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Schwinn Merry BMXmas!

( Click On Photo For Full Size )
Santa knows good trash when he sees it.
Because whether you`re kicking up dirt or
cruising down pavement, Schwinn Phantom
Scrambler is one honkin machine. And you
can`t get it anywhere except your around--
the-corner Schwinn Dealer. 1980 Schwinn.


12/16/2013 - Dorel Industries + Pacific Cycle Brings Back The Powerlite BMX
Bicycles To The Mass Market. Check Out The Powerlite Brawler ( Photo.jpg )
A 20-Inch BMX Freestyle Bicycle, Neon Green. For More Information See:
* www.pacificcycle.com/20-boys-powerlite-brawler.

Question and Answer: Who Owns Powerlite?
Since September 11th, 2001 Pacific Cycle and Dorel Industries
2004 the owners of Pacific Cycle, They both are the owners of
the Schwinn/GT bicycles And Powerlite Bikes. The Powerlite Bike
brand is part of the Dorel Industries + Pacific Cycle portfolio.
* www.genesbmx.com/photos/powerlite-bmx-bikes-2001.html.


* Executive Board Meets To Discuss Olympic Agenda 2020.
The International Olympic Committee (IOC) -- 12/14/2013
Quote: - The decisions included: Some new sports and disciplines not currently
on the Olympic Programme will be showcased at the Nanjing Youth Olympic Games
in 2014 IE: Skateboarding. Also The Executive Board agreed a study for an Olympic
TV Channel by OBS.


* USA Cycling USOC Host High-Level BMX Technical Course For Pan American Coaches.
Chula Vista, Calif. USA ( USA Cycling ) 12/13/2013
Last week, 25 coaches from the United States and Pan American countries assembled
at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, Calif., for the Pan American Sports
Organization (PASO) High Level Technical Course focusing on BMX. The gathering was
a collaborative effort between the U.S. Olympic Committee (USOC) and USA Cycling, and
was funded by PASO.


(~~~ News From In The Pacific Northwest = December 2013 ~~~)

* Eagle Wants To Buy Part Of Sports Complex Cancel Lease.
Boise, Idaho USA -- 12/27/2013
Seeking a solution to its land use dispute with Ada County, Eagle City Council members
said Thursday they want to buy part of the Ada Eagle Sports Complex. If the county accepts
the offer, the city wants to terminate the lease, putting responsibility for maintenance
and operations of the rest of the complex, including the BMX track, in the countys hands.
Also Via: * www.ktvb.com/Eagle-city-council-wants-to-buy-land-for-terrain-park.html

* No Decision For Eagle Sports Complex Yet; Buying Land Is Out.
Boise, Idaho USA -- 12/19/2013
Ada County Commissioners and Eagle City Council members began their Eagle Sports
Complex discussion meeting and agreed that a decision regarding the park will not be made
just yet. Instead, leaders will continue an ongoing discussion of how to move forward with the
planned park. Residents who own homes right next to the park still have noise concerns. We
up on the hill can hear the BMX races and the announcing, Now thats just with the races.

* Accell Restructuring U.S. Warehouse System.
Kent, Washington USA -- 12/09/2013
Seattle Bike Supply has closed its Dallas, Texas, facility as it restructures its warehouse
network. It also will close warehouses in Rancho Dominguez, California, and Reynoldsburg,
Ohio, within the month. SBS will merge its Rancho Dominguez and Reynoldsburg warehouses
with existing Raleigh facilities in Ontario, California, and Pataskala, Ohio. (Pataskala is near
Columbus.) The Reynoldsburg warehouse is 15 miles from Pataskala and the Rancho Dominguez
facility is 45 miles from Ontario. SBS will maintain its current distribution center in Kent, Wash.

* Soutk Kitsap Skate Park Tagged With Graffiti For Second Time.
Port Orchard - South Kitsap, Washington USA -- 12/05/2013
For the second time this year, the South Kitsap Skate Park has been tagged with graffiti.
The latest incident happened Nov. 28 or Nov. 29 when multiple portions of the skate park
were tagged with spray paint. South Kitsap Skate Park Association member Ian Wilhelm
discovered the graffiti Sun morning about 7:30 p.m. while he was driving past the skate park.

* Bike Park Raises Money For Fallen Officers.
Portland, Oregon USA -- 12/03/2013
BMX bikers filled an indoor bike park in Northeast Portland Monday for a fundraiser for
the families of fallen police officers. Lumberyard Bike Park on Northeast 82nd Avenue
gave 50 percent of its proceeds on Monday to the Fallen Badge Foundation which supports
officers killed in the line of duty, including Oregon City reserve officer Robert Libke.


ABA-USA BMX 2013 Grand National Pro Series Final In Tulsa, Oklahoma USA
November 28th, To December 01st, 2013. www.usabmx.com/webcast

Info: ABA-USA BMX 2013 Grand National Pro Series Final Event:
* www.usabmx.com/site/bmx_races/35460 - BMX Grand National + Results.
* www.usabmx.com/site/bmx_races/35459 - Presidents Cup / Race Of Champions + Results.

Photos: * BMX Mania.com Report Page: ABA-USA BMX 2013 Grand National Pro Series.
Videos: * Youtube.com/Genesbmx/Playlist/ABA-USA BMX 2013 Grand National Pro Series.
This YouTube Playlist Has Re-Play Videos Of Live Web Casts + A Few Others To Watch.

News: ABA-USA BMX 2013 Grand National Pro Series Final Event:
* 12-30-2013: Riverside High Student Stars In BMX Nationals.
* 12-23-2013: BMXer Aidan Webber Impresses In Oklahoma.
* 12-21-2013: BMX Murrieta Girl, 7 Claims National Title.
* 12-20-2013: 6th Grader Wins BMX Race Of Champions.
* 12-17-2013: Asheville Boy Wins BMX National Title.
* 12-11-2013: Local BMX Boys Kick Butt At Grand Nationals.
* 12-10-2013: Australia Matthew White Hot At Grand Nationals.
* 12-09-2013: Boy From Edwards Wins National BMX Title.
* 12-09-2013: Smittys BMX Racers Take Home Prizes From Tulsa.
* 12-04-2013: GT Bicycles: Race Report GT BMX Team Goes Big At Grand Nationals.
* 12-04-2013: Riding To Win Local Boys Take Part In BMX Championship.
* 12-02-2013: Sam Willoughby Wins Back To Back USA BMX Titles.
* 12-02-2013: SE Bicycles: Javier Colombo At the 2013 USA BMX Grand Nationals.
* 12-01-2013: USA BMX Grand Nationals Break Record For Biggest BMX Race Ever.
* 11-30-2013: BMX Grand Nationals Underway At River Spirit Expo Center.
* 11-29-2013: Chandlers Cyrus Hembree Thriving As BMX Racer.
* 11-29-2013: Flickr Photos: Strider World Cup At USA BMX Grands Nationals Tulsa.
* 11-28-2013: Colombian Gold Medalist Marian Pajon Is A Favorite To Win.
* 11-27-2013: Nontraditional Thanksgiving: Trading Turkey For The Race Track.
* 11-26-2013: Federal Way Siblings In Lead For BMX National No.1 Championship.
* 11-25-2013: Aidan Webber In Tulsa For Big BMX Competition.
* 11-25-2013: USA BMX 2013 Season Finale Returns To Tulsa.
* 11-21-2013: SE Bicycles: Donny Robinson In A Goodie Bag Near You.
* 11-19-2013: Strider Bikes: 2013 USA BMX Grands Thanksgiving Weekend In Tulsa.


* US BMX Cycling Athlete, Rogers, Accepts Sanction For Anti-Doping Rule Violation.
Colorado Springs, Colo. USA (USADA) -- 11/27/2013
USADA announced today that Jason Rogers, of Mesquite, Texas, an athlete in the
sport of cycling, has tested positive for a prohibited substance and accepted a nine
month suspension for his anti doping rule violation. Rogers, 28, tested positive for
Methylhexaneamine, a prohibited stimulant, as the result of an in competition urine
sample collected by the International Cycling Union (UCI) on March 8, 2013 at the
BMX Continental Championships in Oldsmar, Fla.


(~~~ News From In The Pacific Northwest = November 2013 ~~~)

* Federal Way Siblings In The Lead For BMX National No.1 Championship In Tulsa.
Federal Way, Washington USA (PRWEB) -- 11/26/2013
Brother/Sister Lain and Kelsey VanOgle head to Tulsa for the USA BMX Grands,
leading the points standings for USA BMX National Championships. Both professional
BMX racers and Olympians from all over the World will be joining North Americas fastest
amateur racers this weekend in Tulsa, Oklahoma, to compete for the illustrious USA BMX
No.1 Championships.

* Land Donor Not Crazy About Park Ideas.
Wenatchee, Washington USA -- 11/20/2013
Parks board members told Erickson they liked the idea of more open space and playground
equipment instead of a BMX bike area.. So, Shot Down Once Again, No BMX In Wenatchee.
A BMX Race Track On That Land Would Have Not Work Out To Well Anyways. To Small
Of An Area. Maybe A Pump BMX-MTB Track And Skate Park Might Have Worked, But
That Land Is A Bad Area Of Wenatchee. Lots Of Loud Rumbles From The Trains, Lots Of
Homeless People And Lots Of Trash. All And All, A Green Grass Park With A Few Flowers
And Shrubs Would Be Of The Best Thing For That Land To Be Turned Into A Park. Also
See 11/13/2013 - Photos: Hale Park Proposed Land - Wenatchee, Washington USA.
More About Hale Park Via: * www.genesbmx.com/apple-capital-recreation-loop-trail.html

* Eagle Council Member Wants To Stop Throwing Money Into A Park They Dont Own.
Eagle, Idaho USA -- 11/20/2013
Eagle city council met Wednesday to figure out what do about the Ada Eagle Sports
Complex. The complex would be open all year round and include a terrain park. Eagle
currently leases the land off Horseshoe Bend road and Floating Creek. The sports
complex has a BMX park, trails and a snowboarding area.

* Redline Bicycles Launches New Web Site Layout.
Seattle - Kent, Washington USA -- 11/19/2013
Redline Bicycles has launched a redesigned website, www.redlinebicycles.com that the
company said features numerous technical upgrades and presents the 2014 product line
in a more dynamic fashion. Redline, founded in 1974, is owned by Seattle Bike Supply,
an Accell Group company.

* Should Eugene Allow Skateboards On City Streets?.
Eugene, Oregon USA -- 11/14/2013
Electric bicycles on paved off road paths. And no riding or skating on city sidewalks.
Those three proposal are up for discussion Monday at the Eugene Public Library.
Bicyclist Elizabeth Miller isnt sure shed want to share the roads with people on
skateboards. I would be concerned about skateboarders only because when Ive
biked by them, they tend to step out really wide and Ive almost gotten hit by
them unexpectedly, she said. As a cyclist Id probably be pretty worried about it.

* Aggressive Cyclists Attacking Motorists, Pedestrians.
Seattle, Washington USA -- 11/09/2013
Dan McConnell met us where he had a violent encounter with a bicyclist last August.
The assault loosened some of his teeth. It happened in the center lane. I split both
of my lips, said McConnell. And my face was swollen. He and the cyclist were trying
to negotiate a narrow street near the Seattle Center. Also See KIRO 7 News Video.


(~~~ News From In The Pacific Northwest = October 2013 ~~~)

* BMX Club Wraps Up Last Season On McArthur Island.
Kamloops, B.C. Canada -- 10/29/2013
The BMX hills are straighter than a flat bike tire as the Kamloops BMX Club
moves from McArthur Island Park to its new location on Ord Road. Colleen Botchar,
track operator, said Tuesday the club just wrapped up its season and the transition
has worked so that the move will be done over winter. The build starts March 14.
Between now and then, we get our dirt moved.

