2024 BMX Olympics Information
Paris, France

The Fast And Furious Sport Of BMX - Will Be Making Its Fifth Olympic Appearance
At Paris 2024 Olympic Games On July 26th, 2024 to August 11th 2024 In Paris, France
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In The Sport Of BMX: - We All Come From Unique Places. With Unique Ways Of
Looking At The World. We Don`t Always Agree. - But For A Few Shinning Weeks,
We Sit It All Aside. We Come Together To Stand And Cheer And Celebrate As One.
We Forget All The Things That Make Us Different And Remember All Of The Things
That Makes Us The Same. Its The Olympic Games - BMX, Come Together In Sport.


Information And Link Sources:- 2024 Paris Olympics BMX:

The Games Of The 33rd Olympiad:
The Paris Olympic Games Starts On July 26th, 2024 And Runs Until August 11th, 2024.

* www.paris2024.org/en

* https://www.paris2024.org/en/concorde-urban-park = Olympic BMX Freestyle Venue.
La Concorde Has Been Chosen To Stage The BMX Freestyle, Temporarily To Become An Urban Park.
La Concorde Will Be Temporary, Grouping Together And Sharing Resources For Four Sports At One Venue.

* https://www.paris2024.org/en/venue/saint-quentin-en-yvelines-bmx-stadium = Olympic BMX Race Venue.
Legacy:- The BMX Track Will Be Redesigned And Specially Laid Out For The Paris 2024 Olympics.
After The Games The Staging Will Disappear, The BMX Track Will Continue To Welcome Riders.

* https://www.paris2024.org/en/sport/bmx-racing = Info About Cycling BMX Racing.
* https://www.paris2024.org/en/sport/bmx-freestyle = Info About Cycling BMX Freestyle.

The Paris Olympic Games BMX Racing and Freestyle July 30th, 2024 To August 02nd, 2024.

* Paris 2024 Olympic Competition Schedule: = schedule is subject to change.
The BMX Freestyle Events Will Take Place On July 30th and 31st 2024.
The BMX Race Events Will Take Place On August 01st and 02nd 2024.

* www.olympic.org + * olympics.com/paris-2024 + * www.olympicchannel.com
* olympics.com/cycling-bmx-racing + * olympics.com/cycling-bmx-freestyle

* olympics.com:- UCI BMX Freestyle: Paris 2024 Qualification System.PDF = .PDF File.

08/02/2022: * How To Qualify For BMX Racing Paris 2024. The Olympics Qualification System Explained.
* olympics.com:- UCI BMX Racing: Paris 2024 Qualification System.PDF = .PDF File.

* www.uci.org + * UCI BMX Racing + * UCI BMX Freestyle + * UCI Olympic Games.

******* UCI BMX Racing Olympic Ranking Points Events For The Paris 2024 Olympics:
* 09/24-25/2022 - UCI BMX Racing World Cup Rounds 05 & 06 - Bogota, Colombia.
* 10/01-02/2022 - UCI BMX Racing World Cup Rounds 07& 08 - Bogota, Colombia.
* 06/10-11/2023 - UCI BMX Racing World Cup Rounds 01 & 02 - TBA.
* 06/24-25/2023 - UCI BMX Racing World Cup Rounds 03 & 04 - TBA.
* 08/03-13/2023 - UCI BMX Racing World Championships - Glasgow, Scotland UK.
* 09/23-24/2023 - UCI BMX Racing World Cup Rounds 05 & 06 - TBA.
* 10/07-08/2023 - UCI BMX Racing World Cup Rounds 07 & 08 - TBA.
* 10/14-15/2023 - UCI BMX Racing World Cup Rounds 09 & 10 - TBA. = *only if same stop as 07-08.
* 10/21-22/2023 - Pan American Games BMX Racing - Santiago de Chile + calendar.
* 05/00-00/2024 - UCI BMX Racing World Championships - Rock Hill, South Carolina USA.

* www.teamusa.org

* www.usacycling.org | * USAC:- BMX Race | * USAC:- BMX Freestyle | * USAC:- Team USA Olympics

* www.nbc olympics.com | * www.nbc olympics.com/Cycling | * Schedule - Note: ( Feeds Viewable In The USA Only. )

* Gene`s BMX YouTube Videos: - Lots Of Olympic BMX Videos Listed Via On The
YT Playlist: ( * Gene`s BMX - YouTube Videos Playlists: - 2024 Paris Olympics BMX. )


2024 Paris Olympics BMX News Down Below: By Date New To Old.
The BMX News Sources Listed Are To An Array Of Internet Sources...
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10-02-2022: * The UCI BMX Racing World Cup #05-to-08 Bogota, Colombia September 24th To October 02nd.
WC Round #08 Winners: Women Elite:- Mariana Pajon -and- Men Elite:- Joris Daudet.
WC Round #07 Winners: Women Elite:- Laura Smulders -and- Men Elite:- Joris Daudet.
WC Round #06 Winners: Women Elite:- Laura Smulders -and- Men Elite:- Cameron Wood.
WC Round #05 Winners: Women Elite:- Bethany Shriever -and- Men Elite:- Niek Kimmann.

