ABA Adding A Price Tag In To
The Internet's BMXing Community

RE: ABA Partnership For Content Rich BMX Website

Gene`s BMX News ( Commentary ) -- 11/17/2006
The mass of the BMXing Community are of youth. Locking
out the youth from its own target youth web sites with pay$
web sites just is not wright.

Pay$ Web Sites are known and used as "youth lock-outs"
for the adult entertainment industry on the world wide web.
- Less keep the Pay web sites where they belong, with the
adult porno web sites, and keep the bmx web sites free in
the BMX Community for the youth.

Free and Open Source for The BMX Sport on the World
Wide Web, and free access to documentation on bmx
bicycling on the world wide web, So everyone around
the world can enjoy the Internet's BMXing Community
and so edu, schools and public library and other Gov
public places dont black list the sport of BMX from the
youth to witch we are starting to see happen today and
you all wonder why the BMX racing community is lacking
like some of you say it is. Its no wonder why it is. - LOL

Both of BMX web sites, ISTV and now Vintage BMX are
making there way in to alot of IP black lists around the
world be couse they lock out the youth with pay as you go.

ISTV - the pay bmx web site did do some harm in to the
internet's BMXing community. It drew a line to witch BMXers
had money and to witch BMXer did not have money and
making the internet's BMXing community divide apart.

And then the Vintage BMX Web Site Adds A Price
Tag To Its BMX Forum Post Boards. Making as the
same lines to witch BMXers had money and to witch
BMXer did not have money and making the internet's
BMXing community divide apart.

Will we all see the ABA BMX divide apart the internet's
BMXing community even more with a price tag on the web?
Only time will tell, but less hope not!.................................

Many BMXers and youth have computers and internet
access now days and the internet plays big part of the
mainstream BMX bicycling American life and around the
world... So yes, any BMX web site out there helps gets
the word out to others that dont know about BMX in all.

But if its a pay BMX web site, most people will walk
away and wount want any thing to do with it. .........

Iv ran a BMX web site for over 10 years now and its
one of the biggest BMXing information web sources
on the web and its all ran by me, a one man band
and it gets alot of BMX information out there to alot
of people around the world that dont know about the
BMX sport and it is all open source.

I try and do my best with it, but get little help from the
BMX race community its like the BMX race community
dont care less they get payed.

A pay web site, yes you will get your die-hards that
will pay but they aready know of the bmx sport, dont they?
What about them people that don`t know about the sport?

I guess I have to come up with another excuse to tell
people why the ABA is charging money and why there
school has black listed the ABA web site and they cant
view it from there offices exta and that you now have to
be rich and loaded with lots of money to view the ABA
documentation on BMX Racing.

So if you don`t have much money,
BMX Racing is not a sport to get your kids in to.........
Now thats a real nice tag line to say, but I hope I don`t
have to start saying them tag lines..... It will suck.......

The ABA would make more money by doing sales
of car windo washes on the side of the freeway than
they would by trying to scam money from kids on
the world wide web.............

Don`t wast your time or money with this new pay ABA BMX.tv web site
Save your money and time, surf the "BMX" world wide web for FREE! ....

Just my rant and rave, and if you don`t like it , BITE ME! ABA!


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