* Community Roundup: Lake Stevens Brothers Win BMX Titles.
Everett - Sumner, Washington USA -- 10/29/2013
Brothers Lain Pesek and Talan Hemans of Lake Stevens won their respective
divisions in the 2013 Washington State BMX Championship Series that wrapped
up Sept. 29 at the River Valley BMX track in Sumner. Pesek, a student at North
Lake Middle School, won the 12 year old Expert Class. He placed third in the final
race of the season to finish with 118 points, edging the runner up by just two points.

* New FSA Headset Bearings Save Weight.
Mukilteo, Washington USA -- 10/28/2013
FSA's new Super Light ACB Bearings are up to 38 percent lighter than its
standard headset bearings, saving up to 9.2 grams per bearing with no loss
in durability, the company said. The new SL Bearings have the same chrome
steel inner / outer races and balls as standard FSA headset cartridge bearings.

* BRAIN Dealer Tour: Seattles Bike Community Varied And Strong.
Seattle, Washington USA -- 10/23/2013
The retailers were as varied as they come on the first day of BRAINs Dealer
Tour of Seattle. The tour started at mega retailer REIs flagship store, a stunning
and expansive retail space that caters to commuters and families. The jaunt also
visited Elliot Bay Bicycles, home of veteran custom frame builder Bill Davidson;
Alpine Hut, a family- and service-oriented bike and ski shop; and Bike Works, a
non profit shop that supports youth programs. Also See: Day 2. -&- Day 3.

* Pemberton Looking To Build On Grand Nationals Results.
Whistler, B.C. Canada -- 10/21/2013
Riders with the Pemberton BMX Club showed up to the track on Tuesday with
their trophies from the recent BMX Canada Grand Nationals in Chilliwack, and
theres no denying that it was an impressive collection. The event took place over
three days, and some of the racers came away with trophies from all three days.

* Sunnyview Skate Park Will Not Be Moved.
Sunnyside, Washington USA -- 10/21/2013
Sunnysides city manager said Sunnyview Skate Park will not be moved to a new
location. However, the city is still looking at building a new skate park. The city
looked into changes after skateboarders said it took too long to get to the park.
Skaters started using Central Park instead. That prompted Sunnyside to impose
a ban on skaters in that park. The ban has been lifted.

* Ephrata Uses Dedicated Funds To Improve Skate Park With Half Pipe.
Ephrata, Washington USA -- 10/17/2013
Ephrata skateboarders will see an improvement at the citys skate park.
The city council approved a $29,374 contract to purchase a half pipe
for the park, located near the Splash Zone. The city decided to move
forward on improvements to the skate parks after a set of residential
parks were delayed. Also See: - Ephrata Skate Park Page.

* Penticton BMX Riders Skills Improve With Coaching.
Penticton, B.C. Canada -- 10/17/2013
Developing skills was the focus for the Penticton BMX Club this season. Jeff Babuin,
president of the club, said it was a good year. Babuin was at the track every Monday
working with the keen riders as they readied themselves for the Thursday race day.
They had their final race at the Lions Club track Oct. 10. I saw a lot of improvement,

* Whistler BMX Ready And Waiting For Green Light On Track Site.
Whistler, B.C. Canada -- 10/17/2013
Whistler BMX has all the dirt it needs to build a track, just nowhere to put it.
Club officials are hopeful that will change in the near future. The municipality
has committed to working with Whistler BMX to find a suitable location to build
a course as part of the resorts Recreation and Leisure Master Plan, a draft of
which appeared before council earlier this month.

* Hale Park Site Concept Plans:
Wenatchee, Washington USA -- 10/17/2013
The process to create the conceptual plan for the Hale Park site is underway.
If you missed the Open House on October 16th, you can click here and download
a PDF for more information and copies of the four concept plans. Comments on
the plans are being accepted until October 28th. They use them to refine the concept
plan and create one plan for the site. This plan will be presented at the November
19th Parks and Recreation Advisory Board meeting for further review and comment.
The meeting is scheduled at Noon at City Hall. After this meeting, the plan will again
be refined and presented at a City Council work session in early 2014. Also See News
From 09/27/2013: Dog Area, Skateboard/BMX Park Top Ideas For Waterfront Land.

* 2013 BMX Canada Grand National Crowns New Champions.
Chilliwack, B.C. Canada -- 10/15/2013
More than 500 entries were from the Provinces of British Columbia, Ontario,
and Alberta, and nearly 300 entries were from 13 states throughout the United
States. The 2013 BMX Canada Grand National was held this past weekend in
Chilliwack, BC at Heritage Park.

* BMXers Earn State Plates.
Sequim - Sumner, Washington USA -- 10/14/2013
Twenty riders from the Port Angeles BMX group participated in the Washington State
Championship finals on Sept. 29 at River Valley BMX Track in Orting. It was quite the
mudfest, says Geri Thompson, but local riders survived the flood of water to bring home
some state plates and championships in their respective age groups and different bikes.

* BMX Track Proposed.
Keizer, Oregon USA -- 10/11/2013
This months proposed addition to Keizer Rapids Park: a BMX track for bicycle
riders and racers. Martin Trerise and Michelle Saavedra, who have operated the
Capitol City BMX at the Oregon State Fairgrounds in Salem since 2007, brought
the idea to Tuesdays Keizer Parks and Recreation Advisory Board meeting.

* BMX Canada Grand National At Chilliwack Heritage Park.
Chilliwack, B.C. Canada -- 10/10/2013
The Canadian Grand National will take place October 11-13 at Chilliwack Heritage Park.
The BMX Canada master track construction crew has built a challenging indoor track in
Chilliwack, where the BMX Canada National Titles will be awarded.

* Cross Training Speeds Up BMX Rider Josh Holland.
Penticton, B.C. Canada -- 10/10/2013
Mountain biking and running has paid dividends for Josh Holland. The Penticton
BMX Club member capped a strong season by competing at provincials in Prince
George in mid August where he took first in the cruiser category. During provincials,
Holland, 15, competed against riders his age and older.

* Spokane Skate Park U.T.F. Could Get New Home.
Spokane, Washington USA -- 10/10/2013
A proposal by the Spokane Parks and Recreation Department might mean more
good days for people like Sanders as the agency explores the idea of installing a
new skate park at Riverfront Park and demolishing UTF Skate Park. Plans to install
the new park are still in the early phases, Parks Director Leroy Eadie said, so dont
expect to see UTF closed anytime soon. Funding for the park may go before voters
on the November 2014 ballot. Also See: Park Board suggests moving skateboarders.

* Caldwell BMX Track Provides Race Course For All Skill Levels.
Caldwell, Idaho USA -- 10/05/2013
With dirt clods flying and bikers racing their way through the course, the
Caldwell BMX track provides a place for enthusiasts of the sport to get their
hearts pumping. The track is run by Jolene Schwyhart and her husband, Bobby.

* Effort To Bring Back Seattles Only Indoor Skate Park Rides On Community Support.
Seattle, Washington USA -- 10/03/2013
In a city that sees more rain than sun, it seems pretty simple to Bryce Phillips, Seattle is
the perfect place to have indoor skate parks. Yet, it doesnt not even one. Its insane, Phillips
says. There are thousands and thousands of people who skate, and they have nowhere to go
when it rains. The founder and CEO of evo, an outdoor gear and clothing retailer, says having
at least one indoor park in the city would be better than none, and there's enough outside
interest hes determined to make it happen.

* Bikes Will Fly Through The Air With The Greatest Of Ease.
Burlington, Washington USA -- 10/03/2013
A warehouse full of dirt doesnt seem like much, but to Joseph Prisel, armed with shovels,
a bulldozer and a fleet of bicycles, its a blank canvas. The former professional BMX and
mountain bike rider is sculpting the dirt and clay in the future home of Burlington Bike and
Action Sports Complex, a new destination for adrenaline seekers in the citys north end.

* Brandon Daly Wins Division In State BMX championships.
Snoqualmie - Sumner, Washington USA -- 10/02/2013
Brandon Daly of the North Bend chapter of the Austin BMX Team won the Washington
State BMX intermediate class title for 10-year-olds. The BMX championships were held
Sept. 29 at the River Valley BMX track in Sumner. He also finished first in state for the
most points accumulated.

* Local Becomes Latest USA AA BMX Pro.
Port Orchard, Washington USA -- 10/02/2013
Josh Klatman of Port Orchard has bumped up to AA Pro standing by taking two wins
last month. Klatman is now USA BMXs most recent AA Pro. Klatman turned A Pro
last January in Reno. Riders at the A Pro level jump to the AA Pro level if they earn
$4,000 in professional races. Klatman achieved that through impressive finishes at races
throughout the west including Oregon and Utah.

* Once And Future Wallingford Skate Park.
Seattle, Washington USA -- 10/01/2013
Remember that skateboard park, Innerspace, down by 35th and Stone Way? It was
the only indoor skatepark in Seattle, and it closed last February for the same reason
most businesses succumb: more cost than income. But there are dreamers in this town,
dreamers who see providing healthy indoor activities for youth in a city notorious for its
nine month rain jags as a noble calling.


Lima, Peru

On October 11th, 2013 Peru`s Capital City
Lima Was Awarded To Host The 2019 Pan
American -And- Parapan Games At The Pan
American Sports Organizations (PASO) 51st
General Assembly In Toronto Ontario Canada
Photo: - BMX Stage Part Of Proposed 2019
Lima Pan Am Games. * www.lima2019.org

* Lima Awarded 2019 Pan American And Parapan Games .
Toronto, Ontario Canada -- 10/11/2013 ( Inside The Games )
Perus capital city Lima was today awarded the 2019 Pan American and Parapan Games
after winning here in the first round of voting four years after losing out to Toronto for the
2015 event. They won the right to host the Games for the first time after finishing ahead of
Chilean capital Santiago, La Punta in Argentina and Ciudad Bolivar in Venezuela. Lima
justified its position as favourites by polling 31 of the 57 votes available under the Pan
American Sports Organizations (PASO) convoluted electoral system at its 51st General
Assembly. ALSO SEE: - Pan Am Games: Lima, Peru To Host 2019 Event.

09/19/2013 Lima 2019 News: - Modern BMX Circuit Opened Today.

FB Photos: - This BMX Stage Is Also Part Of The Proposed 2019 Lima Pan American Games.

* 07/26 to 08/11/2019 - Pan American Games - Lima, Peru 2019.org.

The Pan American Games July 26 To Aug 11, 2019 In Lima, Peru Is A UCI BMX
Points Qualifying Event For The 2020 Olympic Games In Tokyo, Japan As For The
2015 Pan American Games In Toronto, Canada Is A UCI BMX Points Qualifying
Event For The 2016 Olympic Games In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. -- Looking Back
At The 2011 Pan American Games In Guadalajara, Mexico; BMXer Connor Fields
Finished First And Nic Long Was Second Among The Men. BMXer Mariana Pajon
Finished First And Arielle Martin Took The Womens Silver. - So, Only Time Will
Tell Who Will Take Medals At The 2015 & 2019 Pan American Games.


* First Olympic BMX Starting Hill In Belgium.
Zolder, Belgium -- 10/09/2013
Circuit Zolder start this week with the construction of an official 8 meter start hill
on their Lotto BMX track. This is necessary in view of the diversification strategy,
and with the advent of the UCI BMX World Championships in 2015. The funds to
finance this first Olympic BMX starting hill are found thanks Topsport Vlaanderen
and the UCI WBV. This disaster will both in slope and height meet the requirements
of an Olympic UCI, a world championship and the World Cup circuit.