* UCI BMX Racing World Cup Rounds #07-&-#08 - Bogota, Colombia - October 01st-02nd, 2022..
* UCI BMX Racing World Cup Rounds #05-&-#06 - Bogota, Colombia September 24th-25th, 2022.

* YouTube Videos Playlist: - UCI BMX Racing World Cup # 05-to-08 Bogota, Colombia.

* Olympics Channel:- Watch Live The 2022 UCI BMX Racing World Cups # 7-&-8 Bogota, Colombia.
* Olympics Channel:- Watch Live The 2022 UCI BMX Racing World Cups # 5-&-6 Bogota, Colombia.

10-04-2022: * USOC + Team USA:- Cameron Wood, Alise Willoughby Race Into Podium Finishes At WC.
10-04-2022: * Olympics.com News:- Mariana Pajon Exclusive: For Me It Is To Inspire People.
10-03-2022: * UCI News:- UCI BMX Racing World Cup: Smulders And Andre Winners In Elite Category.
10-02-2022: * Cycling New Zealand:- Double New Zealand Victories At UCI BMX World Cup Finale.
10-02-2022: * BMX Racing Group:- Joris Daudet Wins Both Days At The UCI BMX SX World Cup.
10-02-2022: * Olympics.com News:- Mariana Pajon Claims Fairytale World Cup Season-Ending Win.
10-02-2022: * WC Round #08 Results:- * Final-Men-Elite. | -And- * Final-Women-Elite.
10-02-2022: * Craig Dutton Photos:- UCI BMX Racing World Cup #08 Bogota, Colombia.
10-01-2022: * Olympics.com News:- Laura Smulders Claims Overall Womens Title And Round 7 Results.
10-01-2022: * WC Round #07 Results:- * Final-Men-Elite. | -And- * Final-Women-Elite.
10-01-2022: * Craig Dutton Photos:- UCI BMX Racing World Cup #07 Bogota, Colombia.
09-30-2022: * Olympics.com News:- BMX Racing World Cup Bogota: Who Will Be Crowned Overall Champion?
09-30-2022: * Olympics.com News:- Remember Cameron Wood, Team USAs Next BMX Olympic Champion?
09-29-2022: * Olympics.com News:- How To Watch Mariana Pajon In Rounds 7 And 8 Of BMX World Cup.
09-28-2022: * USOC + Team USA:- Cameron Wood Captures First BMX Racing World Cup Win In Bogota.
09-28-2022: * Mongoose Bicycles:- Cam Wood Wins UCI BMX Racing World Cup In Bogota.
09-27-2022: * USA Cycling:- Team USA Recap 6 Podiums With A BMX World Cup Win In Bogota.
09-27-2022: * UCI News:- After A Three-Month Break The UCI BMX Racing World Cup Returned.
09-26-2022: * Olympics.com News:- UCI BMX Racing World Cup In Bogota Rounds 7 And 8: Preview.
09-25-2022: * Cycling New Zealand:- Three Kiwi Top-8s In Bogota Colombia At UCI BMX World Cup.
09-25-2022: * Olympics.com News:- Series Leader Smulders Tightens Grip As Woods Claims First Victory.
09-25-2022: * WC Round #06 Results:- * Final-Men-Elite. | -And- * Final-Women-Elite.
09-25-2022: * Craig Dutton Photos:- UCI BMX Racing World Cup #06 Bogota, Colombia.
09-24-2022: * Olympics.com News:- Olympic Champions Shriever And Kimmann Top Podium At Round #05.
09-24-2022: * WC Round #05 Results:- * Final-Men-Elite. | -And- * Final-Women-Elite.
09-24-2022: * Craig Dutton Photos:- UCI BMX Racing World Cup #05 Bogota, Colombia.
09-22-2022: * Olympics.com News:- How To Watch Mariana Pajon In Rounds 5 And 6 Of BMX World Cup.
09-20-2022: * Australia Cycling:- 2022 BMX Racing World Cup Reaches Final Stages.
09-19-2022: * Olympics.com News:- UCI BMX Racing World Cup In Bogota Rounds 5 And 6: Preview.
09-00-2022: * Website:-http://www.federacioncolombianadeciclismo.com ( * BMX )
09-00-2022: * UCI BMX Racing World Cup Bogota, Colombia Competition Guide.PDF = .PDF File.
09-00-2022: * Note: - This WC Is A BMX Olympic Ranking Points Event For The 2024 Paris Olympics.

