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Gene`s BMX News ( Commentary ) -- 07/01/2006
A new Pay BMX web site called ISTV in year 2005
ISTV miss leads people just for the money from the start.

ISTV is all about the Money - Not the BMX From the start.
Did you learn anything? THINK HARD!

People blasted BMXer Gene`s BMX over his Thoughts of ISTV.
But now ISTV Pay BMX web site has fallen down in on the web
with lots of people blasting they got ripped off and the ISTV web
site no longer updated. Nothing like throwing alittle salt on to
the sore over the remarks. And if your sensitive over the ISTV
thoughts, to bad, - bite me! - "Ya" Right, Give BMX a Brake!
But most did not. ( )

Year 2006 a new BMX web site has shown up, Its a 50/50 pay BMX
web site that produces DVDs "BMX TV Direct" they have a members
area and a few download-able video files of BMX racing events but
target for BMXers to buy the DVDs and a membership to there Pay
BMX web site. In June of 2006 It has been found that a hand full of
BMXers to be blasting about this pay BMX web site of lack of updates
to this new BMX pay web site. - Like Hello BMXers! - think about it,
Is all they care about is your MONEY! They do not care for BMX or
none of you would be blasting about them across the world wide web.

The excusses from this new pay bmx web site are starting to be seen
on the web just like ISTV did. What, you BMXers did not learn from
the first go around with ISTV. BMX TV Direct shows the same style.

Will BMX TV Direct end up as ISTV? Only time will tell.
But I think it will. It is a sad way to say it But pay web sites
do not mix in with youth. Pay web sites are adult youth lock outs.

Is pay BMX web sites that lock out the youth of a sport that was
made by the youth really good for the youth as pay web sites on the
world wide web was made up to help keep the youth out of adult sites.

But here we are in the internet's BMXing community trying to get are
youth to pay money to look at bmx video files just like the adult
porno web sites. It must be about someone getting rich over night
from are BMXing youth?, I would say so........ Be smart BMXers,
SAVE YOUR MONEY! surf the world wide web. BMX videos,
photos, or what ever BMX on the world wide web should be FREE
to all people around the globe. If it is not, It is a Scam! trying to get
your money so they can get rich from you - the BMXer.

Thats the Spin of sin my BMXing friends, - Be Smart!

As always said, This is my Thoughts,
There is NO pun to anyone here by me.


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