This News Also Posted Via: * First Olympic BMX Starting Hill In Belgium. = ENG.
This News Also Posted Via: * First Olympic BMX Starting Hill In Belgium. = DFG.


( UCI BMX Supercross World Cup - Chula Vista USA September 27th - 28th, 2013 )
You Can Watch This BMX Race Event Via On: ( British Cycling Coverage )
* Race Report: GT BMX Team Shines In San Diego. ALSO Same PR Via Web Wire.
* Factory Redline Takes Three Of Six Podium Spots In UCI BMX World Cup Finale.
* Thrilling Season`s Finale For The UCI BMX Supercross World Cup In Chula Vista..
* New Zealand`s Kiwi BMX Riders Encouraged By Improved Showing At Supercross.
* Phillips Ends Career Best Season With Third Overall In 2013 UCI BMX Supercross.
* USA Cycling: Connor Fields Takes Overall Supercross World Cup Title Placing 3rd.
* UCI BMX: Americans Fields And Stancil Win Time Trials UCI BMX Supercross.....
* UCI News: UCI BMX Supercross World Cup: Fields And Stancil Win Time Trials....
* Great Britain Trio Qualify From Time Trial At Chula Vista UCI BMX Supercross...
* USA Cycling: Connor Fields And Felicia Stancil Win BMX Time Trial Superfinals..
* Bike NZ: Sarah Walker Injury Woes Thwart Final UCI BMX World Cup Plans.......
* PRWEB: USA BMX Racing Returns To Chula Vista CA. Olympic Training Center.
* BMX Mania.com Report Page: UCI BMX Supercross Chula Vista California USA.
* UCI News: 2013 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup Concludes Southern California..
* YouTube Video: - Animation Track Layout For UCI BMX Supercross Chula Vista...
* British Cycling: Liam Phillips Makes BMX World Title Defence 2014 Priority.........
* UCI BMX: Supercross World Cup Series 2013 Concludes In Southern California.....
* British Cycling: Coach Grant White Urges Riders To Seize Chance At Chula Vista...
* British Cycling: Whyte Seeks Semi Final Spot At Chula Vista UCI BMX Supercross
* USA Cycling: BMX Supercross World Cup Concludes In Southern Calif Next Week
* British Cycling Confirms Great Britain Team For Chula Vista UCI BMX Supercross
* Photo 3-D Track Layout For UCI BMX Supercross 2013 Chula Vista, California..jpg
* Results For UCI BMX Supercross World Cup Chula Vista:- * www.bmx-results.com.


UCI News: 09/27/2013 * Press Release: Brian Cookson Elected UCI President.
* Brian Cookson Wins Election To Become President Of The International Cycling Union (UCI).
* YouTube Video: UCI: ITV Brian Cookson After Election. -&- * YouTube Video: The Election.


(~~~ News From In The Pacific Northwest = September 2013 ~~~)

* All Together Skatepark Plans To Open Seattles Only Indoor Skatepark.
Seattle, Washington USA -- 09/28/2013
All Together Skatepark (ATS), in alliance with evo, Seattles leading retailer of
action sports gear, has announced plans to open Seattles only indoor skatepark.
All Together Skatepark needs your help raising money for the project.

* Dog Area And Skateboard/BMX Park Top Ideas For Waterfront Land.
Wenatchee, Washington USA -- 09/27/2013
An off-leash dog area and a skateboard/BMX track emerged as the top ideas for a
new waterfront park at a meeting earlier this week. About 35 people attended a city
open house on Tuesday to gather ideas on how to develop about five acres on either
side of the Pipeline Bridge along Wenatchees riverfront. The land was donated earlier
this year by the Hale family. The city parks board hopes to have a final design for the
park by November. The city would like to start applying for grant funding early next
year and build the park in 2016. - Also See News: Public input sought on new park site.
Also See: Photos Of The Area From 02/20/2002: Wenatchee Loop Trail Wastland.

* Handmade Bicycle Show This Weekend Will Showcase Oregons Finest.
Portland, Oregon USA -- 09/25/2013
The sixth annual Oregon Handmade Bicycle Show (OHBS) is this weekend and if
you love fine bicycles, this is an event you wont want to miss. The OHBS promises
to be a fantastic showcase of expertly executed designs, meticulous builds, and
a chance to meet and hang out with the builders behind the headbadges.

* Sunnyside Looking At Skateboarding Park Plans.
Sunnyside, Washington USA -- 09/24/2013
Skateboarders are often seen as the black sheep of street sports. Now ,theyre
getting heat from people in Sunnyside. Theyre upset skaters dont use the skate
built for them and worry skating at traditional parks is dangerous.

* Rotary Club Reopens Talk Of Skate Park.
Lake Stevens, Washington USA -- 09/24/2013
An early goal of the Rotary Club of Lake Stevens was to raise funds for a skate
park in Lake Stevens. Prior to the start of the recession, the club conducted some
fundraising to build a skateboard park. The effort brought in $2,500 in the initial
fundraising request, which remains available.

* Indoor Skate Park At Mukilteo YMCA Rolling Along.
Mukilteo, Washington USA -- 09/21/2013
Think twice before you invite Kristin Ebeling to a brainstorming session. Asked for
suggestions on whatto do with some extra space at the Mukilteo YMCA, Ebeling, skate
board director and nationally ranked skateboarder,decided to go for it. Im going to
throw this out, she remembers saying. It would be cool to have an indoor skate park.

* Vernon BMX Club Hosting 30th Anniversary Celebration.
Vernon, B.C. Canada -- 09/20/2013
The Vernon BMX Club has been lapping, jumping, rolling and turning for 30 years.
To celebrate the momentous milestone, the Vernon club is hosting a BMX extravaganza
on Saturday Sept. 21st at 4 p.m. at Ranger Park on 47th Avenue.

* Portions Of Battle Ground Skate & Bike Park To Close For Maintenance Work.
Battle Ground, Washington USA -- 09/19/2013
Portions of Battle Ground Skate & Bike Park to Close for Maintenance Work
On Monday, September 23rd, the bowl portions of the Skate & Bike Park at
Battle Grounds Fairgrounds Park will close temporarily for maintenance work;
the bowls are expected to reopen the afternoon of Thursday, September 26th.
The street course section of the park will remain open for use.

* BMX Riders Rock Squamish: Second Nationals Event Deemed A Rousing Success.
Squamish, B.C. Canada -- 09/19/2013
Hundreds of bicycle motocross (BMX) riders from as far away as Arizona and yes,
a large number from the Sea to Sky Corridor, descended on Squamish last Friday
through Sunday (Sept. 13 to 15) for the Sea to Sky BMX Nationals, hosted for the
second time in three years by the Squamish BMX Racing Club.

* ABA-USA BMX National Schedule Released For 2014.
Redmond, Oregon -&- Richland, Washington USA ( ABA-USA BMX ) -- 09/17/2013
ABA-USA BMX Announced 2014 National Schedule And Named 2 National Events.
ABA-USA BMX Great Northwest Nationals April 11th - 13th, 2014 In Redmond, Or.
ABA-USA BMX Lumberjack Nationals September 12th - 14th, 2014 In Richland, Wa.
Also See: * www.genesbmx.com/Northwest-Nationals.html For More Information.

* Bikes Replace Boards For A Night At Mill Creek Skate Park.
Mill Creek, Washington USA -- 09/10/2013
Mill Creek officer organizes Bike Night at skatepark once a month. Once a month,
the park is all theirs. Bicycle motocross or BMX riders usually are banned from the
skate park at the Mill Creek sports complex on North Creek Drive. For safety reasons,
the city says it cant let bike riders and skateboarders commingle on the parks ledges,
stairs and in the deep concrete bowl set into the ground. The cops kept having to kick
out the bike riders. That didn't make them too happy. So Mill Creek police officer Mike
Harris, the citys full time bicycle cop, found a solution.

* Brier Man Dies Of Injuries From Skateboard Accident.
Mountlake Terrace, Washington USA -- 09/10/2013
A 19 year old Brier man who was hurt Aug. 30 in a skateboarding accident in
Mountlake Terrace has died from his injuries. Daniel J. Ecklund died Sept. 7
at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle, according to the King County Medical
Examiners Office. Ecklund was riding a longboard, a type of skateboard, when he
reportedly did not stop at a stop sign at a intersection.

* Common Ground: Is Enforcement The Best Approach To The Skateboard Issue?
Wenatchee, Washington USA -- 09/09/2013 | ( Also Posted Here 09/10/2013 )
A comprehensive look at how the City of Wenatchee is trying to address the issue
of skateboarders downtown by stricter law enforcement measures. I can certainly
understand the concerns of business owners, who are trying to provide an environment
conducive to shopping. It can be unnerving and even hazardous to have individuals
whizzing down the sidewalks on skateboards or, for that matter, bicycles.

* Council Authorizes $350,000 For Skate Park Relocation.
Issaquah, Washington USA -- 09/08/2013
Plans to relocate the skate park are moving quickly as the Issaquah City Council
approved $350,000 for the cause last week. Concerns over drug usage and delinquent
behavior in the past few years have led community groups and the council to push
for building a new skate park in a safer area.

* City Takes A Hardline Approach With Downtown Skaters.
Wenatchee, Washington USA -- 09/07/2013
Nobody is arguing that skateboarders should be allowed to carve along downtown
sidewalks and storefronts. Where they dont see eye to eye, though, is how to stop
them. Some downtown business owners and city leaders have asked for more police
enforcement citing riders and confiscating skateboards and putting up more and
bigger warning signs in the city center where skateboarding is banned outright.

* Three St. Helens Riders Win BMX State Titles.
Eugene, Oregon USA -- 09/06/2013
Kyle Dey, James Fleming and Jared Barlow all finished first in their divisions at the
state championship race. Four other St. Helens riders were in the top eight in their class.

* The ABA-USA Great Northwest Nationals Event Sets 2014 Dates.
Redmond, Oregon USA -- 09/05/2013
ABA-USA BMX Great Northwest Nationals April 11th - 13th, 2014 Redmond, Oregon USA

* New Skate Park Closed After Theft Of Metal Picnic Table.
Junction City, Oregon USA -- 09/05/2013
Notices posted at the Junction City Skatepark said the facility is closed because
a metal picnic table was stolen. The park opened last October. There is a chain
wrapped around the gate and closure notices posted around the park. The notices
say the park will reopen on September 8.

* Eugene To Get New Covered Skate Park.
Eugene, Oregon USA -- 09/04/2013
Eugene is home to four different skate parks, but its fifth one will take the
cake. Located underneath the Highway 105 overpass, this site is strategic.

* Kitsap Briefs: Klatman Moves Up BMX Pro Ranks.
Bremerton, Washington USA -- 09/01/2013
Port Orchards Joshua Klatman keeps climbing the USA BMX ranks. Klatman, a two
time amateur BMX champ, jumped to the AA Pro classification after winning two
races in Reno, Nev., over the weekend. Klatman, 22, just turned A Pro in January.


( Gene`s BMX.com 9-11-2001 Remembrance 9-11-2013 12th Year Anniversary )


UCI: 09/10/2013 * Pat McQuaid Welcomes Thomas Bach As New IOC President.
UCI: 09/09/2013 * Increased TV Coverage UCI BMX Supercross World Cup.
UCI: 09/08/2013 * Cycling Is Voted A Core Sport In The Olympic Programme.
UCI: 09/08/2013 * UCI President Pat McQuaid Welcomes Tokyo 2020.

