesbmx.com web site a nice % of the money they make
if I as a free webmaster send my bmx web viewers/surfers
over to them? I think not as it is all about the money to them.

If not, think about it, how are kids under age 18 to pay
them to view there pay bmx web site to watch the other
live web casts and see the bmx web contents they offer?
Most of the kids/youth are LOCKED OUT of there web site.

By US law in all 50 states - anyone under age 18 can NOT
have or use a credit card. So in all, they are blacking out
BMX on the world wide web from the youth. The youth can
not just surf in to a pay web site now can they? think about
that. How many parents knowingly let there kids surf in to
the web in to porno web sites? Not many I would think. This
is why we have them porno site on the web lock down there
sites to a pay web site. It helps keep the kids/youth out of it.

So in all they are asking kids/youth/parents to over look the
lock out web site that are there to help keep everyone safe on
the web. Hey, -- mom, dad, can you please swipe the credit card
so your 10 year old can look at this cool porno web site, In all this
is what this BMXTVDIRECT is asking. Now Im Not saying that
they are offering porn on there site, BUT this is the same channel
that the porno web sites use to help keep your kids/youth out......

They will also give an excuse that if the kid is under age 18
that the parent of the kid can BUY and swipe there credit card
so the kid can view there pay bmx web site. Any parent that
would do that is a fool. This is a scam just to get your money.

If they where anything about BMX in all they would not even think
of having a pay bmx web site that blacks out the youth one little bit
on the world wide web. - The sport of BMX does target to the youth
on-line and off-line. So why are they blacking out a mass amount
of the kids/youth from there web site if it is not only about the money?

THINK! ABOUT IT! and Think hard before you swipe that credit card.

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NBL & BMX Direct Connect To
Offer NBL Race Webcast & More

Hilliard, Ohio – June 21, 2007
The NBL (National Bicycle League) and Tim Lillethorup/Lillethorup
Productions, Inc have connected to film a number of NBL National
events to be webcasted and ‘live-archived’ through the BMXTVDirect
.com website. To kick-start the program, BMXTVDIRECT will film the
NBL Hoosier Nationals from Evansville on June 22-23 followed by the
NBL Stars & Stripes National from South Park, PA on June 30-July 1.

“The NBL has been actively working to expand our presence on the
internet and we are excited to work with Tim Lillethorup knowing that
he has a well-respected, turn-key operation. This provides NBL with a
great service to our existing members, who aren’t able to be at the race,
and connects the NBL with viewers from around the world!” says Kevin
O’Brien, NBL’s Marketing Director.

BMXTVDIRECT will first offer on-site DVD sales at both events and
through the NBL’s new portal at BMXTVDirect , viewers can tune in
to watch free ‘test’ webcasts from each of the weekends. All semis,
mains, along with a number of interviews and additional footage will
be archived at BMXTVDirect.com which can then be viewed by site
subscribers. Look for special offers on site subscriptions soon.

Local DSL internet connections are not available at either location
so BMXTVDIRECT will be offering free ‘test’ webcasts through their
new experimental wireless connection that should allow viewers to
watch each of the events in real-time.

Can’t tune in on the weekend? That’s okay – NBL will replay the
Hoosier webcast free for all viewers on Wednesday, June 27.
Additionally, NBL and BMXTVDIRECT will be taping a number
of must-watch interviews, highlights, and special segments for the
archives. One week later, viewers can tune into the NBL’s classic
weekend from South Park, PA, which will offer additional features.
Be sure to tune in on June 30 and July 1 for all the action.

To learn more about the BMXTVDIRECT program visit their booth
at the event or contact the NBL at nbl.org / 614-777-1625. The
National Bicycle League sanctions local, state, and national levels
of BMX racing across the country and Puerto Rico and is the proud
host of eight 2008 UCI North American Series events. With more
than 160 race tracks and over 20,000 members, the NBL is the
largest not-for-profit BMX racing association in America offering
programs for all ages of youth and adults.

CC - NBL BMX Web Site.


A Quote On How To Produce Live Streaming BMX Webcasts


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