09-30-2022: * Buchanan, Michigan USA:- Buchanan Mural Celebrates Hannah Roberts Olympic Ride.
The finishing touches are drying on a new mural in Buchanan honoring an Olympian who was born and raised there.
Hannah Roberts represented the United States and Michiana at the Tokyo Olympic Games last summer, bringing home
silver in the BMX Freestyle. Jeff Zimmerman is the artist who was commissioned to create this mural honoring her.

09-15-2022: * Auckland, New Zealand:- Olympian Rebecca Petch Drops BMX To Chase More Track Medals.
Olympic racer Rebecca Petch has stepped away from her BMX career to concentrate on her newfound love for
track cycling at Paris 2024. I have decided to step away from BMX racing and look to explore track cycling more,
and am excited for the new challenges ahead of me. I will miss BMX being a big part of my life, but youll still
catch me down at the track, having a cheeky play session when I can.

09-14-2022: * Inside The Games:- Place De La Concorde To Be Renovated Before Paris 2024.
The Place de la Concorde in Paris, set to host four sports at the 2024 Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games
Opening Ceremony, is to undergo a major renovation programme expected to cost €900,000 (£780,000/$900,000).
As part of the plan, street lighting around the square will be completely replaced before the Games. BMX freestyle,
breaking, 3x3 basketball and skateboarding are scheduled to take place in an urban sports park built for the Games.

09-10-2022: * USOC + Team USA:- BMX Racer Brooke Crain Shares Why Suicide Prevention Is Important.
Two-time Olympic BMX racer Brooke Crain used to be someone who kept secrets. But not anymore. I am
somebody who has struggled with mental health and being suicidal for years, she admitted. Looking back
on it, Crain said, her struggles stemmed from her first big secret.

08-22-2022: * Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia:- Malaysias BMX Bikers Shine In Asian Championships.
The future looks bright for Malaysias young BMX riders Eddyna Nasuhar Zainal Abidin, Amer Akbar Anuar
and Saniy Syahmi Mohd Safie. All three finished on the podium after a tough weekend of racing at the Asian
Championships (Saturday) and Malaysian International Championships (Sunday) which were held back-to-back
at the BMX National Arena in Nilai. Both events offered qualifying points for the 2024 Paris Olympics.

08-16-2022: * Inside The Games:- Olympic BMX Champion Fields Retires One Year After Horrific Crash.
Rio 2016 Olympic BMX champion Connor Fields has announced his retirement. The American athlete suffered
a horrific crash at the postponed Tokyo 2020 Olympics last year. The crash resulted in Fields suffering from brain
shearing and bleeding, a collapsed lung and a broken rib. I wanted to go out on my own terms, and in a way, I still
am, despite the thing that I love most nearly ending my life, Fields said on social media. I am still here, still riding
and still that same kid who loved BMX. Starting today, when I ride BMX, It will be for fun. Also: YouTube Video:-
Thank You BMX. by Connor Fields
. Also News: Las Vegas Review-Journal & NBC Sports & ABA-USA BMX.

08-05-2022: * USADA:- U.S. BMX Athlete Lucas Howes Accepts Sanction For Anti-Doping Rule Violation.
USADA announced today that Lucas Howes, of Scottsdale, Ariz., an athlete in the sport of BMX, has accepted a
three-month period of ineligibility for an anti-doping rule violation. Howes, 24, tested positive for 11-nor-9-carboxy
-tetrahydrocannabinol (Carboxy-THC), a urinary metabolite of ?9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the main psychoactive
constituent of cannabis, marijuana, and hashish, above the urinary Decision Limit of 180 ng/mL, as the result of a
sample collected in competition at Elite BMX Nationals on May 15, 2022. Cannabis, marijuana, and hashish are
Specified Substances in the class of Cannabinoids and are prohibited in competition under the USADA Protocol for
Olympic and Paralympic Movement Testing, the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee National Anti-
Doping Policy, and the International Cycling Union Anti-Doping Rules, all of which have adopted the World Anti-
Doping Code and the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Prohibited List.

08-02-2022: * Olympics.com:- How To Qualify For BMX Racing Paris 2024. The Olympics Qualification System Explained.
At the Olympic Games Paris 2024, 48 athletes (24 men and 24 women) will compete for the podium. France, as host
country, will receive one quota place per gender, with one more per gender reserved for the Universality places.
It leaves 44 more quotas that need to be earned on the road to Paris 2024. Discover everything you need to know
about the qualification system for BMX racing for the next Olympic Games.