IOC: 09/10/2013 * Thomas Bach Elected New IOC President - Replaces Jacques Rogge.
IOC: 09/08/2013 * IOC Session Approves 25 Core Sports For 2020 Games.
IOC: 09/08/2013 * Wrestling Added To Olympic Programme For 2020 And 2024 Games.
IOC: 09/08/2013 * YOG: Nanjing 2014 and Lillehammer 2016 Is Well On Track.
IOC: 09/08/2013 * London Delivers Final Report As Games Report To Session.


Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo Wins 2020 Olympic Games Bid:
September 07th, 2013 In Buenos Aires
Tokyo, Japan Has Been Chosen By The
International Olympic Committee ( IOC )
To Host 2020 Summer Olympic Games.
( See Official IOC Press Release PR. )
Also: FB Video Of Tokyo Being Awarded
Tokyo, Japan

( Click On Photo For Full Size )
A Dramatic Photo Setting For The BMX
Track And Venue Of The - Tokyo 2020
Olympic Games. - Tokyo, Japan Is A Bid
Candidate City For 2020 Olympic Games.
They Show The Olympism Spirit & Sport.
For More Info: - * www.tokyo2020.jp/en

A Question: - When Is The USA Ever Going To Bid And Host An Olympic Games?
~ On February 20th, 2013 The USOC Sent Out Letters To The Mayors Of 35 Cities
To Gauge Their Interest In Hosting The 2024 Olympics. - So, Only Time Will Tell.
You Can * Click Here! To See News Post From On February 20th, 2013 For More.


(~~~ News From In The Pacific Northwest = August 2013 ~~~)

* McCollum Park BMX State Qualifier Pro/Am.
Everett, Washington USA ( Redline Bicycles ) -- 08/30/2013
Redlines Sam Willoughby came to race BMX the Northwest last weekend, invited
by the fine folks that run McCollum BMX track. The event was the Washington State
Pro/Am State Qualifier with a $12,500.00 prize list. This top dollar money brought out
a quality field and the crowds to witness some great racing.

* Donny Robinson Takes On Washington.
Everett, Washington USA ( SE Bicycles ) -- 08/27/2013
Over the weekend, a huge showing of top BMX racing PROs made their way up
to Washington for a PRO-AM with a large cash prize. Olympian and SE racing
powerhouse Donny Robinson made his way out and ended up with a solid 5th
place finish! Nice Donny!

* Snoqualmie Valley BMX Racers Making Tracks Around Region.
Snoqualmie, Washington USA -- 08/23/2013
The North Bend team welcomes anyone interested in BMX to come by the North Bend
BMX track, located near the QFC store in North Bend, to learn more about racing.

* Top Pro BMX Riders Competing.
Everett, Washington USA -- 08/19/2013
Several of the Top Pro BMX riders are competing in the McCollum Parks SCR/PRO
-AM Race, on Saturday, August 24, 2013, at McCollum Park BMX, 600 128th Street SE,
Everett, WA. SNOCO BMX is hosting the PRO-AM race along with a Washington State
Qualifier Race for Amateurs. Sign Ups are 3-4PM with the Pro-Am race starting at 4:45 pm.

* BMXers Put On A Show At Polk County Fair.
Rickreall, Polk County, Oregon -- 08/14/2013
It is said that if you do what you love, youll never work a day in your life. That is
certainly the case for Robert Castillo and his merry band of BMXers who took
flight at the Polk County Fair on Saturday afternoon. Fighting through the tricky
dirt surface, Ricky Moseley, and the legendary Dave Voelker who has been flipping
his bike since long before the youngsters in the crowd were even born were able to
show fairgoers what the sport of BMX is all about: gravity manipulation and dedication.

* Cancer Survivor Asks Others To Help In The Race For Life.
Victoria, B.C. Canada -- 08/05/2013
Brett Cunard knows first hand what its like to be treated at B.C. Childrens Hospital
for cancer. Now he and the rest of BMX crew are raising money to help other kids with
the disease. Greater Victoria BMX is hosting its annual Race for Life event, Aug. 10
at West Shore Parks and Recreation.

* Squamish Skate Park Lights Up.
Squamish, B.C. Canada -- 08/01/2013
The lights are on, wheels are rolling and Squamish can expect more money to
come into town, says a local skateboarder. With the help of multiple businesses
Alta Lake Electric, B.C. Hydro, Arctic Power and a $5,500 grant from the Whistler
Blackcomb Foundation, Squamishs skateboard park will light up at night.


Watch Live BMX Events This August 10th - 11th, 2013.
ABA-USA BMX Buckeye Nationals In Toledo, Ohio USA

News August 11th, 2013:
* HWC Says Goodbye To BMX. - No More Live BMX Streaming Events From HWC.

* Click Here! For More About HWCLive BMX Web Casts And A Archive Of Replay Videos.


( UCI BMX World Championships - Auckland, New Zealand July 24th - 28th, 2013 )
You Can Watch This BMX Race Event ( R.B.TV Live Event Page = Replay )
* Results For UCI BMX World Championships Auckland, NZ:- * UCI.ch BMX Worlds..
* Results For UCI BMX World Championships Auckland, NZ:- * www.bmx-results.com.
Also Lots Of News And Photos Posted Up Via:- * www.facebook.com/genes.bmx.news
* News Of The 2013 UCI BMX World Championships:
* 07/31/2013 - UCI BMX World Championships: Finals For 3 World Cycling Centre Athletes.
* 07/28/2013 - Buchanan Puts Olympic Demons To Bed In BMX World Championships.
* 07/28/2013 - UCI BMX World Championships: Rainbow Stripes For Phillips And Buchanan.
* 07/28/2013 - BMX Worlds 2013 Canadas Nyhaug Returns From Injury To Claim 5th.
* 07/28/2013 - Stancil And Gaian Highlight Last Day Of BMX World Championships.
* 07/28/2013 - Phillips Wins BMX World Championship Title.
* 07/28/2013 - YouTube Video: 2013 UCI BMX World Championships - Elite Mens Final.
* 07/28/2013 - YouTube Video: 2013 UCI BMX World Championships - Elite Womens Final.
* 07/28/2013 - YouTube Video: 2013 UCI BMX World Championships - Junior Mens Final.
* 07/28/2013 - YouTube Video: 2013 UCI BMX World Championships - Junior Womens Final.
* 07/28/2013 - YouTube Video: Mens Elite QF1 Favourites Crash Out UCI BMX Worlds. = Crash!
* 07/28/2013 - YouTube Videos Playlist: 2013 UCI BMX World Championships. = Replay Videos.
* 07/27/2013 - UCI BMX World Championships: Pajon And Fields Win Time Trial.
* 07/27/2013 - Fields And Stancil Top Time Trial Podiums At BMX Worlds.
* 07/27/2013 - Sixth For Phillips In BMX World Championships Time Trial.
* 07/26/2013 - UCI BMX World Championships: Figures From Behind The Scenes.
* 07/26/2013 - YouTube Videos Playlist: 2013 UCI BMX World Championships. + Videos.
* 07/25/2013 - U.S.A. Adds Six More Medals On Second Day Of BMX Worlds.
* 07/25/2013 - UCI BMX Worlds: From The Mouths Of Young World Champions.
* 07/25/2013 - Day Two Session Two Cruiser Class At UCI BMX Worlds.
* 07/25/2013 - Day Two Session One Challenge Classes 9 Years And Under.
* 07/25/2013 - Liam Phillips Driven By Prospect Of First Rainbow Jersey.
* 07/24/2013 - UCI BMX World Championships: Olympic & World Champions Line Up.
* 07/24/2013 - USA Wins Two Golds On First Day Of BMX World Championships.
* 07/24/2013 - UCI BMX World Championships Day 1 Canadas Tougas Wins.
* 07/24/2013 - Day One Session Two Challenge Classes 15 Years To Masters.
* 07/24/2013 - Day One Session One Challenge Classes 10 Years To 14 Years.
* 07/24/2013 - YouTube Video: - UCI BMX Worlds 2013 Track Build.
* 07/24/2013 - White: Phillips Can Take Lessons Into BMX World Championships.
* 07/24/2013 - SA BMX Champion Sam Willoughbys On The Right Track.
* 07/23/2013 - UCI BMX 2013 World Championships Challenge Results.
* 07/23/2013 - BMX World Championships Hold No Fear For Evans.
* 07/22/2013 - BMX Mania`s Report Page: UCI BMX World Championships. = Photos.
* 07/22/2013 - Maris Strombergs The Star Attraction In Auckland.
* 07/21/2013 - BMX Australia Ready For World Championships.
* 07/21/2013 - Caroline Buchanan Getting Over Ditch On Road To Rio.
* 07/19/2013 - 2012 Junior World BMX Champion To Tackle First Elite Worlds.
* 07/18/2013 - Canadian Jim Brown Withdraws From BMX World Championships.
* 07/17/2013 - Olympic BMX Champion Heads To Worlds With Another Title.
* 07/16/2013 - YouTube Video: BMX World Championships 2013 Preview + ucichannel
* 07/15/2013 - Walker Confident Of Start In UCI BMX World Championship.
* 07/11/2013 - Shanaze Reade Withdraws From UCI BMX World Championships.
* 07/10/2013 - Cycling Canada: Team Heading To BMX World Championships.
* 07/05/2013 - World Champions Set To Defend BMX Titles In Auckland.
* 07/02/2013 - Olympians Lead U.S. Contingent To BMX World Championships.
* 07/01/2013 - Double Olympic Champion Confirms At BMX Worlds Auckland.
* 06/26/2013 - Ticketmaster: UCI BMX World Championships Auckland 2013.
* 06/24/2013 - British Cycling Team For The UCI BMX World Championships.
* 06/02/2013 - Stars and Stripes Jerseys Awarded Amateur BMX Nationals.
* 05/15/2013 - YouTube Video: UCI BMX Worlds Jnr Men & Elite Men Track.
* 05/14/2013 - BMX Australia High Performance National Team & Elite Team.
* 05/03/2013 - South Africa BMX Squad For 2013 BMX World Championships.
* 04/15/2013 - USA Cycling: 2013 UCI BMX World Championships Information.
* 03/25/2013 - UCI BMX World Championships: Track Drawings Published.
* 02/05/2013 - BMX: World Champs Circuit To Be Constructed In Auckland.


Auckland, New Zealand

Great Britain`s Liam Phillips and Australia`s
Caroline Buchanan took the world titles at the
end of an exciting finals of racing at Aucklands
Vector Arena. - To do so, they needed to not
only demonstrate their physical prowess, - but
also an incredible level headedness to avoid the
spills that brought down main contenders. More
Auckland, New Zealand

Olympians Lead U.S. Contingent To BMX
World Championships: - The USA Cycling
announced its 19 BMX rider team heading to
Auckland, New Zealand to compete at the UCI
BMX World Championships July 24-28, 2013
The bmx squad representing the U.S. is stocked
with Olympic Team members talent. ( More )


Cologne, Germany

IBMXFF BMX Worlds July 12th-14th, 2013
BMX Freestyle World Championship Amateur
and Pro Disciplines: Dirt, Park, Street, Flatland,
Vert. The BMX Worlds Will Be In The Cologne
Jugendpark And Will Provide The Best Festival
Atmosphere For A Nice Weekend Full Of BMX
See The: * www.bmxworlds.de For More Info.

