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(~~~ News From In The Pacific Northwest = April 2021 ~~~)

* Back On Track: Moses Lake BMX Sees Huge Spring Kickoff.
Moses Lake, Washington USA -- 04/06/2021
Saturdays kickoff race at 610 Yakima Ave. was five times bigger than anyone expected it to be, said
track operator Brandon Holland. Seventy-three riders took to the track, most of whom were from out
of town, representing a spectrum of ages and skill levels, Holland said.


* Guest Editorial: Why Cant We Make Bikes In The US?.
Boulder, CO USA ( BRAIN ) -- 03/18/2021
OK, so right from the get-go, I will come clean and tell you that I don't have a background in economics,
finance, or supply chain/logistics. So, perhaps what I am going to write below will be seen as pie-in-the
-sky idealism at best, or total naivete, at worst. I want to know why, aside from the original reason -
Americans wanting less expensive goods cant the bike industry find the will to start manufacturing bikes
and components in the United States again? ( More )

* Broken Chain: Why Not Build More Factories? Heres Why.
Boulder, CO USA ( BRAIN ) -- 03/09/2021
Three years ago, social media feeds filled with colorful, striking images of abandoned share bikes in China,
piled into teetering mountains. They shocked the world, or at least inspired use of shocked emojis for a few
hours.In the Chinese industry, the share-bike collapse lasted more than one news cycle. It may even help
explain why its hard to find bikes in the U.S., which got 88% of its bikes from China last year. After the share
-bike debacle, manufacturers are wary of another boom-bust. ( More )


03/03/2021:- 2021 USA BMX Great Northwest Nationals Has Been Cancelled Due To Covid Restrictions.

* ABA-USA BMX Great Northwest Nationals April 09th - 11th, 2021 In Redmond, Oregon Cancelled.

Quote:- We regret to inform you that the 2021 USA BMX Great Northwest nationals has been cancelled
due to Covid restrictions. We are truly heartbroken for our members in the Northwest that were
planning to attend this event. The Redmond event has been a staple on the national schedule for
many years & we cannot wait to bring the event back in the future.

At this time we would like to let everyone know that we are shifting the Lumberjack Nationals that
will take place August 27th-29th at Spokane BMX to a 3-day national. We feel this is the best thing
to do in order to give another score option for the Northwest riders.

We are proud to announce that a national event will still take place during the weekend of April 9th-11th.
We are shifting to Gretna BMX Raceway located in Gretna, Louisiana for the 2-day Bayou Classic Nationals.
Gretna BMX is an awesome track with a great group of volunteers that will have things dialed for all that
attend. We will get the hotels sourced as soon as possible, as well as, the event ad for this National.

As always, we appreciate your patience & understanding as we continue to navigate through these strange times.


(~~~ News From In The Pacific Northwest = February 2021 ~~~)

* Cycling Groups Call For An End To Helmet Laws After A Study Showed Inequity Of Enforcement.
Seattle, Washington USA ( BRAIN )-- 02/23/2021
In the Seattle area, Black people, who make up 8% of the population, received 17% of the tickets.
With a new study showing Seattle police have ticketed Black riders not wearing helmets nearly four
times the rate as white riders since 2003, multiple advocacy groups are working to decriminalize
helmet use in the city and in King County.

* Pandemic Fuels Break-Ins And Retailer Cooperation.
Portland, Oregon USA ( BRAIN )-- 02/10/2021
Smash-and-grab thefts from bike shops have risen dramatically during the COVID-19 pandemic. But the phenomenon
has led shop owners in several markets to start organizing and cooperating to share information. Some also are
working more closely with local law enforcement, with mixed results.

* Pumptrack Funding Falling Into Place For Construction This Year.
Port Angeles, Washington USA -- 02/03/2021
As we reported back in October, Port Angeles Parks and Recreation is planning a major new facility at Erickson
Playfield called a pumptrack, and theres new progress to report. Think of a pumptrack as a cross between the
Lincoln Park BMX track and the skatepark at the playfield. Pumptracks are designed to accommodate almost.


01/27/2021 - Observation Note:- Gene`s BMX Facebook ( Profile ) BMX News:- Gene`s BMX Posted:
* A Letter To Team USA Athletes From USOPC CEO Sarah Hirshland On Preparing For The Tokyo Games.
Gene`s BMX Notes:- On January 20th, 2021 I Posted An AP Photo Of The Presidential Inauguration And Everyone
Says No Politics In The Sport Of BMX. - I Hope That By Posting This News PR From The USOC Showing The US Flag
Via In There Logo Is Not To Political In BMX For Anyone. - If So, To Bad. Live With It. And Good Luck Team USA.

Photo:- Joe Biden Is Sworn In As The 46th President Of The United States By Chief Justice John Roberts As
Jill Biden Holds The Bible During The 59th Presidential Inauguration At The U.S. Capitol In Washington DC,
On Wednesday, January 20th, 2021, As Their Children Ashley And Hunter Watch.

01/20/2021 - Observation Note:- Gene`s BMX Facebook ( Profile ) BMX News:. Gene`s BMX Posted ( Above Photo )
On The FB Wall In Respect Of The New Leader Of The United States Of America And In Lieu Of Cycling:- BMX.
People Replyed Posted In The Comments A Lot Of Foul Language And Saying No Politics In BMX & Un-Friended
Gene`s BMX FB After Comment Posts. - Facebook. com Has Removed The Photo Post And Comments. And For
The Record, - Like It Or Not, There Is Politics In The Sport Of BMX. -- Every BMX Track In The USA Flys The
American Flag And Sings Or Plays The American National Anthem. People Shoud Respect The President As Well.
"LOL" At The People That Un-Friended Gene`s BMX As I Get The Last Word Here, Not You. Geneb - Gene`s BMX.


(~~~ News From In The Pacific Northwest = January 2021 ~~~)

* Clallam County Commissioners Approve Lodging Tax Grants Visitors Bureau, ODT, BMX Among Recipients.
Port Angeles, Washington USA -- 01/06/2021
$100,000 to the Lincoln Park BMX Association: The Lincoln Park BMX Association will use the $100,000
grant for infrastructure improvements at the outdoor track in west Port Angeles, Johnson said.

* Idaho Man To Compete For $100,000 On New TBS Extreme Talent Show Snoop Dogg is A Judge.
Boise, Idaho USA -- 01/05/2021
Will Eastern Idahos 28-year-old tricycle trickster go big or go home? Although hes an Idaho native and graduated
from Firth High School, Downs relocated to Draper, Utah, and has lived out of a bag” since joining the touring
Nitro Circus, according to a 2018 Post Register article. He also rides for Utah-based Fezzari Bicycles.


* 2020 BMX Olympics Information Tokyo, Japan.
On March 24th, 2020 The International Olympic Committee (IOC) And The Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee
Postponed The 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games Till Some Time In 2021 In The Context Of The Coronovirus. - And
On March 30th, 2020 The Olympic Organizers Announce New Dates For Tokyo July 23rd To August 08th, 2021.
On July 17th, 2020 Olympic Organizers Set New Dates For BMX July 29th, 2021 To August 01st, 2021. ( More )


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