( UCI BMX World Championships - Medellin, Colombia May 25th-29th, 2016 )
You Can Watch This BMX Race Event Via: ( R.B.TV Live Stream )

* YouTube Videos Playlist: - 2016 UCI BMX World Championships Medellin, Colombia. = Videos.
* BMX Mania.com Report Page: - 2016 UCI BMX World Championships Medellin, Colombia. = Photos.

05-24-2016: * British Cycling:- Bethany Shriever: Mariana Pajon Is My BMX Idol.
05-24-2016: * UCI BMX World Championships: Kimmann and Hernandez To Defend Titles.
05-24-2016: * Dundee, South Africa:- Father And Son Duo Warm Up For BMX Worlds.
05-23-2016: * Bogota Post:- Medellin Hosts 2016 UCI BMX World Championships.
05-23-2016: * British Cycling:- Guide: 2016 UCI BMX World Championships In Medellin.
05-23-2016: * BMX Australia:- Buchanan In Hot Form As BMXers Look At Final Chance.
05-00-2016: * More:- All The News For:- UCI BMX World Championships Medellin, Colombia 2016.
05-00-2016: * 2016 UCI BMX World Championships Medellin, Colombia Event Information Page.
05-00-2016: * 2016 UCI BMX World Championships Competition Guide: Medellin, Colombia.PDF
05-00-2016: * Note: - This Is A BMX Olympic Ranking Points Event For The 2016 Rio Olympics.
05-00-2016: * Results For UCI BMX World Championships Medellin, Colombia: * www.bmx-results.com
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* ( Past News Archived Page 2016:- UCI BMX Supercross World Cup #03 Papendal Netherlands. -&- ( Northwest BMX News ) + Lots More ) *


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Seattle Bike Expo Show: - Seattle, Washington
( March 04th - 05th, 2017 )

ABA-USA BMX Great Northwest Nationals
April 08th - 10th, 2016
Redmond, Oregon USA
ABA-USA BMX Great Northwest Nationals
** Information, Directions, Maps & Lodging,
News And Results From 2016 + Lots More!

Historical Wa. BMX Tracks List.

* Bakerview BMX.com
* Mccollum Park BMX.com
* Mccollum Park BMX mcpbmx.com
* River Valley BMX Racing.com
* SeaTac BMX.org

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* Apple Capital Recreation Loop Trail
* Cannon Gold Mine History 1985-94
* Wenatchee Bicycle Advisory Board
* Wenatchee Devils Gulch Trail 1220
* Wenatchee Sage-Foot Hills Trail.....
* Wenatchee Skate Park
* Wenatchee Valley BMX Time Line
* 2012 Wenatchee Omnium Photos P1
* 2012 Wenatchee Omnium Photos P2
* 2014 Wenatchee Omnium Photos....


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* Ellensburg BMX Track
* Ephrata Skate Park
* Grand Coulee Skate Park
* Leavenworth Skate Park
* Moses Lake BMX Track
* Moses Lake Skate Park
* Quincy BMX Track
* Quincy Skate Park
* Tonasket BMX Track Info 2005
* Tonasket BMX Track Info 2009
* Waterville BMX Track

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Montpellier, France

The opening round of the inaugural
UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Cup
saw breath-taking performances from
some of the worlds best pro BMX riders
in Montpellier, France on May 7th, 2016.
Sundays finals were cancelled due to bad
weather, but still it was amazing. ( More )

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* 2016 UCI BMX World Championships Medellin.
* 2016 UCI BMX Supercross WC Papendal.
* 2016 USA BMX Carolina Nationals Rock Hill.
* 2016 UCI BMX Supercross WC Manchester.
* 2016 UCI BMX Supercross WC Argentina.
* 2016 BMX Australia National Championships.

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July 25th, 2015 At River Valley BMX

Fly Racing.com/BMX

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( The UCI BMX Supercross World Cup + World Championships Calendar )
* 03/25-26/2016 - UCI BMX Supercross World Cup - Santiago Del Estero, Argentina.
* 04/09-10/2016 - UCI BMX Supercross World Cup - Manchester, UK.
* 05/07-08/2016 - UCI BMX Supercross World Cup - Papendal, Netherlands.
* 05/25-29/2016 - UCI BMX World Championships - Medellin, Colombia + YT Video.
* 06/11-12/2016 - US Olympic Trials Cycling BMX - Chula Vista, California USA.
* 08/05-21/2016 - Summer Olympic Games XXXI - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
* 09/24-25/2016 - UCI BMX Supercross World Cup - Rock Hill, South Carolina USA.
* 10/08-09/2016 - UCI BMX Supercross World Cup - Sarasota, Florida USA.
* 07/26-30/2017 - UCI BMX World Championships - Rock Hill, South Carolina USA.
* 09/11-23/2018 - Youth Olympic Games - Buenos Aires, Argentina.
* 07/26 to 08/11/2019 - Pan American Games - Lima, Peru.
* 07/24 to 08/09/2020 - Summer Olympic Games XXXII - Tokyo, Japan.

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