Watch This BMX Event Live This July 13th - 14th, 2013. + ( Replay )
IBMXFF BMX Freestyle World Championships Cologne, Germany


News From The International Olympic Committee ( IOC -&- YOG )

07/04/2013 - And The Host City Of The Youth Olympic Games In 2018 Is: Buenos Aires.
07/04/2013 - Buenos Aires Elected As Host City For 2018 Youth Olympic Games.
The 3rd Summer Youth Olympic Games will be hosted by the city of Buenos Aires in 2018,
International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Jacques Rogge announced July 4th, 2013
following a vote by the IOC members at an Extraordinary IOC Session in Lausanne....
What Is: - Youth Olympic Games? = ( * www.olympic.org/content/youth-olympic-games ).
The Next Summer Youth Olympic Games That Includes BMX Is August 16th - 28th, 2014
In Nanjing, China - UCI BMX YOG. And Then Buenos Aires, Argentina In 2018.

In Other IOC News:
07/03/2013 - YouTube Video: - 2020 Olympic Games Candidate Cities Promotional Videos.
07/03/2013 - 2020 Candidate Cities Present To IOC Members.
Three Candidate Cities are bidding to host the 2020 Summer Olympic Games delivered
their penultimate presentations. The bid committees of Istanbul (Turkey), Tokyo (Japan)
and Madrid (Spain)* gave 45-minute presentations and fielded questions from the members
during 45-minute question-and-answer sessions. The cities will give their final presentations
to the members at the 125th IOC Session in Buenos Aires on September 7th, 2013 with the
vote taking place the same day.


(~~~ News From In The Pacific Northwest = July 2013 ~~~)

* Crews Clearing Area For New Skate Park.
Eugene, Oregon USA -- 07/30/2013
Trees are coming down and fencing is going up around the area that will be
a new skatepark in Washington-Jefferson Park. The Eugene Parks and
Open Space Department is cleaning up the poorly lit area under the bridge
to make it safer and more inviting for local families and children.

* South Kitsap Skate Park Could Become Tourist Attraction.
South Kitsap, Washington USA -- 07/30/2013
Wilhelm is like many skateboarders young and old who have such a passion
for the sport, theyll travel for many miles to experience it. And if the recent
Independence Day is any indication, the newly opened South Kitsap SkatePark
in Port Orchard will give those skaters a good reason to trek to Kitsap.

* Jagger Bucy And Brandon Daly Win Regional Bicycle Motocross Races.
Snoqualmie, Washington USA -- 07/24/2013
Jagger Bucy, 7, of Snoqualmie and Brandon Daly, 10, of North Bend each won their
respective classes in the Red Line Cup West Coast Regional bicycle motocross races
July 20 in St. Helens, Oregon. The wins qualify both racers for the October Red Line
Cup Regional Championship Race in Fresno.

* Skateboard Community Parks And Rec Working To Improve Park.
Boise, Idaho USA -- 07/24/2013
Revamping Boises downtown skatepark located under the connector is the big idea for local
skaters and others in the community who want to see that area of town cleaned up and rid
of some problems from non-skaters who congregate around the area at all times of day and
night. The improvements skaters would like to see done in phases would cost around $1 million,
but theyre taking it upon themselves to work with Boise Parks and Recreation Department, get
the money and get it done.

* Scooter`s Could Be Banned At Mountain Dew Skate Park .
Lewiston, Idaho USA -- 07/24/2013
The Lewiston City Council proposed a ban on scooters at the local skatepark that has
some citizens concerned. Many concerned park goers expressed their concern about the
ban, but its a move the City is considering because the damage the park has sustained is
substantial. Parks and Recreation Director Tim Barker said when the park was designed,
only the use of skateboards and bikes were taken into account. However, there are several
options the City can pursue.

* Work Starts Soon On Nations Largest Covered Skate Park.
Eugene, Oregon USA -- 07/23/2013
Almost 10 years in the making, a $2.5 million project to build the nations largest
covered skatepark and transform a downtown park plagued by problems begins
August 1. Washington-Jefferson Park will never look the same.

* City Of SeaTac Unveils Addition To Community Center Neighborhood Park.
SeaTac, Washington USA -- 07/23/2013
The city of SeaTac announced today the completion of the SeaTac Community Skate
Park, a new recreational addition to the SeaTac Community Center Neighborhood Park
located at 13735 24th Avenue South. The skate park will be unveiled at a public ribbon
cutting ceremony this Wednesday, July 24 at 2 p.m.

* Columbia River BMX Has Its Biggest Turnout Yet.
St. Helens, Oregon USA -- 07/23/2013
With 149 riders, the State Championship Race at Columbia River BMX on July 21
was officially the largest in CRBMX history. That race was the second day of two
straight big point events held at the track in McCormick Park. Ninety-three riders
entered the Redline Cup Qualifier on July 20.

* Officers Shoot Attacking Pit Bull At Skate Park.
Bellingham, Washington USA -- 07/15/2013
Police shot a pit bull that allegedly attacked and bit three officers
Saturday evening at the Bellingham Skateboard Park. Three cops were called
to an alleged assault at the skate park in the 1300 block of Civic Field Way.

* Effort To Build Dirt Jump Bike Park In Ferndale Rolls On.
Ferndale, Washington USA -- 07/15/2013
Riders in this city are closer to getting their own dirt jump bike park. Ferndale officials
have been helping resident Patrick Doll with his quest to build such a park for mountain
and BMX riders since the City Council gave the go ahead May 20. The proposed park
will be on Second Avenue near the ConocoPhillips Sports Complex and Pioneer Park, on
city property.

* Arson Impacts Abbotsford BMX Club.
Abbotsford, B.C. Canada -- 07/14/2013
A fire allegedly set by three teens has been a setback for an Abbotsford non profit
organization. The Abbotsford BMX Club suffered damage to its moto shed and to
some of its merchandise on Canada Day, impacting the volunteer efforts of the group.

* Bend Native Representing Team USA In BMX World Championships.
Bend, Oregon USA -- 07/11/2013
16-year-old Jaydra Kinsey is heading to New Zealand for the BMX World Championships.

* Penticton BMX Fundraiser To Replace Stolen Items.
Penticton, B.C. Canada -- 07/11/2013
The Penticton BMX Club is hosting a fundraiser at the Best Damn Sports Bar to
help replace items that were stolen from their shed. In the spring a break-in to their
moto shed saw many important items needed for races stolen, including a laptop,
loaner bikes and helmets, starter gates, their PA system and other items.

* Rise Up Encampment Celebrates Century Of LDS Scouting.
Firth, Idaho USA -- 07/09/2013
The Rise Up Scout Camp delivered all that it had promised for the more than
10,000 Scouts and leaders who converged upon this agriculturally rich region
of southeastern Idaho. The BMX race course and the geocaching challenges were
counted among the most popular activities at camp. From a distance, it was hard
to distinguish Scouts from Scoutmasters, as boys of all ages joined in the fun.

* Pocatello Skate Park Rolls Into Center Of Controversy.
Pocatello, Idaho USA -- 07/09/2013
With the Ross Park skate park drawing closer toward exceeding its life expectancy,
the Pocatello City Parks and Recreation department has big plans drawn-up for what
will happen to the facility after it is boarded up. The citys Parks and Recreation
director Jerry Sepich explained how the skate park will not be completely lost. They
plan on building a bigger, better BMX facility made out of concrete instead of wooden
boards the current skate park consists of, just north of the Ross Park pool.

* Port Angeles Police Remind Kids: No Bikes At Skate Park.
Port Angeles, Washington USA -- 07/08/2013
As summer brings warmer weather and bluer skies, so too does it bring more complaints of
bike riders using the Port Angeles Skate Park. Port Angeles police say, though, bike use
at the all concrete park across Race Street from Civic Field so far this summer is not as
common as it has been in past years.


USA BMX -And- Olympic Day

Olympic Day During June 22nd - 30th, 2013
The USA BMX Offers A Free Day Of BMX
Racing At Participating BMX Tracks Around
The United States In Celebration Of Olympic
Day. You Do Not Need To Be A USA BMX
Member To Race, Just Your Olympic Values
& Participation In Sport ( More Information )


* 2014 UCI BMX Calendar Available On UCI Web Site.
News From Aigle, Switzerland ( UCI BMX ) - 06/21/2013.
Manchester Will Host The Opening Round Of The 2014 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup.
and Berlin Will Host A Round Of The UCI BMX Supercross World Cup For The First Time.

* 2014 UCI BMX Calendar (Subject To UCI Management Committee Approval)
* 04/18-19/2014 - UCI BMX Supercross World Cup - Manchester GBR.
* 05/10-11/2014 - UCI BMX Supercross World Cup - Papendal NED.
* 06/13-14/2014 - UCI BMX Supercross World Cup - Berlin GER.
* 07/22-27/2014 - UCI BMX World Championships - Rotterdam, Netherlands.
* 08/16-28/2014 - Youth Olympic Games - UCI BMX - Nanjing, China.
* 09/06-07/2014 - UCI BMX Supercross World Cup - Santiago Del Estero ARG.
* 09/26-27/2014 - UCI BMX Supercross World Cup - Chula Vista USA.

In Other News:
* 2014 UCI BMX Supercross Calender Announced.
* British Cycling Delighted That UCI BMX Supercross World Cup Will Return To Manchester.


(~~~ News From In The Pacific Northwest = June 2013 ~~~)

* Treasure Valley BMX Riders Get Down And Dirty.
Boise, Idaho USA -- 06/29/2013
A phalanx of trucks and SUVs pulls up on a dusty parking lot, unloading bikes and
anxious children. The whirring of gears soon buzzes consistently through the night
at Kunas Indian Creek BMX Park. Onlookers walking on the nearby Greenbelt stop
and to take in a routine that occurs almost nightly at tracks from Caldwell to Mountain
Home as part of Treasure Valley BMX - kids as young as 2, and adults who had initially
ditched their bikes for four wheels decades ago.

* Proposed Eagle Terrain Park Raises Hopes And Concerns.
Eagle, Idaho USA -- 06/29/2013
Ryan Neptune of Boise has spearheaded new terrain parks all over the world. Now its time
for his own community to have one, he said. His company, Gateway Parks, is offering to build
a 10-acre winter and summer terrain park at the Eagle Sports Complex, which was left unfinished
after it lost private support during the recession. Gateway would cover the $1 million needed
to build the complex including a snow hill, bike park, cable wakeboarding park and 19 million
gallon reservoir. Gateway would also repave the existing skate park.

* Olympic Day 2013 Indian Creek BMX, Kuna Idaho.
Kuna, Idaho USA -- 06/29/2013
Olympic Day 2013 is right around the corner. Olympic Day, celebrated in over 160 countries,
is the celebration of the creation of the modern Olympic Games. The event also celebrates
the Olympic ideals of Perseverance, Respect and Sportsmanship.

* Pump Track Planned For City Park.
Bandon, Oregon USA -- 06/27/2013
Residents may have noticed large amounts of soil being placed in City Park adjacent to the old
skateboard park. The Parks & Recreation Commission has approved a concept plan to convert
the existing BMX track into a pump track. Pump tracks are closed circuit bicycle tracks
contoured in soil to form rollers, mounds and berms, according to City Manager Matt Winkel.

* Moses Lake To Close Museum, Ice Rink And Rec Center To Save Budget.
Moses Lake, Washington USA -- 06/26/2013
Moses Lake may close the museum, the Larsen Recreation Center and ice rink to deal
with its budget shortfall. Were still combing through the budget and searching how to make
that up, he said. There are some possibilities. Some of the ideas include closing the ice
skating rink, Larsen Recreation Center and the BMX track, or closing the Museum and
Art Center. Thats not to say the facilities are going to disappear, just that they would not
be open to the public, he said. There are also ideas of reducing park, street and landscaping
maintenance including the possible closure of restrooms in the parks. Also Via At: C.B.H.