07-27-2022: * IOC News:- Excitement Builds For Paris 2024 As Olympic Qualifiers Get Underway.
Over 100,000 athletes around the world have begun their journey to the Olympic Games Paris 2024. They are on their
way to earning one of the available spots at the Games, with more than 3,000 competitions taking place in the next
two years until June 2024, The Olympic Games are about the athletes. With two years to go, it is exciting to see the
focus on the athletes all over the world who are starting on the road to the Olympic Games, striving to perform at
their best in the various Olympic qualifying events and reach the Olympic stage in Paris.

07-26-2022: * IOC News:- With Two Years Until Paris 2024 IOC President Looks Ahead To New Era Of Olympic Games.
With two years to go until the Olympic Games Paris 2024 begin, International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Thomas
Bach expressed his sense of anticipation for a new era of the Olympic Games. This followed his meeting yesterday with
French President Emmanuel Macron and a visit to the Paris 2024 offices.

07-10-2022: * Auckland, New Zealand:- Rebecca Petch Turns Barista To Fund Double Push For Gold At Paris 2024.
One of New Zealands leading BMX riders is taking a different path as she looks to juggle life as a track cyclist.
Tokyo Olympian Rebecca Petch will race in the womens team sprint at the Birmingham Commonwealth Games
and success in both over the next couple of years could see her compete in two disciplines at Paris 2024.

07-04-2022: * UCI News:- Paris 2024 Olympic And Paralympic Games: Qualification For Cycling Events Unveiled.
Following their approval by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the International Paralympic Committee
(IPC) respectively, the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) has published on its website the qualification systems
for the cycling events of the 2024 Olympic Games (26 July to 11 August) and Paralympic Games (28 August to 8
September) in Paris (France). For BMX Racing, the total quota of 48 places is made up of 22 men and 22 women
plus four additional places (two per gender): two for the host country and two universality places.

04-01-2022: * IOC News:- The IOC Launches New Four-Sport Olympic Qualifier Series For Paris 2024.
The International Olympic Committee (IOC) is launching a new four-sport Olympic qualifier series for Paris 2024.
This is an Olympic Agenda 2020+5 project, which was presented today to the IOC Executive Board. The new IOC
-led Olympic qualifier series will include four sports – BMX freestyle, breaking, skateboarding, and sport climbing.

03-06-2022: * Inside The Games:- Colombian Olympic Committee Meets Coaches To Plot Course To Paris 2024.
The Colombian Olympic Committee (COC) has begun a series of meetings to lay out coaching plans for the
Paris 2024 Olympic Games. The discipline is one of Colombias best, with Mariana Pajon and Carlos Ramírez
winning silver and bronze medals, respectively, in the womens and mens races at Tokyo 2020. The Colombians
have won six BMX racing medals in the four Games since it made an Olympic debut at Beijing 2008.

09-06-2021: * British Cycling:- British Cycling Plots Path To Paris Following Record-Breaking Tokyo Games.
British Cycling has today published its strategy to 2024 following record-breaking success at the Tokyo
Olympic and Paralympic Games, supporting the organisation to grow the sport and enable more people within
its communities to discover cycling. With a focused purpose to Lead our sport, inspire our communities,
the strategy will guide the organisations work through to the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games,
while supporting the development of the sports grassroots.

08-11-2021: * Rock Hill, South Carolina USA:- Rock Hill Twins Have Sights Set On 2024 Olympics In Paris.
Twin sisters Emily and Ashley Hayes moved to Rock Hill from Colorado Springs to train at the BMX Supercross
track, which attracts the best racers in the world. The twins, 19, are rising stars on the Pro BMX circuit.
Including going for gold at the 2024 Olympics in Paris.

08-09-2021: * Inside The Games:- Olympic Flag Arrives In France From Tokyo For Paris 2024.
The Olympic Flag arrived in France today from Japan, symbolising the handover from the Tokyo 2020 Games to Paris
2024, as the remaining athletes from the country returned home. Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo led the delegation off
the plane at Roissy-Charles de Gaulle airport near Paris. There are less than three years until the Paris 2024 Games,
one less than the usual Olympic cycle after Tokyo 2020 was postponed by a year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

08-08-2021: * Tokyo 2020:- Paris 2024 Olympic Games Top Five Things To Know.
On 8 August, the Tokyo 2020-1 Olympic Games came to an end with the Closing Ceremony, which included the hand
over of the Olympic flag from the Governor of Tokyo, Yuriko Koike, to the Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo. And while
the Paris 2024 Olympic Games may still be a few years away, its never too early to get excited about the Games of
the XXXIII Olympiad! With that in mind, here are the top five things to know about the Paris 2024 Olympic Games,
including a brand new sport, a venue in the Pacific, emblem design, and more.

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