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Gene`s BMX News ( Commentary ) -- 04/14/2006
You say Waste, Ok less talk alittle waste with BMX.
You want some waste? Ok Ill show you some bmx waste.

Talking BMX Racing in the Northwest of the USA..
Just so we all know where we are at in the world.

Here in The Northwest the ABA pulls in to the area
once a year and hosts the Great Northwest Nationals
Its one of the best BMX events in the Northwest held
every year, and something for most of the BMXers
in the area to look forward too each year. Great event!

The ABA Great Northwest Nationals BMX event is
way cool, but how it is done is one of the biggest
wastes there is in the sport of BMX. For the last 5
years now the ABA has hosted the Great Northwest
Nationals in Pasco, Washington at the Trac Arena (Indoor)
and everything works out fine for everyone or it seem so,

So what is the Waste Im talking about? OK, Pasco,
Washington does NOT have a BMX track at all, So the
ABA spends 3 or 4 good days building one of the best
BMX track to host the Great Northwest Nationals event,
BUT after the BMX event, they rip out the BMX track.....

I have to say the ABA can build some good BMX tracks.
But "Build it for a 3 day event, Then they rip it out" hmmm!

The Great Northwest Nationals has been hosted in Pasco
Washington for the last 5 years now, That's "5" BMX tracks
that the ABA builds for a 3 day event, Then they rip it out.

CAN WE SAY - ABA BMX WASTE! - well, it is........

Yes Pasco and the Trac Arena is a good place
to host an event But 5 bmx tracks that could have
been built into other towns/citys around in Washington
state that don't have a BMX track and left there after
the National event to better the sport of BMX and chances
are it would make the BMX racing community grow abit
more than it is today. It beats building it for a 3 day event
then ripping it out - don't it?

I know this is not done this way just in Pasco, Washington
Take the Corn Husker Nationals in Kearney, NE It was done
this way just this year, build it for a 3 day event,
then rip it out.

Why Waste a good BMX track? why not build it and leave
it for the towns that don't have a BMX track...........

Now we all wonder how all them Skate Parks are in
just about every town/city in the USA, We don't see
to many skate parks getting built then ripped out now
do we? It seems that the skate parks are doing some
thing right - You think?

There some true BMX Waste for you all.....

You say "problems", Who is going to run left over tracks?
It don't really take many people to run a skate park. So
how about Recreational BMX Tracks. - Think about it!

I say, Yes - a good running BMX track does take someone
or a group to run it But a BMX track can also be used as
a Recreational BMX Track as well as the Skate Parks do.

Yes, Im going to advocate on Recreational BMX Tracks
as well as on the on going Sanctioned BMX Tracks.
As it can happen and it can work If people just
push for it.

How do you think most of the Skate Parks get put in?
People push for them, in some cases events are used.

So why can't National Event BMX tracks be placed in
towns/citys around in the USA. Yes - use it for an event,
Then leave it for recreational use. With a "Maybe" that
someone would step up and run it as a sanctioned track.
If someone did not step up to run it, recreational use kicks
in. It beats building it for a 3 day event then ripping it out
- don't it? + it helps get the word of BMX racing out there.
Also giving a place for youth in towns/citys a place to ride.

A little proof for you all that recreational bmx tracks can
happen and work, is in Central Washington ( Eastern Washington )

Back in the 1980s a BMX track was built and it run for 3 years
as an ABA track. The track still sits in place in a park to
day where area youth play on it as an Recreational BMX Track.
Also its giving a small group of teens something to do today,
as in a place to ride there BMX bikes and trying to rebuild it up.
The track has some history to it, but looks like it has been doing
a good job of giving a place for the area youth Recreational BMX.

This BMX track sits in small town Quincy, Washington
( some photos and history tid-bits about it )

Also another small Recreational BMX Track in
Waterville, Washington ( Eastern Washington )
( some photos and history tid-bits about it )
Also note this BMX track was never sanctioned.
But it does get allot of use by area youth. It was
build in the 1980s aswell just for Recreational BMX.

And a little bit up-to-date still here in Eastern Washington is the
NEW Moses Lake BMX Track. It is now an ABA sanctioned
track but is also an Recreational BMX track. Built in fall 2004
it sat for a year with nothing happening with it. I think it talks
for its self -
Its Quoted as the biggest-longest BMX track in Washington state.
But this track, it shows on how Recreational BMX can play in roll.

Im going to say with the given history of the 2 older BMX tracks
and both of them still sit and support BMX as Recreational BMX
It can also happen in today's world as well, just like the Skate
Parks are in just about every given town/city in the USA.

The ABA Great Northwest Nationals in Pasco, Washington
"5" BMX tracks of Waste. - but the event is kick butt.
If the ABA was to build there Pasco National BMX tracks
in any given town/city and LEAVE it and Not WASTE it,
- it would and could HELP the BMX Racing community.


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