* New South Kitsap Skate Park Attracts Thousand During Dedication.
South Kitsap, Washington USA -- 06/25/2013
Thousands of people of all ages many armed with skateboards, BMX bikes and roller skates
converged Saturday for the grand opening of the new state of the art South Kitsap Skate
Park. The large crowd was welcomed by sunny skies and warm temperatures. Park Project
Coordinator Ric Catron, of the Kitsap County Park and Recreation, said he estimated about
3,000 people were in attendance at last Saturdays event.

* Olympic Day Races Draws Big Crowd To CRBMX; Columbia River BMX Track.
St. Helens, Oregon USA -- 06/24/2013
Sixty-nine racers turned out to the Columbia River BMX track at McCormick Park on June
22 for the free Olympic Day race. It was the first race of the season at CRBMX. Announcers
calling out all of the race action wowed spectators, as did the tracks pristine condition.

* Tuesday Night Races Free For Port Angeles BMX Track Riders.
Port Angeles, Washington USA -- 06/23/2013
The Port Angeles BMX Track is hosting a free Olympic Day Race on Tuesday for all BMX
racers, beginners to experts. Registration for the special race starts at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday
and ends at 6:45 p.m. with the racing following soon after. All riders race for free, and this
is a perfect day to get your bike out and come find out how thrilling this sport can be, track
operator Geri Thompson said.

* Skate Park Takes Flight Kitsap Week.
South Kitsap, Washington USA -- 06/21/2013
Leslie Reynolds-Taylor can remember a time when the only places skaters like her son
could do what they love in town was in parking lots and on streets. From that reality,
an idea was born. More than seven years and $100,000 in fundraising later, the South
Kitsap Skate Park will be opened to the public June 22.

* Stanwood Skate Park Gets New Ramps.
Stanwood, Washington USA -- 06/21/2013
The citys skate park got a makeover this month, with the older wooden ramps
replaced by modular-style steel ones. Its a lot more interesting and a lot more
fun, said Nate Brown, 19, of Stanwood, who was one of several people testing
out the new ramps this week.

* Berger Family Talks BMX Olympic Day At Joe Albi BMX.
Spokane, Washington USA -- 06/20/2013
Olympic day at the Joe Albi BMX track is this Saturday and it is an open event,
which means those not sanctioned by USA BMX are allowed to participate. Aimee
Berger and her sons, Mitchell and Aedan, talked to SWX about BMX. Make sure
to head down to the track to register this Saturday June 22nd, 2013 between 5:30 p.m.
and 7:00 p.m. The event will start shortly after. All ages and skill levels are welcome,
from five and under to 60 and up. Also: * Spokane BMX Information Page.

* Coos Bay Skate Park Is Set For An Overdue Facelift.
Coos Bay, Oregon USA -- 06/20/2013
Dozens of Bay Area skateboarders have to find other places to skate for a couple
of weeks, as the Mingus Park Skate Park closes for repairs Monday. The timing
may not be perfect, but the work is vital for the long-term use of the park.

* Ellensburg Skaters Seek A New Skate Park.
Ellensburg, Washington USA -- 06/19/2013
In the 17 years since the city of Ellensburg welded together steel ramps and set them up
on a concrete slab at 200 N. Pearl St., skateboarding has gone from a fringe activity to
one of the countrys fastest growing youth sports. The Ellensburg skatepark on Pearl Street
provides evidence of how popular skateboarding has become. On most days its full of local
skaters, but only because there’s nowhere better to skate, they said. Local skaters and
BMXers who arent satisfied with the old metal ramps have been meeting with city officials
about building a new skatepark. ALSO SEE: * Riders Seek New Skatepark. By E.D.R.

* South Kitsap Skate Park Ready To Roll On Saturday.
South Kitsap, Washington USA -- 06/19/2013
Kitsap County officials Wednesday had the final inspection to what designers are calling
a world class skatepark at South Kitsap Regional Park. Six years in the works, the skate
park will officially open Saturday. The South Kitsap Skatepark Association, a major donor
to the project, plans a blowout celebration, with back-to-back bands, food and plenty of moves.

* Columbia River BMX Announces Olympic Day Activities.
St. Helens, Oregon USA -- 06/19/2013
Columbia River BMX will join over 300 BMX tracks around the United States
participating in Olympic Day. Columbia River BMX Track will offer free BMX
racing on June 22, as part of Olympic Day.

* Boise To Receive Skate Park Grant From Tony Hawk Foundation.
Boise, Idaho USA -- 06/10/2013
The skating legends nonprofit group is set to donate $10,000 to the city to help build a
skate park at Rhodes Park underneath the I-184 Connector between 15th and 16th st.
Thats a tiny percentage of the skate parks total projected cost of nearly $1 million.


UCI BMX Supercross World Cup #3 - Papendal, Netherlands June 15th - 16th, 2013
You Can Watch This BMX Race Event Via On: ( British Cycling Coverage )
* Arielle Martin Takes 2nd At 2013 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup In Papendal.......
* Mariana Pajon And Jelle Van Gorkom Win The UCI BMX Supercross In Papendal....
* UCI BMX Supercross World Cup: Pajon And Van Gorkom Win Third Round Papendal
* UCI BMX Supercross World Cup: Victory For Fields And Pajon In Papendal T.T.........
* Mariana Pajon And Connor Fields Win Time Trial Super Finals Papendal, Netherlands
* Connor Fields Wins TT, Alise Post Second At 2013 UCI BMX World Cup In Papendal.
* BMX Mania`s Report Page: UCI BMX Supercross World Cup Papendal, Netherlands
* Preview: UCI BMX Supercross Papendal Healthy Great Britain Contingent Head For.
* 2013 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup: Final Countdown, In Papendal,Netherlands......
* Liam Phillips Keen To Put UCI BMX Supercross Season Back On Course In Papendal
* Shanaze Reade Ruled Out Of Papendal UCI BMX Supercross With A Knee Injury.......
* Coach White Looks Forward To Papendal Test For Great Britain`s BMX Youngsters..
* G.B. Athlete Charlotte Green Eager To Learn At UCI BMX Supercross In Papendal...
* British Cycling Announces Great Britain Team For UCI BMX Supercross In Papendal
* YouTube Video: - UCI BMX Supercross World Cup Papendal, Netherlands: Trailer......
* Photo 3-D Track Layout For UCI BMX Supercross #3 2013 Papendal, Netherlands.jpg
* Results For UCI BMX Supercross #3 Papendal, Netherlands:- * www.bmx-results.com.


06/15/2013 - - A Industry Report: - BMX Down But Not Out.


UCI Management Committee Announces Hosts For 2016 BMX World Championships

06/13/2013 - The UCI Management Committee announced today that the 2016 UCI BMX
World Championships will be held in Medellin, Colombia, and that Cairns, Australia, will host
the 2017 UCI Mountain Bike & Trials World Championships. Meeting in Bergen, Norway, the
Management Committee meetings were held alongside meetings of the Professional Cycling
Council (PCC). UCI President Pat McQuaid said: Were delighted that Medellin, the City of the
Eternal Spring in the Andes Mountains, will be our host city in 2016 for the UCI BMX World
Championships. The event will take place on a brand new track built in the citys existing complex.
Other: - In The News:
06/20/2013 - * Medellin Selected To Host 2016 BMX World Championships.


Memorial Day - Monday May 27th, 2013, A remembrance day for all the men
and women who have died while in the military service. - Please take a time out
in your day and remember all the people that has fallen. This is Also a good time
to take a time out to remember all of the people in the BMX community & loved
ones that are no longer with us today. May they all never be forgotten. - Be Safe!


A Technology News Brief Update For May 22nd, 2013:

YouTube One Channel launching across all channels next month. On June 05th, 2013
YouTube.com will be forcing all its users on to the new YouTube One Channel Layout:
Like it or not, most users don`t like it as it loads way slow and hard to find video contents.

In Other News: - A lot of BMX track web sites are seen going 404ed-Closed as lots
of BMX track web sites are defaulting to a sub-site page on the ABA-USA BMX site.
A nice idea, but a bad one at the same time as lots of web sites out side of the BMX
community are un-listing most web site domain names that default to other web sites
and pages and lots of ISP`s are blocking domain names that default to other web sites
and pages as away to help battle spam on the web. -- So, by defaulting a BMX track
web site domain name it can make for less exposure of a BMX track on the web.

In Other News: - Yahoo! buys Tumblr on Monday, it`s a $1.1 billion deal for the blogging
site. Yahoo! promises to not 'screw it up'. LOL Also on Monday May 20th, 2013 Yahoo!`s
Flicker photo sharing site launched a new site layout that loads way slow, but the up side
of it is, the Flicker photo sharing site now offers its users 1 Terabyte of Free host space
for photos. - Most users like the space but slow load time with the new site layout makes
it hard to surf the photos.


USA Cycling Elite BMX National Championships
May 18th, 2013
At The Olympic Training Center In Chula Vista, California USA...
* BMX Mania`s Report Page: - USA Cycling Elite BMX National - Lots Of Photos.
* ABA-USA BMX: Nic Long Earns His Sleeves Alise Post Repeats Her USAC Title.
* USA Cycling: Post Has The Most For Third Straight BMX Title.
* Press Box Team USA: Post Has The Most For Third Straight BMX Title.
* Results: USA Cycling Elite BMX National 05-18-2013.
* FB Video: Elite Mens Main Event 05-18-2013.
* FB Video: Elite Womens Main Event 05-18-2013.
* YouTube Video: Jr. Men Main Event 05-18-2013.
* FB Photos: May 18th USA Cycling Elite BMX National.
* FB Photos: Practice May 16th Before USA Cycling Elite BMX National.
* Spectator Guide For 2013 Elite BMX Nationals.
* Olympians Headline This Weekends Elite BMX Nationals.


News From St. Petersburg, Florida USA -- 05/09/2013
USA BMX and the Health & Wellness Channel have been working together
to bring back live streaming all of the race action from every National event.
The HWC will begin live streaming racing starting at the Spring Nationals in
Albuquerque, New Mexico USA on May 24th - 26th, 2013 at Duke City BMX.
HWCLive! takes you inside the wild & woolly world of professional BMX racing.
Also, check out: - USA BMX 2013 Seasons Videos On HWCLive Livestream.
CC- Health & Wellness Channel Newsletter May 9th, 2013
ADDED NOTES: 05/27/2013: The live streaming web cast of the Spring Nationals
in Albuquerque, New Mexico USA It looked nice and a well job done on it.

The ABA-USA BMX and Health & Wellness Channel - HWCLive! Replays:

08/11/2013 News: * HWC Says Goodbye To BMX. - No More Live BMX Streaming.

August 10th-11th, 2013: - Replay HWCLive! Streaming Web Cast:
* ABA-USA BMX Buckeye Nationals In Toledo, Ohio USA.
July 27th-28th, 2013: - Replay HWCLive! Streaming Web Cast:
* ABA-USA BMX Empire State Nationals In Kingston, New York USA.
July 20th-21st, 2013: - Replay HWCLive! Streaming Web Cast:
* ABA-USA BMX Quad City Nationals In East Moline, Illinois USA.
July 13th-14th, 2013: - Replay HWCLive! Streaming Web Cast:
* ABA-USA BMX Las Vegas Nationals In Las Vegas, Nevada USA.
July 06th-07th, 2013: - Replay HWCLive! Streaming Web Cast:
* ABA-USA BMX Stars N Stripes Nationals Pro Series In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA.
June 15th-16th, 2013: - Replay HWCLive! Streaming Web Cast:
* ABA-USA BMX East Coast Nationals In Severn, Maryland USA.
June 01st-02nd, 2013: - Replay HWCLive! Streaming Web Cast:
* ABA-USA BMX Music City Nationals Pro Series In Nashville, Tennessee USA.
May 25th-26th, 2013: - Replay HWCLive! Streaming Web Cast:
* ABA-USA BMX Spring Nationals In Albuquerque, New Mexico USA.


Santiago Del Estero, Argentina

( Click On Photo For Full Size )
It Is A Victory Win! USA BMX Racer
Connor Fields Doubles Up On The UCI
BMX Supercross World Cup Wins In
Santiago Del Estero, Argentina On May
10th - 11th, 2013 Events. Connor Fields,
He Won Every Lap He Raced. ( More )


UCI BMX Supercross World Cup #2 - Santiago Del Estero Is May 10th - 11th, 2013
You Can Watch This BMX Race Event Via On: ( British Cycling Coverage )
* YouTube Video: - UCI BMX Supercross World Cup Santiago Del Estero: Finals....
* UCI BMX: Connor Fields & Shanaze Reade Win UCI BMX Supercross Argentina
* UCI News: Connor Fields & Shanaze Reade Win UCI BMX Supercross Argentina
* Conner Fields Doubles Up On UCI BMX Supercross World Cup Wins In Argentina
* Flawless Shanaze Reade Wins Santiago del Estero Argentina UCI BMX Supercross
* Conner Fields & Shanaze Reade Win UCI BMX Supercross Superfinal Time Trials
* American Connor Fields Fastest In BMX supercross Time Trial In Argentina..........
* Shanaze Reade Powers To UCI BMX Supercross Time Trial Win In Argentina........
* Preview Great Britain: UCI BMX Supercross Santiago del Estero Phillips & Reade
* Americans Ready To Contest Round 2 Of UCI BMX Supercross World Cup.............
* Liam Phillips Wants UCI BMX Supercross World Cup Conquest As Santiago Looms
* Shanaze Reade Targets Return To BMX Supremacy Ahead Of Santiago Supercross
* Great Britain Team Is Announced For UCI BMX Supercross Santiago del Estero.....
* YouTube Video: - UCI BMX Supercross World Cup Santiago Del Estero: Build Up...
* YouTube Video: - UCI BMX Supercross World Cup Santiago Del Estero: 3D Track..
* Photo 3-D Track Layout For UCI BMX Supercross #2 2013 Santiago Del Estero.jpg
* Results For UCI BMX Supercross #2 Santiago Del Estero:- * www.bmx-results.com


(~~~ News From In The Pacific Northwest = May 2013 ~~~)

* Richland Partners With Community To Improve Parks.
Richland, Washington USA -- 05/15/2013
Richland is using a team effort improve city parks, by working with private groups,
money is going twice as far. When Richland has extra cash, it shares. This year the
city dished out 20 thousand in grant funds. Money that will improve parks. Matching
cash kicked in by private donors. Shawn Meininger runs the track for Columbia Basin
BMX. Its not your ordinary park. Keeping riders safe is the top priority. Using this
matching money, the park will get new starting gates, among other improvements.

* Tacoma Targets Amateur Sports Tourism.
Tacoma, Washington USA -- 05/10/2013
The nation`s amateur tourism is a $7.9 billion industry and Tacoma wants in on it.
Tacoma South Sound Sports wants to make the city the premier sports destination
in the northwest. Tacoma South Sound Sports hopes to grow its reach in the region,
targeting BMX, volleyball and national cycling events.

* Helmet Proposal Restricts Parent`s Role.
Moses Lake, Washington USA -- 05/03/2013
The Moses Lake City Councils proposal to require children age 16 and younger to
wear helmets when biking is nearing approval. The proposal changed from its original
version, which suggested the city require people of all ages wear helmets when they are
biking, skating, riding scooters and skateboards. The city council recently approved
the first reading of the ordinance to only include bicyclists age 16 and younger.


6-Time Champ Washington Leads Pack Again As Bicycle-Friendly State
Olympia, Washington USA - 05/01/2013
As the nation celebrates Bike Month in May, Washington state has one more reason
to cheer: For the sixth consecutive year, the League of American Bicyclists has named
Washington No. 1 Bicycle-Friendly State in the country.

* www.wsdot.wa.gov/News/2013/05/2013WAnamedBikeFriendlyState_0501.htm
* www.bikeleague.org/programs/bicyclefriendlyamerica/bicyclefriendlystate
* http://archive.constantcontact.com/fs173/1102316596448/archive/1113258319495.html


UCI BMX Supercross World Cup #1 - Manchester April 19th - 20th, 2013
You Can Watch This BMX Event Via: ( British Cycling Coverage )
* YouTube Video: UCI BMX Supercross WC Manchester: Mens Final........
* YouTube Video: UCI BMX Supercross WC Manchester: Womans Final....
* Liam Phillips And Shanaze Reade Take Titles At UCI BMX Supercross....
* UCI BMX Supercross World Cup: Phillips, Reade Dominate Manchester..
* Brits On Top! - Phillips And Reade Secure Crown At BMX World Cup.......
* Phillips And Reade Storm Manchester UCI BMX Supercross World Cup...
* Brooke Crain Grabs 2nd Place At Supercross World Cup In Manchester....
* Canada`s Tory Nyhaug Earns Career First Supercross BMX Podium..........
* BMX Manias Report Page: UCI BMX Supercross World Cup Manchester
* Post And Fields Are 2nd, 3rd In Superfinal TT At Manchester World Cup...
* 2013 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup: A Strong Start For Great Britain...
* Reade And Phillips Complete Great Britain Double UCI BMX Supercross..
* Rock And Roll BMX Reade And Phillips Celebrate A Golden Double..........
* YouTube Video: Crash Sam Willoughby Time Trail Super Final Manchester
* Preview: Manchester UCI BMX Supercross At National BMX Centre.......
* Grant White: Manchester UCI BMX Supercross A Fantastic Opportunity..
* Reade Happy With Manchester UCI BMX Supercross Preparations...........
* Manaton: Home Crowd Can Spur Us To Success In UCI BMX Supercross.
* Phillips Looks To Profit From Home Advantage At UCI BMX Supercross...
* Taylor Wants Strong Start To 2013 BMX Season In UCI BMX Manchester
* UCI News: 2013 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup: First Stop Manchester.
* A Cool 360 View Photo Of The UCI BMX Supercross World Cup Track.......
* British Cycling Great Britain Team For UCI BMX Supercross World Cup....
* YouTube Video: 2013 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup Manchester Promo
* Riders Selected To Represent U.S. At 2013 Manchester BMX World Cup...
* Photo 3-D Track Layout UCI BMX Supercross #1 2013 Manchester UK.jpg
* Manchester BMX Supercross World Cup Tickets To Go On General Sale...
* Results For UCI BMX Supercross #1 Manchester:- * www.bmx-results.com


Redmond, Oregon USA

ABA-USA BMX Great Northwest
Nationals Returned To - Redmond
Oregon On April 12th - 14th, 2013
At Deschutes County Expo Center
Indoor In The Hooker Creek Event
Center Arena. Lots Of Smiles Seen.
See Results And Videos + ( More )
Redmond, Oregon USA

ABA-USA BMX Great Northwest
Nationals Is Returning To Redmond
Oregon This April 12th - 14th, 2013
At - Deschutes County Expo Center
Indoor In The Hooker Creek Event
Center Arena. - Be Ready! See You
At The Track. ( More Information )


Slideshow: Weekend Fun Just Around The Corner At SeaTac BMX Track
SeaTac, Washington USA - 04/11/2013
The North SeaTac BMX track at North SeaTac Park officially opened Saturday, April 6.
The track is just west of the SeaTac Community Center and Highline SeaTac Botanical
Garden, and a mere mile north of the airport runways. As roaring, low-flying jets cut through
the often rainy, sometimes sunny sky, bicycle tires eagerly sliced through mud-soaked
patches while riders as young as two tried to stay on track.

*** IOC Considering Requests From Olympic Sports For New Events At 2016 Rio Games ***
Lausanne, Switzerland (AP) - April 08th, 2013

With three years until the Rio Games, 3 on 3 basketball and BMX freestyle are trying to
join the Olympics. IOC sports director Christophe Dubi says proposed new medal events
for the 2016 Rio Olympics which include 3 on 3 basketball, BMX freestyle and eight more
swimming races are now being assessed. The International Cycling Union proposes adding
Street-Style BMX and a mountain bike eliminator, which is a sprint race involving four riders.
The IOC executive board will decide on August 09th, 2013 in Moscow which events to add
after studying reports. - For More + Full AP Press Release, See News Links:
* www.timescolonist.com/opinion/blogs/ioc-considering-requests-from-olympic-sports.
* www.usatoday.com/story/sports/olympics/2013/04/08/ioc-mulls-requests-for-new-ev.
* www.dailytelegraph.com.au/sport/gallery/ioc-mulls-new-events-bmx-freestyle-three.

In The News Press Release...It Quotes,
The UCI Proposes Adding Street-Style BMX In To The 2016 Rio Olympics...
So, What Is: - BMX Freestyle: STREET: = as its name indicates, this takes
place on the street. Riders use urban props (walls and railings etc) to carry
out their figures. The principle of street is to get the two wheels off the ground
without the help of a springboard or ramp.


Glasgow, Scotland

( Click On Photo For Full Size 3385 X 1550 )

A Dramatic Photo Setting For The BMX Track Venue
For The Glasgow 2018 Youth Olympic Games.
Glasgow, Scotland Is A Bid Candidate City For The
2018 Youth Olympic Games. * www.glasgow2018.com
Glasgow's Y.O.G. Venue: Alexandra Park BMX Centre:
* www.glasgow2018.com/our-bid/sports-and-venues/alexandra-park-bmx-centre

The IOC announced that Buenos Aires (ARG), Glasgow (GBR) and Medellin (COL)
had been shortlisted in the bid to host the 3rd Summer Youth Olympic Games in 2018.
The three cities were chosen by the IOC Executive Board. The election of the host city
of the 3rd Summer Youth Olympic Games in 2018 will be held on July 04th, 2013.

News From Inside The Games: Wednesday, April 10th, 2013:
* 2018 Youth Olympic Games Bid Cities Present To IOC Evaluation Commission.

Also See: * A Dramatic Photo Setting For The BMX Track Medellín, Colombia 2018 Y.O.G..

What Is: - Youth Olympic Games? = See Link, It Sums It Up:
( * www.olympic.org/content/youth-olympic-games )
The Next Summer Youth Olympic Games, It Includes - BMX:
Is August 16th - 28th, 2014 In Nanjing, China - UCI BMX YOG.


Auckland, New Zealand - March 25th, 2013

2013 UCI BMX World Championships: Track Drawings Published
The indoor track at the Vector Arena in Auckland, New Zealand, will be innovative in that it
include three tracks in one, with all classes sharing the same starting ramp and first straight.
There Are Three BMX World Championships 2013 Track Layouts: ( .PDF Files )
* Challenge Track.pdf | * Women Elite/Junior Track.pdf | * Men Elite/Junior Track.pdf

ACC = * www.bmxworldsnewzealand.com | * www.clarkkentcontractors.com


Seattle, Washington USA

The Seattle Bicycle Expo
Presented By Raleigh Bikes & The Cascade
Bicycle Club Is This March 09th - 10th, 2013
Seattle, Washington USA. Expo Features And
Guests: - 2008 Olympic Games BMX Bronze
Medalist, Jill Kintner + Lots More. For More
Information ( Click Here ) And Do The Expo!


Los Angeles, California USA -- 03/07/2013
Los Angeles Confirms "Enthusiastic Interest" In Bidding For 2024 Olympic Games.
Los Angeles Has Become The First American City To Formally Register Its Interest
In Bidding To Host The 2024 Summer Olympic And Paralympic Games. - See Links:
* Inside The Games: - Los Angeles Confirms Bidding Interest 2024 Olympic Games.
* LA Times: - Los Angeles Wants To Host 2024 Summer Olympics And Paralympics.


USA Cycling: - Daniels And Posey Earn BMX National Titles In Phoenix
The First Portion Of The 2013 USA Cycling Amateur BMX National Championships
Took Place On Saturday, March 02nd, 2013 In Phoenix, Arizona USA........................


Liability... Revised Code of Washington State RCW 4.24.210
Target IE: Skateboard Parks And BMX Tracks.
* www.genesbmx.com/rcw-4.24.210-liability.html


( The Bicycle Alliance Of Washington )
Growing Bicycling Statewide: Whether you ride to the park with your kids,
pedal to work or school, or do training rides with your buddies, we’re along
with you for the ride. The Bicycle Alliance of Washington is working to make
sure you have convenient, safe, and accessible places to ride your bike.


(~~~ News From In The Pacific Northwest = Feb-March 2013 ~~~)

* BMX Hits Lane Events Center.
Eugene, Oregon USA -- 03/30/2013
Dozens of BMX riders flocked to Lane Events Center Saturday for the Emerald
Valley Indoor BMX meet. Riders of all ages showed up to take on the course.

* Skate Park Dream Finally Becoming A Reality.
Port Orchard, Washington USA -- 03/29/2013
Been dreaming of a skate park in South Kitsap longer than South Kitsap Stake Park
Association (SKSPA) President Leslie Reynolds-Taylor has been living here. Within
a few months, the dream will become reality. Work continues on the South Kitsap
Skate Park, where the grand opening is set for June 22, according to Reynolds-Taylor.

* Herald Health: How To Make Skateboarding Safer.
Mukilteo, Washington USA -- 03/27/2013
Take a board with wheels. Plunge into a deep concrete bowl. Spin sideways.
Catapult high into the air. Land on feet, not face. Hopefully. That pretty
much explains why skateboarding enamors kids and terrifies parents.

* Portland's Grotto Removes BMX Park.
Portland, Oregon USA -- 03/12/2013
A well known BMX track in Portland is no more after the Grotto made the decision
to tear it down Tuesday citing liability issues. The terrain park was near Northeast
82nd and Fremont. It was on land that belongs to the Grotto. The Grotto said they
were concerned the track was doing harm to the natural habitat. But local bikers said
the dirt jumps and trails were a sanctuary for them.

* Eugene Skate Park Construction Ready To Roll This Summer.
Eugene, Oregon USA -- 03/07/2013
The $2 million project will redevelop Washington-Jefferson Park to include a
covered, half-acre skate bowl. After years of delay, Eugene expects to build
its estimated $2 million skate park by late fall. The half-acre venue will be the
nations largest covered and illuminated skate park.

* County Levels Hazardous BMX Jumps At South Kitsap Park.
South Kitsap, Washington USA -- 02/28/2013
County parks officials have removed jumps at the BMX bike track in South Kitsap
Regional Park that were deemed hazardous. The Kitsap County Parks Advisory
Board last year discussed jumps at the track, built and maintained by BMX enthusiasts.

* Ferndale BMX Rider Wants To Build Dirt Jump Bike Park In City.
Ferndale, Washington USA -- 02/24/2013
Patrick Doll was among the volunteers who helped build the Dirt Jump Bike Park near
Civic Stadium, and thereafter spent many hours with others who loved to launch themselves
into the air on mountain and BMX bikes. Now, he wants to build a similar park in Ferndale,
on city-owned land located behind the amphitheater at Pioneer Park, for riders of all ages.

* I Always Come Out And Wear Myself Out To The Point Of No More.
Eugene, Oregon USA -- 02/23/2013
Slam! The air-powered steel gate drops and five racers fly down the first straight, over the
first jump and into the high-banked dirt hairpin corner. At the corner exit, the pack breaks
up as the frontrunner dashes ahead. With only 600 feet of track left its a tight battle for first
place. The competition is tough in the 39 second sprint to the finish line. The group of BMX
racers in brightly colored jerseys that just flew past range from three to six years old.

* Will High Gasoline Prices Squeeze The BMX Community?
Gene`s BMX News Market Watch Quote -- 02/20/2013
They Say Gas Prices Are To Go Over The $4 Mark With In The Next Few Weeks.
But As Gasoline Prices Reach Over The $4.00 + A Gallon Throughout The Nation,
For People Traveling To BMX Events This Could Make It A Lot More Expensive.

- * Dems Unveil 10 Cent Gas Tax, Bike Fee To Fund Transportation.
Olympia, Washington USA -- 02/20/2013
House Democrats unveiled a transportation revenue package Wednesday that would
raise $9.8 billion over the next decade with the help of a 10 cent bump in the gas tax, a
new annual car tab fee pegged at 0.7 percent of the vehicle's value and over $3 billion
in new bonds. Also included is a new $25 sales fee on bicycles sold for $500 or more,
which is expected to bring in $1 million over the next ten years. -- You Can Also See
News By: Slog.The Stranger: * Lawmaker Disagrees With Her Own Bicycle Tax.

* WA Lawmaker: Bicylists Are Actually Polluting When They Ride. - 03/03/2013 King 5 News.

Gene`s BMX Comments: - Re: Proposed Bicycle Tax: Wenatchee, Washington USA
The main issues in the proposed tax; A new $25 sales fee on bicycles sold for $500 or more,
which is expected to bring in $1 million over the next ten years. - It is unlikely to pass, but if
it does the effect may be of a slim in Wenatchee as most bicycle sales are under the $500 mark.
The most of bicycle sales in Wenatchee are made in mass market stores like Wal-Mart, Target
and them bicycles sold are of low to mid level in price. Yes, there are a few bicycle shops like
Full Circle, Arlberg this may hit hard as they do high end bicycle sales. If all else, If it is passed,
people can shop in Oregon, no sales tax or online to buy a high end bicycle that is over $500.00..
For the bicycle shops like Full Circle, Arlberg in Wenatchee, and others in and around the state,
this could create a new way in doing high end bicycle sales. Instead of a $800 full bicycle, sale
the bicycle incomplete for $475.00, with no seat, tires, chain, extra. Then people can buy the rest
of the bicycle for $325.00, then offer to assemble the bicycle as a courtesy. Sales of incomplete
bicycles could work? But better yet, - just say no to this new proposed bicycle tax thing. -- Geneb.


02/20/2013 - News - * USOC`s 2024 Triple-Play Bid-City Letter.
Also See The Official: * USOC Letter To Bid Cities.pdf ( .PDF File )

The 2024 Summer Olympics officially known as the Games of the XXXIII Olympiad, are
a forthcoming international multi-sport event expected to be organized by the International
Olympic Committee. Bidding for the host city will begin in 2015, with the winning bid to be
announced in 2017 at the 129th IOC Session. - On February 20th, 2013, the USOC sent
out letters to the mayors of 35 cities to gauge their interest in hosting the 2024 Olympics....

Some Of The Cities With Web Sites And Or News Posts:
* Boston, Massachusetts - www.boston-2024.org
* Dallas, Texas - www.dallas2020.org
* Los Angeles, California - www.sccog.org
* Portland, Oregon - Oregon Live News.
* San Diego, California - www.sd2024ec.com
* Seattle, Washington - King 5 TV News.
* Tulsa, Oklahoma - www.tulsa2024.com
* Washington, D.C. - www.dc2024.org

Added Note:
Candidate Cities For Future Olympic Games:- A Database Of Potential Bidding
Cities For Future Olympic Games. A Un-Official Source But Good Information:
( * www.bladesplace.id.au/olympic-games-candidates.html )


* IOC Executive Board Recommends 25 Core Sports For 2020 Games
February 12th, 2013 - The Executive Board (EB) of the International Olympic
Committee (IOC) today agreed on the 25 sports it will propose to the 125th IOC
Session for approval as the core sports for the 2020 Summer Olympic Games.

* Olympic Games: UCI Delighted By Proposal To Continue With Cycling In 2020
February 12th, 2013 - The International Cycling Union is delighted by the proposal
of the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) Executive Board to maintain cycling
in the list of 25 core sports of the 2020 Summer Olympic Games. The 125th IOC Session
will take place from September 7th to 10th in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Abbotsford, B.C. Canada - February 06th, 2013

BMX Supercross World Cup In Abbotsford Cancelled
The International Cycling Union (UCI) and Global SX Events Inc. regretfully
announce that the 4th leg of the 2013 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup, scheduled
for September 6-7, 2013 in Abbotsford BC (Canada), has been cancelled. After
successfully hosting the final round of the 2012 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup,
local Abbotsford organiser, Cycling BC has been forced to pull out of the 2013
series due to internal structural and financial complications.

* www.uci.ch/Modules/ENews/ENewsDetails.asp?id=OTA0MQ&MenuId=MTI2MDA
* ucibmxsupercross.wordpress.com/2013/02/06/bmx-supercross-world-cup-in-abbotsford
* www.bclocalnews.com/sports/190093721.html | * www.abbynews.com/sports/190093721.html


Auckland, New Zealand - February 05th, 2013

BMX: World Champs Circuit To Be Constructed In Auckland
London Olympic track builders Clark and Kent Contractors have been signed
to build the track for this years UCI BMX World Championships in Auckland.

ACC = * www.bmxworldsnewzealand.com | * www.clarkkentcontractors.com


*** UCI Cycling Seeks New Events At 2016 Rio Olympics ***
Aigle, Switzerland (AP) - February 02nd, 2013
The International Cycling Union wants the IOC to add six
medal events to the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics program,
including the restoration of track points races.

The UCI's proposal comes amid calls to scrap cycling's
Olympics status after the Lance Armstrong case and criticism
of the governing body's management of anti-doping measures.

The UCI says its management board supports restoring the
individual points event, plus introducing BMX freestyle and
mountain bike eliminator events. All three would have men's
and women's races.

Cycling awarded 18 gold medals at last year's London
Games, including 10 track, four road, and two each in
BMX and mountain bike.The mass-start points race was
incorporated into the new omnium event after the 2008
Beijing Olympics. Mountain bike eliminator sees racers
compete in four-rider heats over a sprint course.

CC - The Associated Press (AP) News Wire.
Also See The Official UCI News Press Release:
* Meeting Of The UCI Management Committee

Gene`s BMX Notes:
The Push For BMX Freestyle To Be Added In To The Olympic Games Has
Been Seen/Herd For A Good Hand Full Of Years Now. - QUESTION? - Re:
UCI's Proposal Of BMX Freestyle To Be Added In To The Olympic Games.
We Ask, Just What Part Of The BMX Freestyle Discipline Is To Be Added?
BMX Freestyle: - Dirt?, Flatland?, Park?, Street?, Vert? -Or- All Of Them?


* UCI To Broadcast Its Events Live On YouTube
January 30th, 2013 - Quote: - The International Cycling Union (UCI) is pleased to
announce that, for the first time, it will provide free, live broadcasts... UCI channel:
* www.youtube.com/ucichannel - will then proceed to provide live coverage of World
Championships in the Road, Track, BMX and Cyclo-cross disciplines, as well as the
World Cup events in Cyclo-cross, Track and BMX. Mountain Bike and Trials will
also be live, with the outlet announced shortly.



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